YEA Bug Fixes IV

Maou demands your attention


Please report any bugs here, if you post in the individual script pages, they’re going to get ignored. Unless you want me to disable the page comments, I guess. We cannot guarantee that we can make other scripts compatible with non Yami, Kread-Ex, or Yanfly scripts, please try asking the author of the other script instead. There’s a large chance they’re still active!

Please list the scripts you are using when asking us for a bug fix, unless you’re 100% sure that it’s this scripts fault! (The best way to know is test it in an empty project).  I don’t get any notifications for comments and don’t have the time to check each page 1 by 1. Please report bugs in here for the meantime.

101 comments on “YEA Bug Fixes IV

  1. Okay, here we go. I haven’t originally adressed it, mostly since fixing it is actually part of this script addon I made for Class System, but, I kind of figured out you guys could use it a bit.

    Basically, in Class System, there’s a new method called class_level. Well, new as in, not native to the original class. Anyway, what it basically does is check the class level, however, it does it in a rather strange way. Instead of using the class’ maximum experience for level 99, it uses a fixed maximum for level 99 (which is approximately 2547133, but it’s only an approximation, I just copy-pasted it from the script).

    Basically, what this means is if the experience required for level 99 is only, say, 10000, then the actual class level would get hecka higher. Conversely, if the experience required is about 9999999, it wouldn’t nearly reach level 99 before hitting the maximum.

    Now I actually added stuff to allow for class-specific maximum levels, but it could also be changed to just level 99, or whatever the character’s maximum level is, so instead of hard-coding it, you could, if we take the code itself, use:

    @exp[max_level] = temp_class.exp_for_level(max_level)

    This one’s for free ;)

    • By the way, I get notifications all the time, I just tick “notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail”. Due to some strange bug or glitch or whatever, I just get comments from EVERYONE on that page, not just the replies.

    • Ok with your Class addon script it has a weird thing it likes to do with Victory Aftermath that makes the level up screen pop-up twice for each character upon a Primary class leveling up?

  2. LSP Punishment
    Both Nosleinad and I can’t get the Zombie state to work, even in a new project.

    Class System
    1- Not really a bug, but Spitfire71 and TSA Ryan brought the idea that a subclass shouldn’t just add their stat rate to the main class, but should rather hybridize itself to it. While selecting “Mage” as a subclass to “Warrior” should raise Magic attack and MP, it should also reduce physical strength and defense for example, and not just boost every stat. Choosing only one class and no subclass has no advantage as of now.

    2- Many people, like akvod3 and Jake, proposed that subclasses should also add their traits. An option in the script to allow this would be very useful, and please many users.

    • Sorry to double post on you, but I… kinda implemented them both on my Class Extensions addon. Sorry if I mowed the grass underneath some people’s feet with that, but I couldn’t help it. I’m just hooked to adding new things.

  3. I’m having a problem with the LSP – Protection. As per the instructions, I placed it under the Lunatic States, but I can’t seem to get the Persist effect to work. I placed it in the actor’s note box as , but the character ALWAYS dies from a fatal hit, not simply dropping to 1HP. I’m new to programming, so I’d appreciate your advice.

  4. Im not sure if this is a bug or not, but i have almost all of Yanflys Scripts besides a few personal taste customization ones, and am also using a few Victor Engine scripts with no problem, but i just brought in VE Animated Battle and VE Actors Battlers, since theres a heap of skill customising with VE Animated Battle.

    But if the VE_BATTLE_INTRO_FADE = in VE Anim Battle is set as True then when i go into battle i get the error — Script ‘VE Animated Battle’ line 4126: NoMethodError occured. undefined method ‘hidden?’ for nil:NilClass

    4126 is: start_effect(:appear) if $game_system.intro_fade && !@battler.hidden?

    If then set it to false a different error pops up saying:
    Script ‘VE Animated Battles’ line 4127: NoMethodError occured. undefined method ‘clear_poses’ for nil:NilClass

    4127 is: @battler.clear_poses

    Does anyone know why? i read somewhere victor made his battle engine with yanflys in mind so im not sure if this is a compatibility issue or a bug, either way does anyone know how to correct this for people for future reference??

  5. damn that sucks, love YF scripts mainly for the user friendliness since i just started out, and the hero face and hp bar setup in battle etc but want to be able to go into the skill customiaztion depths that VE Animated Battle can do.

