YEA Bug Fixes III

Hello everyone, the 3rd part of bug fixing is here. I’m at loss at the 2nd one with 86 comments in them. Let’s try this again!

Please report any bugs here. We cannot guarantee that we can make other scripts compatible with non Yami or Yanfly scripts, please try asking the author of the other script instead. There’s a large chance they’re still active!

We are …flooded right now with other things, please understand this is the reason why we don’t have time to make things compatible or check the script you’re using, yet, I think.

Please list the scripts you are using when asking us for a bug fix, unless you’re 100% sure that it’s this scripts fault! (The best way to know is test it in an empty project).  I don’t get any notifications for comments and don’t have the time to check each page 1 by 1. Please report bugs in here for the meantime.

We’ll be updating soon once things lighten up!


Yanfly Battle Engine is reverted to 1.22 for the time being! 


Please try that again and tell us the bugs and how you exactly replicated them! There’s a massive confusion right now. And a clean and elaborate bug report will help us all!

Please repost the previous bugs too. I’m sorry, we’re very disorganized :(


77 comments on “YEA Bug Fixes III

  1. Probably not important but with Common Event Shop buying a common event that displays scrolling text(there may be others) without exiting the shop freezes the game. And in Battle Engine if text is displayed the HUD goes away which can cause serious glitches if it was the last actor’s turn.

  2. Hoping that the missing animation for revival items and spells can be corrected at some point in the future. This seems to be an issue with rmvxa and not yanfly’s scripts. Thank you.

  3. Hello there
    I have found something I think might be a bug. First the scripts I’m using:
    – Ace Core Engine
    – Menu Engine
    – Battle Engine
    – Equipp Engine
    – Victory Aftermath
    – Party System
    – HP Bars
    – Element Absorb
    – Element Reflect
    – Command Window Icons
    – Skill Cost Manager
    – Class System
    – Class Specific
    (There are quiet a lot)

    Now the problem I noticed. No matter wich settings I use for the 11th , 21th and 31th class you cant remove them from the class window in the game. (I dont really use this many classes but I wanted to test if the bug continues) These classes appeare in the class window, and it doesn’t matter if the class is a primary or a subclass. Maybe you find something.

  4. So, I’ve tried this out a few different ways, and so has someone else. The “Skill Cost manager” and “Skill Restrictions” Script of Yanfly’s don’t seem to be able to give a cost to Yami’s Guardian Summon skills, on either the summon or the return.

    Is this an incompatibility issue, or are the Guardian Summon skills just not able to cost anything? Sorry for bothering you, but this just feels like a major oversight, and I noticed that Yami’s helping with the bugs here and that you’re fixing incompatibilities between your scripts.

    Any answer at all would be greatly appreciated. :3

  5. Custom Fonts with the Ace Core Engine, in tandem with the Mithran Text Cache fix and Snippets, still display boxes with multiple troop enemy names. Using Times New Roman font. A fix would greatly be appreciated.

    • Unfortunately, it’s hard to provide a fix for something you don’t get a constant bug about! I don’t get it, it works for others, others still get boxes, etc. I don’t know why that happens either!

  6. Boy, I know this is the wrong place… But I was curious if you could make it possible to configure a few things about your battle engine or provide any guidance.

    1. I’d like to force party members’ battle commands to be SEQUENTIAL and MANDATORY. As is, you can skip past all party members’ battle commands and confirm the turn. In this sense, I’d like it to behave more like the default battle system, which required commands for each party member to be entered and entered sequentially.

    2. I’d like target confirmations to be a bit more streamlined. Some skills target “All Allies”, “All Enemies”, “The User” or “X Random Enem(ies)”. In each case, there is ONLY ONE possible target for the player to choose, so I don’t want the player to have to confirm that single possibility.

    3. I’d like to show the skill description at the top of the battle screen for skills invoked directly from the battle command list, like it does when selecting a skill from a skill type sub-menu.

    I am using your Core Engine, Battle Engine and Battle Command List scripts to name a few.

    Thanks!! And sorry for posting this here… I know these aren’t bugs.

  7. I’ve applied the patches that were on YEA Bug Fixes III but I still get this whenever I go into battle… Is this because I’m using a different font? I have no idea on why I’m still getting this.

