Support Rainbow Nightmare Libra!

Check it out! Give this game and its developer your support~

Rainbow Nightmare Libra is a game by TFT that wants to move on to RPG Maker VXAce. Unfortunately, the amount of art assets he has for RN: Libra would need to be converted into a higher res and would need secondary help to do so. Please support a fellow RM developer~

5 comments on “Support Rainbow Nightmare Libra!

  1. How do I go about getting your support for my project? I’m using your *awesome* scripts, and you’ll be getting a free copy, of course! I’m just waiting to hear back from Kickstarter

  2. Yan, I know this isn’t the right place for this but I thought you would see this rather than if I posted on other threads…

    So, when you scripted region functions using hash tags you opened a huge door into ease of use for developers. I wonder though, why haven’t you scripted a function for sound effects using region + hash tag. So far you’ve made some major scripts for the region and hash tag set up but nothing for sound or music effects?

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