    Guess its bound to happen having 2 battle engine scripts trying to input both their coding into the same battle at the same time haha thanks anyway!

  6. This probably isnt the place, but im not sure where is, but can you customise your skills actions in YF animated battle script like you can VE’s?

      • Ah ok thanks man. Thing i was wondering though, is if i will still be able to run the other YF battle scripts with Symph Animated Battle Engine, mostly for Skill Chain, Input Combos, Follow Up Attacks, Show HP Bar, Target/Enemy Info etc etc without Symph and YF scripts clashing, unless theres Symph scripts for those too, guess theres really only one way to find out.

  7. With Learn Skills System and the JP Manager system I can’t access the Learn skill system with 0 JP. Also, whilst this isn’t necessarily a bug I’d like a way to see how much JP you have without having to spend JP points.
    I’m aware there’s a script to fix this, but it hasn’t worked for me. So a more permanent fix on the Yanfly Script would be preferred!
    Thank you!

    • Ah ok. So i have Symph Animated Battle, YF Battle Engine, TP and MP Display and most of the rest of YF scripts but im not sure if they matter for the problem im now having, which is i go into battle then either attack or use a skill fine, when i go into the skill menu my hero portrait sits just above the box allowing me to keep an eye on his stats while making a skill choice i guess, but when i go to use a skill next turn, a second time in battle or from then on, the portrait and stat bars sit in/on the skill menu, covering a whole row of skills and thats just with one hero in the party.

      You wouldnt happen to know why? Does Symph have a Battle Engine that supports YF Battle add-ons if not? Because maybe Symph Anim Battle clashing with TP and MP Display but cant remove because it needs YF Battle Engine like half the rest or something like that.

    • Turns out they arent compatible with eachother. I asked Archeia 2 posts up that if i replace YF Battle Engine with Symph will YF battle add-on scripts still work and he said both YF and Symph are compatible – they arent.

      First TP and MP Display had an error, so i removed it because Symph displays thoughs anyway right, but then Target/Enemy Info displayed errors, and im guessing even if i removed that as well that a few other YF battle add-ons would then have a problem.

      So Symph can work without YF Battle script but the other YF scripts cant work without YF Battle Engine, which is what i was wondering, sorry for the confusion :P

  8. I’m having a problem with the party system script. It doesn’t lock actors when using a script call, but it does require and unrequire them.

  9. I’m looking for a script that puts a calandar on screen. Minute, hour, day and month (and year as optional) with events that could be tied into it (for example: Sunday at 1pm in March, certain quests become available but dissapear in April)
    Is such a script possable, I cant imagine it to be an easy one to write up. Any help would be appreciated.

    • This is the wrong place to ask, they don’t do requests.
      If you go to the rpgmaker website’s forum, there’s a place where you can request scripts.
      And yeah, that script would be possible for sure, not sure how hard though, since I’m not doing so hot on learning how to script for myself. If you can’t get it through asking for it, you may want to try a commission. There are various people who do that. (Might not be cheap though)

  10. Yeah, I opened an entirely new project, plugged in both Lunatic States and LSP – Protection, plugged in “react effect: persist 100%” into an actor box, and he always dies.

  11. Skill Restrictions v1.03
    Not really a bug, but there is currently no way to give more uses to skills with , whether it’s to all of them at once, or specific skills in particular.
    Once a skill with limited uses had run out, it can never be recharged back with the use of an item or another skill, which would be nice.

    The user named Prophet also brought up the idea that skills could have a casting time or a delayed effect, should anyone would like to add something to the script. Notable example of such skills would be Solar Beam and Hyper Beam from the Pokemon games, or even the Jump skill from the Dragoon class in the Final Fantasy series.

  12. Common event shop v1.00 only script in brand new project on Ace.
    Works perfectly fine except when I get to shop show evals. Not sure what exactly is causing it, but whenever a variable is used for an eval it breaks.
    this is basically what happens:

    First eval I had works fine:

    $game_party.item_number($data_items[1]) > 0 ||
    $game_party.item_number($data_items[2]) > 1 ||
    $game_party.item_number($data_items[3]) > 1

    It checks for all the items and wont allow purchase unless the conditions are met. No problems

    Second eval breaks after swapping in a variable:

    $game_party.item_number($data_items[1]) > 0 ||
    $game_party.item_number($data_items[2]) > 1 ||
    $game_variables[3] < 1

    Here it skips all the other steps and only checks for the variable. It shows up with none of the required items and becomes unavailable when the variable is above 1. The variable check by itself also works perfectly fine. Moving the variable check around in the eval doesn’t make a difference it always ignores the other checks.