  8. Hey Yanfly,
    I found a weird one.
    I’m using :

    –Ace Battle Engine v1.22
    –YanFly Compatible Customisable ATB/Stamina Based Battle System Script
    by Fomar0153 Version 1.2
    –Yanfly Engine Ace – JP Manager v1.00
    –Yanfly Engine Ace – Learn Skill Engine v1.00
    –Yanfly Engine Ace – Class System v1.09
    –Yanfly Engine Ace – Victory Aftermath v1.03
    –Yanfly Engine Ace – Ace Menu Engine v1.07

    Here’s the bug I found :

    Lets say I have a character whose Primary class is “Knight”, and he has earned 0 JP as a Knight. Now I want to change his Primary class to “Monk”, so I switch it. The character has earned 0 JP as a Monk as well. Now, if I change the class back to “Knight” (without even leaving the class menus, no battles, no item usage, nothing), the character suddenly has JP… 400 JP to be exact. If I then repeat the process (switch to Monk, then back to Knight), the character has gained another 400 JP and so on and so forth.

    So then – I created a brand new custom class called “Berserker” and tested this again, except now the “Berserker” primary class has 500 JP. If I switch to any other class, and then back to Berserker, the character gains another 500 JP.

    This seems to happen regardless of which main class I begin with.

    I am somewhat familiar with scripting, and I have looked through the scripts but I have not been able to locate where this variable exists. Any suggestions? Or is there just something in the code that I can change? If so, which script and line OR which keyword should I search for to find it?

    Thanks in advance, these modifications you have developed are simply amazing and my games would not be anywhere near the quality they are at without them.

  9. I found it. Sort of. In the JP Manager script, line 147, LEVEL_UP needs to be changed from 100 (default) to 0. Of course this means no bonus JP for leveling, but I can definitely live with that. What I think was happening was when I switched from being lets say a Level 1 Monk, to a Level 5 Knight, it was interpreting the switch as a net gain of +4 levels, resulting in 4 * 100 = 400 JP gained.

    In the example of my Beserker class, the character that was starting as a Beserker was starting at level 6, so when I switched to a level 1 class, then back to Beserker it interpreted the switch as a net gain of +5 levels, resulting in 5 * 100 = 500 JP gained.

    If there is a fix for this, great! If not, like I said, I can live without it.

  10. There’s a bug in the New Game +. If something is going on in the map where the New Game + switch is turned on, these things carry over to the starting map, changing the starting map’s map properties to the properties of the saved map.

  11. yanfly steal skill script will steal skill even we miss. it’s a bit strange to the logic. how can you steal the skill when you can’t even hit it? :D

  12. Adjust Limits throws an error on line 294 about attempting to convert a nil to an integer if even one character has a max level notebox tag, meaning that it’s impossible to have an actor’s maximum level above 98 anything but the absolute maximum. Of course, I might just be doing it wrong.

  13. i’m not sure this qualifies as a bug, but when using ‘weapon attack replace’ and ‘skill restrictions’ in concert to give the basic attack command a cooldown (with certain weapons) the script does not function properly. the basic attack command does get greyed out, but the cooldown “timer” never expires so it never becomes usable again.

    not using any scripts but those mentioned, by the way, when this error occurred.

  14. i feel like we are maybe having a language barrier issue here : )

    the only two scripts i am talking about are

    – Yanfly Engine Ace – Weapon Attack Replace v1.01
    – Yanfly Engine Ace – Skill Restrictions v1.03

    both by Yanfly.

    now do I *NEED* these scripts to function correctly together? of course not. but it would be nice. : )

  15. I’ve been having a problem with the Force Action event in battle with the Ace Battle Engine v1.23 each time I script a force action event in a battle it immediately crashes and this message comes up.

    “Script ‘Yanfly’s Ace Battle Engine v1.23’ line 688: NoMethodError occurred.

    undefined method ‘forced_action_remove’ for Switch:Module.

    This was initially encountered during my project with three other Yanfly scripts added they were Add-On Enemy HP Bars v1.10, Element Absorb v1.01 and Victory Aftermath v1.03.

  16. Hey, I have a problem with forced actions, whenever I try to force an action it crashes and cites these lines as the issue.

    ‘ return false if YEA::CORE::FORCED_ACTION_REMOVE_SWITCH <= 0
    return $game_switches[YEA::CORE::FORCED_ACTION_REMOVE_SWITCH] '

    I downloaded the Core Script to fix this problem, but I don't much like the look of the HP/MP/TP Bars, plus it hovers over the faces on the battle system. Is there any way to fix the force action problem without using the core script's appearance? I don't want to seem ungrateful for the core script's changes, I just don't like the look of it.

  17. hey head up when using one of your script it causes some problems with the character generator i don’t know which script but i know it’s your script.
    the problem:
    every time i try to save a picture in the character generator in the save window (at the save as type) it showing random character and such, but in a clean project it had no problem. i don’t know what script it causing it but i’m using only some of yanfly scripts not any other scripts.

