YEA Bug Fixes II

Hello guys, the older one has already reached 51 comments and confusing “bug” reports. So here’s a fresh clean one.

Please report any bugs here. We cannot guarantee that we can make other scripts compatible with non Yami or Yanfly scripts, please try asking the author of the other script instead. There’s a large chance they’re still active!

We are …flooded right now with other things, please understand this is the reason why we don’t have time to make things compatible or check the script you’re using, yet, I think.

Please list the scripts you are using when asking us for a bug fix, unless you’re 100% sure that it’s this scripts fault! (The best way to know is test it in an empty project).  I don’t get any notifications for comments and don’t have the time to check each page 1 by 1. Please report bugs in here for the meantime.

We’ll be updating soon once things lighten up!


Since not a lot of people are aware of this issue, when you get this error:

You will need the following scripts to fix it. This is a VXAce default error!
Put them by this order. It can be below or above core engine.

Mithran’s Text Cache Fix
Lonewolf’s Custom Font Junk Symbol Fix
Mezzolan’s Arrow Fix (Put this below Victory Aftermath if you’re using that.)

Updated Scripts

Move Restrict Region v1.03
Bugs fixed:

all restrict:  x tags should work now.

Ace Battle Engine v1.24
Bugs fixed:

Repeating sound effect when using a revive spell/item.
Screen effect for Slip Damage.
Performing Collapse for Slip Damage.
Divided by Zero when Troop has no member.

Class System v1.10
Bugs fixed:
Leveling issue if class level exceeds actor level.

Skill Cost Manager v1.03
Bugs fixed:
Restore SP-Paramater: TCR

Ace Status Menu v1.02
Bugs fixed:
Restore SP-Paramater: TCR

90 comments on “YEA Bug Fixes II

  1. On behalf of everyone using these scripts, a quick thank you for your all’s dedication to the scripts, to us, and to RPGMVXA!

      • A little extra info: after resizing the HP bar to 96.0 by 8.0, the issue seems to be solved. Perhaps the default height is too large, or the default width is too small. I might experiment with different sizes later this week.

  2. Forgot to mention, Menu Cursor crashes if you choose “cancel” from the quit menu for some reason. Haven’t tried with System Game Options

  3. First, my script stack: ||| The result, using Constantia font: ||| New project, using the same font and script stack copied over: ||| Same project after changing locale to US: ||| Switched locale back to Japan, as it was when it was working in that third image, but now the square is back.

    This thing is just toying with me now.

  4. in the “Call Event” script it’s not possible to access other events self switches, self switches from called events affect the originating event instead of the called event

  5. i don’t know if its a bug or not… but sometimes it’s confusing when selecting command in battle.
    who is the actor that you input the command?
    yes there’s icons that shows that but the problem is when you input command then canceling it. the icon not update until we select new command.
    if possible can it show the actor currently input the command by either flashing the face or showing windows containing names above the command?

  6. Hey there…

    First of all, thx for those fixes =]
    Just a little warning :
    The updated scripts were saved using a different text format than the original.
    More precisely, yanfly originally saved them using the Unicode format and the updated ones are saved using formats like ANSI or even UTF-8.
    That shouldn’t matter too much, since ruby syntax characters are compatible with all text formats.
    But, Unicode-specific characters used in comments or strings (between quotes) may be overwritten by some unwanted characters when saving the script into another format.

    • My bad, original scripts seem to have been saved using UTF-8, not Unicode.
      Also, after some little researchs, those formats are compatible.
      But, that is not the case for ANSI, which can potentially modify data previously saved using UTF-8 or Unicode.

  7. Ace battle engine seems to have a bug where revival items/skills do not play an animation when used. The sound plays, and I think the screenflash occurs, but the graphics from the animation do not.

      • I have to confirm this. Items which revive fallen characters will not play any animations. I have all essential Yanfly Scripts, but the bug still occurs. Also something I noticed: As soon as a hero dies, it will keep on playing the death sound over and over at the end of each turn. But this needs more testing, I just noticed, and I will be exploring it later.

      • I just started a fresh project, downloading all scripts from here again so it can’t be something about dated versions. I have all scripts in their proper order (according to Yanfly’s list)

      • I’ve just started a brand new project with only ace battle: no animations played. i just downloaded the script not 10 minutes ago so it’s the correct up-to-date version. Seems to be a problem for any item or skill that targets a dead ally.

