YEA Bug Fixes

Hello everyone!

Yanfly is still on vacation but he gave me access to his blog. The purpose is mostly so we can apply bug fixes in his stead. But since I don’t get any notifications for comments and don’t have the time to check each page 1 by 1. Please report bugs in here for the meantime. Yami will be assisting us all the way. :)

The updated scripts are:

Skill Restriction v1.03
Instant Cast V 1.03
Ace Message System V 1.05
Ace Save Engine V 1.03
Area of Effect V 1.02

Thank you :)

61 comments on “YEA Bug Fixes

  1. Hello, thanks for the fixing :D

    Just reporting that Enemy Death Transform got a little typo that makes it not working,
    as I quote from commenter ‘modern algebra’:

    “Hey Yanfly,

    I have been alerted that there is a tiny error in this script:

    At line 149, you have:

    return rand > enemy.death_transform_rate

    It should be:

    return rand < enemy.death_transform_rate

    Again, thanks :)

  2. Sup Nessy, thanks for the support.
    I’ll check stuff better once I am at home, but for now I can tell you there’s a bug in the Save Engine where the map location isn’t displayed correctly. Check my comments on the subject, especially the last ones. I posted a fix for it, but I’m not sure it’s foolproof.

  3. Nice to hear you’re on the road again, guys, and thanks for the fixing. I’m still using a lot of YF’s scripts – As well as Yami’s – and it’s good to get new versions every now and then. I’ll be looking for bugs in the scripts as well.
    See ya :)

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  5. First of all, thanks for offering these bug fixes, as I’m sure this’ll help a lot of people out.

    I found a bug in Ace Equip Engine, where the event command “Change Equipment” doesn’t seem to work, even though the page says this should be possible. I tested this in a completely clean project without any other scripts.

      • Oh, wow, I really can’t believe I missed that … I tried so many different options! I’m really sorry for making you waste your time on this, I should really start paying closer attention. ):

      • Lunara, everyone is making mistakes :P You’re not the only one with that, I had that problem as well and didn’t look in the item window.

  6. Well, thanks for updating these scripts first.

    Lot of people have problems with the AOE-Target Script.
    The Script highlights the wanted targets on selection, but only targets the custom selection by the skills scope (i.E. all foes, single targets, user etc… but never an the targets into the aoe) afterwards.

  7. There’s an issue with the Enemy Health Bars.
    Enemies that are marked as “appear halfway”
    in the troops editor always Show their bars when a skill is Being used that targets all enemies. Even when they are hidden.

  8. Hi there! First of all, thank you for doing this. There’s a lot of people out there using these scripts, so you’re making a lot of people very happy by doing this :)
    Secondly, I have a suggestion. Not technically a bugfix, I know, but I’ve seen a lot of people asking about this, so might as well throw it out there. In the Victory Aftermath screen, is it possible to create an option to turn the battle quotes off?
    Again, thanks for your hard work! :)

      • I would like to say that this is my first time commenting on this channel actually, so the obvious first move would be to say thanks a WHOLE LOT to Yanfly, Yami, Kread, Nessia, and everyone else who’s working on these scripts!

        I also agree with Chansel about the Victory Aftermath. I love everything about it except the victory quotes. XD They’re not bad, of course, but I’d rather not have them in my own game so it’d be nice to have the option of turning just that part of the after math off.

        If you’d be so kind as to look into this that’d be just wonderful! :D

        Again, loving all the scripts. Gives a lot more room to make a truly unique game. :D

  9. Ace Battle Engine Bugs

    1) When an enemy dies by slip damage, its sprite doesn’t disappear.
    Right after : def display_added_states(target)
    Add : target.perform_collapse_effect if target.can_collapse?
    Credits : DionisioVega

    2) On the map scene, the screen doesn’t flash red anymore when taking slip damage.
    To fix it, the following method (Game_Battler class) needs to be overwritten by this :
    def regenerate_hp
    damage = -(mhp * hrg).to_i
    perform_map_damage_effect if !$game_party.in_battle && damage > 0
    @result.hp_damage = [damage, max_slip_damage].min
    self.hp -= @result.hp_damage
    Credits : the_mad_joob

    Thx in advance =]