  18. In the Event Chase Player script, the event will continue to chase based on the first event page, even after that page is no longer active. For example, if I use a switch to make the event to stop chasing after an interaction by switching to a different event page, it will continue to chase anyway. I confirmed this bug in an empty project, with no other custom scripts.

    • Oh yeah, I had noticed this too. In my case, I had a touch encounter where, after the battle, the event gets ‘blanked out’ on a new event page with nothing on the new page.
      Then, sometimes, when walking around that area, I’ll see the little exclamation point balloon pop up. XD It freaked me out at first because it was a dark scene where I was using Victor’s lighting scripts.
      I had thought it was incompatibility so I hadn’t reported it yet, because I hadn’t had time to double test it in a clean project.

      Do hope this gets fixed. :3

  19. I don’t know if I’m simply missing some updates or if the two are not yet fully compatible, but I’m using Yanfly Menu and Yanfly Equips and when I look at my character’s equips from the menu screen the bottom few end up going into the character description box because there are too many types of equips. Is there some way to fix this?

  20. Hello I have a request to help implement a much needed feature into the battle system, counterattack graphics. This script was made by Tsukihime: as well as his counter skill script:

    Both of these script work fine with the default battle system but I get a bug with the YEA system. I have tested this in a new project without other scripts and have isolated the conflict; it is between the Battle Ace Engine and the aforementioned scripts.

    The bug I get when using these two scripts is that whenever any counterattack that kills an enemy, the enemy graphics will remain on screen even though it’s dead.

    I have contacted and asked Tsukihime about this and he says he doesn’t have a solution. Please could you fix this?


  21. A second report of the 688 Ace Battle Engine error. I tried various different options for the Forced Battle Actions, and running Ace Battle Engine on a brand new vanilla game, and every time got the same error as above. Using Battle Engine v.22, and I think that`s everything I can offer. Thank you!

    “Script ‘Yanfly’s Ace Battle Engine v1.23′ line 688: NoMethodError occurred.

    undefined method ‘forced_action_remove’ for Switch:Module.

  22. I experiecing a really strange issue here, related with YEA Message System.
    Everytime I deal with variables from “second page” (number 21 to 40), the message windows size is completly changed and is bad.
    Heres a image to explain better. This resized message window appear when I make a addition in the variable #21. Very strange….

    • This is REALLY strange. The bug happens only when I use the variables #21 and #22. The others seems to work fine. For now I will just skip these variables #21 and #22….

      • Not a bug.
        # This variable adjusts the number of visible rows shown in the message
        # window. If you do not wish to use this feature, set this constant to 0.
        # If the row value is 0 or below, it will automatically default to 4 rows.
        VARIABLE_ROWS = 21

        # This variable adjusts the width of the message window shown. If you do
        # not wish to use this feature, set this constant to 0. If the width value
        # is 0 or below, it will automatically default to the screen width.
        VARIABLE_WIDTH = 22

      • lol

        thanks people, I dont know how I didnt see this, I looked all over the script searching for some explanation.

      • it also happen to me once when using yami combo script. when changing the variable… the game crash when enter the battle. took me 2 days to figure that out. (i thought other script that change that variables at fault >.<)

  23. Two issues:

    1) If you have skills automatically learned at level up, and also are using the Learn Skill Engine, when you learn a skill with the Learn Skill Engine, you forget the skills you got from level up and they are gone for good. Not sure if there are also other circumstances where you forget some skills after learning others.

    2) When you change classes with the Class Change script, you forget all the skills you learned with the Learn Skill Engine, even if you change back to the other class.


    • I remembered that I made them forget the skills, so ignore that. The reason is because when you change classes, you remember all the skills from every class you have ever been.

      Also, if you level as one class, you don’t learn the skills from leveling from another class when you keep classes levels consistent.

  24. Extra param formula: BUG?
    ‘s for some strange reason the hit rate isn’t calculating properly…or every calculator is doing it right.

    when luk is 47 and agi is 49
    the formula is : 0.10 + ((2 * luk + agi) / 20)

    which the hit rate should be 725% (RPG maker comes up with 710% for some weird reason) which is far too big… so if if I divide it again by 10 I should get 82.5 %
    the new formula is : 0.10 + ((2 * luk + agi) / 200)

    the answer I got with 3 calculators and the python shell was 82.5 which is correct… RPG maker comes up with 10 it seems that when I divide by 200 it just cancel its even there. why does this happen… also if I change the 200 to just 2 it comes with 7110% which at least consistent. why didn’t the division by 200 come up with 81 instead of just 10?

    there is nothing in the data base or what my character is wearing that affects hit and even if I did… base_hit isn’t being used.

