Script Updates

Not exactly back, we’re just so busy right now ._.)
Might update this post as we skim through game breaking bugs once in a while.

  1. Battle Command List is now V 1.09b. Command Hide until Switch should work now.

!!New Script!!

Visual Battlers. Sadly, I’m not as hilarious as Yanfly <:3c


30 comments on “Script Updates

  1. “Not exactly back..”
    Lol yeah right ur never comin back I stopped believing in you anyways, u guys should just admit and tell everyone “we don’t want to write you more scripts”.. At least it’s better than spending over a year without 1 new script.. I take holidays, I have a life like you all do.. But at least I respect it enough to not give fake promises and keep people waiting for nothing..
    And now the magical unsubscribe button…

  2. @honestly.. : there always some stupid people who never respect another person free work and demanding more like that person is his/her slave.

    what you do… it’s like a beggar who given food by millionaire because he pity the beggar. but once the beggar didn’t get that food anymore. he become angry with the millionaire. c’mon. you’re the beggar. you’re the one who should be ashamed. you could work to gain what you want rather than beg someone to make it for you.

    Honestly.. please level up and change from whining beggar class to something more worthy.

  3. @honestly… :Holy smokes, this guy’s done us a huge favour, and as everyone else said, this is his own free time he’s spent to get us these amazing scripts, not to mention FREE! Would it kill you to be a LITTLE more gracious? I’m just happy that these scripts are here in the first place.

  4. Maybe Yanfly passed away? Some fans are having ‘rage-quits’ lol (example above being ‘honestly’, that guy is frustrated out of his balls!)…. Talk to us Yanfly, we’re your fans, and would appreciate to know you are still wishing to contribute to the community. I am NOT ASKING you to contribute, just wishing to know if you quit on us yet or not?
    Respect!! [I don’t depend on you, I script, not as good as you do, not yet though…]

    • No creo que Yanfly este muerto,solamente se esta tomando un respiro… Hacer mas de 100 scripts en unos pocos meses debe ser agotador,ademas… Esta el trabajo,la familia,los estudios,etc. Le debemos mucho a el y sus amigos,si no fuera por ellos no tendriamos scripts de tan buena calidad,sean pacientes,no son nuestros esclavos.
      I do not think Yanfly is dead, only taking a break this … Make over 100 scripts in a few months must be exhausting, plus … This work, family, studies, etc.. We owe a lot to him and his friends, if not for them we would not have such high-quality scripts, be patient, they are not our slaves.
      Excuse me for my bad English and Greetings from Argentina.

    • ‘slavery’? that made me LOL, i asked yanfly, not any of the people who replied. I appreciate the work you do but you dont have to be a complete ass about it. ffs…

      • And that’s why Yanfly won’t reply to those scary fans like you. You have to know someone having a fanbase is painfully stressful.

      • it’s because your comment is rude… instead of saying yanfly’s passed away. why don’t you just tell he quit scripting. that’s a lot better. by saying passed away that means you hope for his death.

        it’s the same like: you don’t give me things than you better be dead. i guess you’re only a little bit above “Honestly..” level.

        and why other people answer you instead… they are yanfly’s friends (unlike you). if your friend got insulted. you might want to warn the insulter on your friend behalf.
        please don’t be a troll. also… yanfly have no obligation to answer your question either. since your question is apparently rude.

  5. My God! Look at all this sheer buttfaggotry! Why is it people think they’re ENTITLED to scripts? You can always look up Ruby yourself and maybe take the first steps to learning. If you’re annoyed about lack of contributions to the scripting world, make some of your own! That’s what I’m doing. If you really want Yan back, just cool your jets. Everything happens in good time.

  6. Wow, uh, I think maybe someone should look into moderating the comments around here. There’s a little bit of, um, pollution about. :P (I don’t see the point of “ragequitting” a resource provider? *shrug*)
    It’s cool to see new posts around here. Gives me hope for future scripts and bug fixes~. Though really I don’t know that there’s much in the way of scripting I really need that’s more than I’ve already got. XD
    You guys do a great job. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. (Not that you apparently do from the looks of it. XP)

  7. Just thought I’d leave some words of appreciation for both Yanfly and the staff that contribute. I’m working on a game robust with features, and YEA is about 70% of my total script usage. The fact that even a year after his break his scripts are still the most useful around just speaks volumes in itself. I hope he enjoys his break, it’s much deserved!

  8. I’ve searched a script about quest system on your blog, but seems like I can’t find one.
    searched it on Internet too but can’t find one that come in handy.

    I don’t know if this is the right place to make a request.
    but I believe it’s a good idea if you make a quest system script.
    again, It’s just an idea.

    thank you.

    PS: My game is 100% using scripts made by you. why? because your script is easy to use, has clear instructions, and has less bugs.

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