      • I did some little testing and found something interesting.
        That bug doesn’t seem to be related to ace battle engine at all.
        By default, animations are never displayed for revive skills, even without ace battle engine.
        So, that adds a bug to be fixed in ace core engine more than in ace battle engine.
        I’ll take a look at it if i find the time to do so.

      • Excuse me but how can you think all three of us are too silly to set the animation in the database? It really seems to have nothing to do with Battle Engine. Maybe Yanfly (or you) can add it as a bugfix to core engine as the_mad_joob already suggested.

      • @Larissa : You were right about the death sound played at the end of each turn.
        @Archeia Nessiah : That is because of the way you fixed the collapse effect.
        The problematic line in the turn_end method is : perform_collapse_check(battler)
        It was added in 1.23 as part of the fix.
        The way DionisioVega found doesn’t cause that new bug.

    • @Larissa I think you guys misinterpreted what i meant by set in the database, since I was trying to figure out the traces and what configs/whatsoever in your bug report. There was supposed to be nothing “silly” about the three of you, I’m just too busy to actually try to find the set up of the bug so I was asking for some specific things for testing. SO CHILL.

    • The bug of death sound is happening with me too. When its the turn thats supposed to be from the death character, the sound death plays every turn. >.<

  8. dont know if you guys do requests but would it be possible to allow players to preset an actors secondary class (so you start with an secondary class already in place)

    • modify the class script
      in class Game_actor
      class Game_Actor < Game_Battler
      attr_accessor :subclass_id #<<add this line so you can modify the subclass

      then ingame
      script call this:
      actor = $game_actors[1]
      actor.subclass_id = 2


  9. When using the Command Autobattle script, without changing the script at all, using the command in battle brings up this error message:
    Script ‘Game_Actor’ line 547: NoMethodError occurred.
    undefined method ‘evaluate’ for false:FalseClass
    If you # out the line, autobattle will work, and I haven’t noticed any problems as a result, but I can’t imagine removing stock script can be very good.

  10. sry im a beginner at ruby, how would i apply stat growth bonus on sub classes.
    they lvl up but the statgrowth doesnt work, but on primary classes it does.
    anyone can help?

  11. Yea!!! You fixed the class system problem!! Sorry its not too user friendly…
    I’ll work on it!
    Keep up the good work!
    Also, do you know how to make the Yanfly status screen compatible with the KMS generic gauge?

    Just basically to add the exp bar to the status screen.
    if not, thats ok
    thanks Archeia!

  12. I know you don’t normally do requests but i’m just starting on RPG maker and have a lot to learn before i can script correctly. I have an idea for a game but can’t achieve it with the normal battle system. The game with have 2 styles of combat, (both automated)
    First is a battle system where there are no transitions into battle, but instead a mini map (or battle window) appears in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen and your party and mobs appear there. Because im trying to achieve a almost sim village type of rpg game where you send parties out on quests. I need the game to continue running when combat starts.
    Second is a way more basic combat system, (all members are not controllable and have a mind of their own unless sent on quests) when one of your members walks near a mob on the map a battle will start, this will be a very basic battle with no transitions (the fight happens right there on the map), both units will take turns attacking until one is victorious.

    • I think you’d be better off looking for something like that on one of the rpgmaker forum sites. I don’t think Yanfly is going to make anything like that anytime soon.

  13. REPORTING A BUG: JP Manager script

    Whenever I change my job class using Yanfly’s class system, the amount of JP is raised exponentially! I cannot pinpoint the cause, but I’m pretty sure the bug comes from the JP manager script and not the Class system script or its addons.

      • Yes, the bug still happens on an empty project, but only when the character’s level is higher than 1 (and the necessary scripts).

        For instance, if the character is level 2 and has 130 JP, when I switch from Fighter to Wizard, it still has 130 JP, but as soon as I change back to Fighter, it now has 230 JP. Being level 99 makes it reach an insane amount of JP (almost 100,000+).

        If the character is level 1, nothing changes.

        This makes me believe that whatever the error is, it multiplies your JP count exponentially with your level.

        Only two scripts I used in the empty project mention the word “JP” with ctrl+F, which means (to my logic) that only one of these two could be at fault:
        Either the bug comes from “Learn Skill Engine v1.00”, or it comes from “JP Manager v1.00”.

        A line of code in one of these two scripts must multiply the JP count of a class once you change back to it from another class. I don’t think the issue would come from the Class System script, since it doesn’t mention JP at all anywhere in it, but I don’t know much about RGSS3 either.

