Taking a Rest

And so, I’ve decided to announce that I’m going to be taking a break from making scripts for RPG Maker VX Ace. While it may have been apparent for those who have been following my blog (as they may have noticed that no new scripts have been added for a while), I may as well make it an official announcement. It’s not so much that I’m bored with RPG Maker VX Ace or tired of it, it’s probably more so that I’ve burned myself out after the initial 100+ script rush made within months of the RPG Maker VX Ace Trial. I’ll probably return back to the scripting scene later after I think I’ve rested enough. But with all the great scripters within the English community such as Yami, Kread-EX, Modern Algebra, Fomar, Atoa, Khas and more, I think you guys wouldn’t have a problem with me gone at all, haha.

I’ll be still updating this blog whenever I make updates to scripts and to post random fun stuff~ Until then, happy RPG Making!

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39 comments on “Taking a Rest

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  3. Well, I’d say you’ve definitely earned a break (and just in time for the international release of VXA no less). Let’s just hope this isn’t retirement;)

    Thanks for sharing these wonderful scripts Yanfly, this engine is a real gift to the community.

  4. I figured you would be taking a break soon. Rest well and thanks for your help…Now you can write more articles : )

  5. I’m surprised that you made so many before taking a break, to be honest.

    I have to say I really appreciate all the hard work you’ve done. It really helped to not have to sacrifice all the options you made available in VX when switching to Ace.

    If I could give you a cookie, high five, etc in real life I would.

    • i personally cannot wait for the full ace version to release. i just bought VX sadly. but boy am i glad i found this site. you guys are making it so much easier for me to create a quality snes style mmo. grats on the hard work accomplished and have a great break. i know u probably hear this lots. but if my game does well at all. ur definatley getting more than just credit for it.

  6. You deserve it! I’m amazed by how much work you pumped out. I was seriously starting to believe you were a machine :D

  7. Enjoy your break! The scripts you’ve put out are amazing and you made them at a remarkable pace :)
    Looking forward to your eventual glorious return^^

  8. You rock yanfly!
    You’ve been an inspiration for my game and for learning ruby!

    Take a good hiatus and looking forward to see what new idea you come out with next!

  9. Hey bud, make sure you take all the time you need. A burnout is typical at the speed you’ve been working. 100+ scripts before it hit retail, amazing. Make sure you let us know when you’re back so we can stalk your page. hehe Enjoy the break. =)

  10. Thanks for all the scripts, and you sure as heck deserve a rest. I was just wondering though. Do you have anything against other people editting your scripts?

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  13. Even robots needs a break for maintenance XD
    Joking =P
    Take a good rest, we will ensure that the world won’t blow up while you’re out… i hope x.x

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  16. Comeback a.s.a.p Yanfly! I’ve been following you ever since I got VX (long ago) on the pocket house website. You earned the break! Enjoy your break!

  17. lol Victor. Ya we’ll try. Enjoy the rest, can’t wait to have you back. Already giving you props for your work on my project on my blog bud.

  18. Congratulations are in order for your awesome achievement.

    Now don’t you start scripting again before at least mid-april.
    In fact, hopefully you won’t even spot this comment before then

  19. I just found this site…
    Yanfly, you’re really a lifesaver…
    Since the VX times I wanted to make some things different for my game, but I lack the ability to make scripts…
    When I found your scripts here, I immediately know these scripts can make my dream come true!


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