    • hit chance is calculated in decimals like 1.0 = 100%, the way you have the formula set up ((2 * 47 + 49) / 20) that simplifies to 143 / 20. which then simplifies to 7.15 or 715% hit chance, you just have to throw some decimals in there and all will be fine.

      • yes that why i tried increasing the denominator to 200, unless RPG maker wants me to convert them all to decimal’s (like luk.to_f and 200.0). didn’t think about trying that, didn’t think i had since hit_rate was already a decimal.

    • i used the formula 0.10 + (( 2* luk + agi) / 200.0) and it works just fine, it might just be a issue of the game not recording decimals. I don’t think its a problem with the script itself. You could always multiply by decimals instead of divide by whole numbers. Use a alternate formula like X/2 is the same as X * 0.5. It seems like a lot of hassle but the game might read the alternate formulas without any bugs.

      Anyways, i hope this helped some, if not I’m sorry. I wish you the best of luck with it :)

      • Figured it out, turns out my whole project just fried it self( I’ve never had this happen to me ). the reason I posted it here in case the script was parsing the Decimals into integers( numbers with no decimals) before converting them into a percentage and I couldn’t find where it was doing so. but it seems the damage formula was all bugged too, anything less than 100 points will give a zero result. on a new project, after importing all new assets(and maps) it worked fine.

        As for why it fired it self I have no idea. Thanks for the support though

  25. There is a compatibly error with these two scripts:
    YSA Battle System: Classical ATB
    Skill Restrictions v1.03
    The cool-down counter does not work in the classic atb battle system. Any move which has cooldown will simply be frozen at the max cool-down time.
    E.g. a skill with 3 turns of cool-down will always stay at 3, regardless of how many turns pass
    Strangely, the warm-up counter works fine

  26. I think there’s a bug in the Ace Equip Engine script, v1.06. I have a character starting without a particular equipment slot early in the game, though she’ll change class early on to one with that slot. The new class also sets slots of that type to Fixed.

    When I try to use an event to equip a valid item in that slot, after changing her class through an event, the game crashes with the following error:
    Script ‘Game_Actor’ line 146: NoMethodError occurred.

    undefined method ‘is_nil’ for nil:NilClass

    Meanwhile, if I have her start with that class, and simply try to equip the item through a normal event, the game will not crash, but she doesn’t actually get the item.

      • The crash doesn’t appear to happen in an empty project. However, the item still won’t get properly equipped.

        I also tested equipping an item as normal (i.e. as a basic equipment type) in an empty project, both with and without the script, and I’m not sure it’s working there either…

      • Interestingly, the crash doesn’t seem to occur if I change the slot so it’s no longer fixed, then equip and unequip something in it.

        The “Change Equipment” command in an event also seems to only work with the item to be equipped already in the inventory. I still get the error if I haven’t equipped/unequipped an item in the slot, but if I have already, then I can still make it work by giving the item as part of the event.

  27. Hello, i’m fairly new to script, I’ve attempted writing a but in the Free turn battle system, i’m attempting to allow characters to have 2 base actions with skills requiring either 1 or 2, but if i have more than 1 character in the party, Character A can use a 1 actions skill then a 2 action skill, when though their max is set at 2 actions. It takes 3 actions away from the total max actions, but how can i prevent a character from being able to “steal” another party members actions? I’ve looked in the script but cannot figure out why this is happening.

    Any help or just insight would be much appreciated, also thank you for making these amazing free scripts!

    • you need to make some sort of mechanic that will prevent you from selecting 2-Turn skills after selecting a 1-turn skill, this can be a buzzer, then return to selection or filtering out the skills that you don’t meet the required amount of turns for…. the way RPG maker s standard API is set-up up I’d go for the first option, unless you want to edit the window classes.
      here a bit of Pseudo code to help

      If selected_move_cost + current_selection_cost > avaliable_Turns
      Prevent move mechanic
      return to selection mode

  28. Hello! I just wanted to ask if you ever have any trouble with hackers?
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  30. Hello, im using several of the yanfly scripts so compatability should be an issue for me.
    But the bug i just noticed last night was in the classes script. I have some of them level capped and yet in the class/subclass window it is showing the classes continuing to gain levels when the character isnt.
    For example: character screen accurately shows the correct capped level for a particular class and doesnt continue to show a gain in xp nor gain levels past the set cap after each battle.
    However, in the class select window the listing of available classes shows what ever class is the primary one continuing to gain levels.

    I imagine its a simple change this frome that in the script itself but i dont know how to do it due to my lack of knowledge in ruby scripting.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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