      • (and with* the necessary scripts)

        For instance, if my character John is level 2 (fighter)* and has 130 JP (for the fighter)*, when I switch from Fighter to Wizard, it still has 130 JP (because the Wizard has no JP, but they would be multiplied too if he had any and if it was more than level 1), but as soon as I change back to Fighter, it now has 230 JP. Being level 99 makes it reach an insane amount of JP (almost 100,000+).

  14. I have a game breaking bug here. Whenever an enemy dies of poison, they remain on screen and the battles continues as if the enemy died, but upon selecting command a zero division error occurs and ends the game…

  15. I already posted this in the party script section itself but im not sure if it will be read.
    When a party member is in the reserve party the conditional branches will not have them read as out of party

      • I think I know what he means here because I just noticed it myself in my own project. Suppose I have an event you trigger with Action Button. It checks to see if Actor A is in the Party, and if yes, Actor A talks. If no, it checks to see if Actor B is in the Party, and if yes, Actor B talks. The problem is that if you have removed Actor A from the Party (but they are still in Reserves), then it considers Actor A to be in the Party, and Actor A talks. Actor A isn’t onscreen and should keep their mouth shut!

  16. There’s a problem with the arrow font still. It fixes the square character, but using a custom font still has one annoying issue. It seems if you use FONT_OUTLINE via Core Engine it will cut off part of the text in certain areas – like the battle status and target info. I’m trying to fix this right now though.

    • That is a new bug from ace battle engine 1.23.
      It has already been mentioned earlier and will probably be fixed in 1.24.
      Just be patient…

      • Although the new Battle Engine 1.24 no longer has the same collapse sound effect at every round it went back to the same screen effect as before where it would show slip damage all at once and quickly and the numbers would be one person off. Getting rid of the perform_collapse_check(battler) helped with the sound effect but that’s all. I think it needs a little more than removing that one line.

      • Also, line 2505 was added.
        Remember that the original issue was that the collapse effect wasn’t performed for enemies dying of slip damage, which is not the case anymore.
        The way slip damage is performed at the end of the turn is totally something else, which can hardly be called a “bug”.
        However, i agree on the fact that it could have been coded differently.

  17. Hey everyone I’m have a bit of a problem with Ace Battle Engine. When ever I do a test battleit works perfectly, but when it comes to random encounters on the map, it just crashes giving me the error on line 844
    Undefined Method ‘<=' for nil:NilClass
    can someone help me please?

    Also I'm having trouble running the Core engine too. It keeps saying that the stack is too deep and crashes. I'm still a noob when it comes to scripting:P

  18. I’m still getting this annoying junk symbol T,T I wonder where went wrong. I have put those scripts in order, yet it still appear -,-

  19. The all restrict option in the Move Restrict Region script isn’t working at all. Players and NPCs with through on or off can still move through a region with all restrict. It’s hard to workaround because npc restrict and player restrict do not restrict characters with through on but they are working as intended. I am looking for a way to restrict characters with through enabled and all restrict is the only way. Thanks for the script, I would appreciate it if you looked at this!

      • Are you using the all restrict? The other two work. I tried it in a new project with no other scripts and only the other two work. Drew a square around part of the map with region 1, put npc and player inside the square, went to map properties and put in the Note. Try using the current build, maybe it changed? I don’t know.

      • Thanks for the quick attempt! I just tried it and it fixed it for characters without through enabled but if through is enabled, you can still leave (as can NPCs). I tried using this instead of the new change and it works but I don’t know if it has any side effects? Here is the code, just replace the other change with this.
                $1.scan(/\d+/).each { |num| 
                @all_restrict_regions.push(num.to_i) if num.to_i > 0 }

      • Yeah but the option says it blocks all player and NPC movement including through other than debug through (holding down control for through). So the script wouldn’t block NPCs or players with through on, with that change above it does, just not the CTRL through, which is exactly how it’s described on the page. Thanks!

      • Correction: The *all restrict* option says it blocks all player and NPC movement including through…

      • Thanks for the help :) I have a question if you don’t mind. I want to have a conditional branch in an event that calls to script to check whether the player’s current location is passable or not. Is there a way I can have an event check if the player’s current location is forbidden? I don’t know much about scripting but maybe it would be if player_region_forbid?(x, y, d) is true? But how would I check that from an event?

  20. I appriciate all the work you´ve done and all scripters.
    But in the party system lock actor(x), there´s a bug that the actor doesn´t lock!
    thanks for all your work !

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