    If I use it with the large amount of yanfly scripts [and only yanfly scripts] I normally use it really breaks. For instance:

    All except one common event requires item 999 to be above 1. This always works properly. The problem occurs for two common events as follows.


    $game_party.item_number($data_items[999]) > 0 ||
    $game_party.item_number($data_items[18]) > 0

    When using this it becomes available if the player has above 1 item 999 regardless of item 18. However if the player gets an item 18 after the event is available [only having item 999 above 1] the player can loose all item 999’s and the event will remain purchasable. Unless they use item 18 then it is locked again like it should be.

    2) I don’t even….

    $game_party.item_number($data_items[1]) > 0 ||
    $game_party.item_number($data_items[2]) > 1 ||
    $game_party.item_number($data_items[3]) > 1

    For whatever reason having any amount of item 999 not item 3, 2, or 1 will unlock this common event permanently. Even after removing all item 999’s the event remains purchasable.

    Unfortunately I don’t have the time to guess and check which yanfly scripts might be eating the poor common event shop script at this time, but I’ll give it a shot when I get the chance. I should also mention the script works perfectly as long as there is only one thing it needs to check. Everything past that point seems to break it. Wish I could have shortened this down a bit, but I kept finding more things as I went along. It will probably be easier to list the mods I’m not using in this case. So here are the scripts I’m not using out of all the Yanfly scripts: command party, message actor codes, free turn battle, combat log, auto battle, lunatic targets and sub categories, visual battlers, param bonus growth, aoe add on for target manager, active battle advantage, party size menu add on for menu engine, skill menu, rename actor add on, menu cursor, command window icons, base troop events, and debug extension. Sorry again for the lengthy post. Any insight would be much appreciated.

  13. Hello,
    First, sorry for my poor English (I’m French xD).
    I have a little display problem with the Yanfly Battle Engine:
    As you can see, When I set up a skill increasing a stat (like this:, a strange character is placed just after the text.
    I only use the “Yanfly Core Engine” and the “Yanfly Battle Engine”.

    Did you have an idea to fix this ?

  14. ok, i understand. But when I download the latest version, it’s not the 1.23 but the 1.22 and I have the same problem. Did you have a correct link to the 1.23?

  15. Ok, I’ve redownload the lastest version, but it does not work. I’ve already the same problem. I’ve tried with other fonts but it’s always the same.

    Tonight i’ve found a solution to pass through this bug while it’s not fixed.

    Can you tell me where is the problem in the code ? (I have some basic in programming ^^)

  16. Adjust Limits throws an error on line 294 about attempting to convert a nil to an integer if even one character has a max level notebox tag, meaning that it’s impossible to have an actor’s maximum level above 98 anything but the absolute maximum. Of course, I might just be doing it wrong.

  17. Is there a way to make the maps larger? Over 500×500 tiles? Or a way to increase the default amount of maps (999) so that you can have more maps to play around with. I didn’t know where to put this as it’s probably a stale issue by now. I also couldn’t find an email. So I’ll ask this stale question in some other places.

    • You can’t because it’s hardcoded to the engine. What you can do tho is just make the other 1000+ maps to another project and rename them to Map1000+.rvdata2. Afterwards, make a call script in your game to transfer them to map1000.

  18. I have a problem with “Menu Cursor” : This scrip causes a crash when I hit the cancel button when in the Game End window.
    The error gives the following…

    Script ‘Sprite_Base’ line 33: RGSSError occurred. disposed sprite.

  19. I’m having a problem with Event Chase Player v.1.00.

    Whatever script tags you use in the custom move route for the first event page… they also get applied to the other pages.

    For example, I made a visible monster encounter event, set to chase the player, use line of sight, and show an alert balloon. Then it triggers a battle on touch. This all works fine. But after the battle is over, I use a self-switch to activate the event’s second page. The event is now invisible, but I can tell that it is still chasing the player because occasionally the alert balloon shows up out of nowhere.

  20. Learn Skills Engine. When two or more characters.
    When I select “Learn” in the skill menu and press W (or Q) to change the character, the skills showed in the menu don’t change. And then when I choose a skill type and try to learn a skill from the first character, I get this error:

    Any way to fix it and make the skills change when pressing Q or W? :3

  21. Class System v1.10 :

    Hi guys !