  10. Hey Archeia Nessiah,
    I was really shocked to see a new post on Yanfly’s channel!

    On a bug fix on the Yanfly class system:

    put this in at line 607 (If you haven’t edited it to much) Instead of Previous class_level

    # new method: class_level Edited by DisturbedInside
    def class_level(class_id)
    temp_class = $data_classes[class_id]
    @exp[class_id] = 0 if @exp[class_id].nil?
    #declare a max level (using EXP)
    #If you can’t find it, go to the class database and select exp curve
    #then switch view to total at the top
    @exp[max_level] = 2547133 #This is the value to change. It declares a max level
    #You need to calculate how much exp for max level
    #Do it manually if using Yanfly-Adjusting Limits
    #To calculate max level exp if using Yanfly-adjusting limits is all math!!

    # Level 99 = 2547133
    # to calculate past there…. have to add on multiples of 50744
    # Level 110 = 3156061
    # To go from 99 -> 110 have to add on 12 multiples of 50744.
    n = 1
    loop do
    break if temp_class.exp_for_level(n+1) > @exp[class_id]
    n += 1
    #add a restriction to “kick out” of loop if exp exceeds max level exp
    break if temp_class.exp_for_level(n+1) > @exp[max_level]
    return n

    This just fixes the leveling issue people have with the classes leveling up past the actor’s level

  11. I have a compatibility problem when I try to use Yea Enemy HP Bars v1.10
    I’m trying to use it on a blank project with the following scripts:
    1- Victor Engine Basic Module
    2- Ace Battle Engine v1.22
    3 – MOG_Battle_Hud v1.4
    4 – Victor Engine – Actors Battlers v1.6
    They are placed in that order and doesn’t matter how do I place enemy hp bars it always prompt error when trying to attack

  12. Ummm i posted on the class page but since flys on vacation ill post here as well, … i am not sure why but for the class system i have 2 blank classes that wont go away no matter what changes i put in… TT-TT its so anoying… help please!!

    • im using plenty of fly scripts plus “Fomars” ATB,and Aeon party “Kreads” Traits Namer, Go Go Totori, and Synthesis Shop and a self title screen skipper… non should be doing this!!!! i dont think they are but something wrong…

  13. Menu cursor crashes if you select “cancel” in the quit menu.
    Ace Battle Engine divides by zero if there are no enemies in the troop.

  14. in the “Call Event” script it’s not possible to access other events self switches, self switches from called events affect the originating event instead of the called event

  15. Hey, this isn’t a bug fix request… I suppose it is a script request regarding Yanfly’s System Options script and Fomar0153’s Customisable ATB/Stamina Based Battle System Script. Do you reckon you can get back to me if you think you can help?

  16. Please list all script in a page. I’m having a hard time navigating through the pull-down menu. The list goes below my browser display and I can’t navigate them. Thanks.

  17. there are some compatibility issues between Parameter Bonus Growth and the class system, changing classes causes the bonus growth to applied for each time you change.

  18. Hey there, minor bug that’s easily fixable but it was never updated in the actual downloads. Since it IS easily fixed, that may be why it’s been left alone, but some people might not figure out what the problem is because they didn’t take a look at the comments. (I know it was pure luck I found it) Thanks ahead of time if you fix it, though I myself have already taken care of mine. This is for others for future reference!
    I’ll just copy paste the comments saying the problem and the fix:
    Galveraxe: Skill Cost Manager script installed makes the Sp-Parameter [TCR] no longer function.
    Fafnir: Found it.
    This script defines a new method called “tcr” for TP Cost Rate, but it’s the same name as tcr (TP Charge Rate). Replace all instances of “tcr” in the script with something else (I used “tcr_y”).
    Fafnir: If you are using Ace Status Menu you’ll also need to modify this where appropriate.

  19. In Yanfly’s class system script is there a way to have the subclass gain experience and level up just like the primary classes? I’m not sure if this is how its supposed to be or if its a bug

  20. I’m using Yanfly’s message system script to show actor name above the message window. But, when I tried to customize my message window, the name window is black (no showing actor’s name). I tried this on new game but the result is same. I used the newest version of this script (v1.05).

    Here’s some picture to show you what exactly I mean:

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