    When I use an other font than VL Gothic, I obtain something strange on HP Max and MP Max : (I use a custom font on the screen)

    I use already used the Font Fixes for Custom Fonts.

    Any idea to fix it ?

  22. Hi Yanfly, im using basically a lot of your scripts they are awesome, i have a little request on the ace status menu script, can u help me to draw the relationship system by Jeneeus Guruman information on the general page of this status menu? i have looking on the code but i dont get it yet, thank you.

  23. In the class system, I’m trying to find a way to call it via event/item and not from the menu. Is there a script command to do that somewhere inside the script? If not, can it be done?
    I know it’s not an official bug, but it is bugging me :)

      • You have just to call a event scrpit with :

        To call the menu from an item, create a common event with (without quotes) and to call it from the item.

  24. Found a bug in the Learn Skill Engine and even have a fix although I may not have enough understanding (very newb w/ruby and RGSS3):

    When I have two classes in the party, one with White Magic and the other with both White Magic and Black Magic, paging between characters in the learn skills screen shows skills from the other character, not the one you’re now focused on.

    The fix was a simple as adding refresh to the make_learn_skills_list method starting on line 602:

    # make_learn_skills_list
    def make_learn_skills_list
    @learn_skills = []
    @skill_classes = {}
    return if @actor.nil?
    for skill_id in @actor.class.learn_skills
    next if $data_skills[skill_id].nil?
    next if @learn_skills.include?($data_skills[skill_id])
    skill = $data_skills[skill_id]
    @skill_classes[skill] = [] if @skill_classes[skill].nil?

    # Changes here
    # Changes complete

    I’m assuming that the window is redrawing before this method fires off getting the skill list for the new character. I’m sure deep in the code somewhere here there’s a place to fire this off that may be better but this guarantees anytime the list is retrieved that the most current skill list is shown.

  25. Hey there, for some reason the ‘Adjust Limits’ script is putting an item into my inventory (armour number 72) whenever I load after shutting down, no matter where or when I save it. Is there an easy fix for this?

  26. Script auto battle doesn’t work well with Yami ATB. It works only for the first round then the auto battle stop. I’ve to cancel it and to ask it to work again. I think it’s because it dislike to wait for the atb bar to charge up. Sorry for my bad english.

  27. Right, I didn’t know about the new policy of bug fix addressing being done here. I was asking about something for the Battle Engine. It seems that while I use the Battle Engine, if I have message windows during a battle, the battle hud shows up for a fraction of a second between each message window. Anyway to make that go away and act just like it does in the default? If I didn’t make myself clear, like made it sound confusing as to what I’m asking, I can provide a video of what I mean.


    • Nevermind. Disregard my message and please delete it if you are able. I never should have posted it as it was not an issue with the battle engine, but rather Yami’s ATB.

  28. I’m using Ace equip engine. Then, I made a dual wield character. But, it seems we can’t make a two-handed weapon which is require 2 hands. For example, bow. The character will wield 2 bows.

    Sorry, for my bad grammar.

  29. Hi, I do not know if this has been reported before but I’ve recently installed the Core Engine and Battle Engine and when I try to playtest I recive this error: “Script ‘YEA_CoreBattleEngine’ line 259: NoMethodError Occurred. Undefined Method ‘[]’ for nil:NilClass

  30. (issue in Ace Battle Engine script)

    whenever a buff or debuf popups appear, the msg shows (for example, in atk) ATK[]{ << read [] as SQUARE…

    PS: i've started a new project to test and added ONLY Ace Battle Engine script and the bug still happens

    • It’s something natural in VXAce.

      Go to Game_System lines 38 – 40:
      def japanese?

      change that to this:

      def japanese?
      return false

      Another thing is read above and look for Vrashq’s comments.

      • fixed the issue but not changin language, i did just rewrite ” %s ” and it worked
        but thx, you pointed me at the right direction xD

    • Victor’s and Yanfly’s scripts are notorious for not being compatible within battle. Unfortunately, you’re just going to have to pick either Yanfly’s battle related scripts OR Victor’s, not both.
      In addition to that, just for future reference, the bug fixes page on this blog and on Victor’s are not for compatibility requests. (ESPECIALLY Victor’s hahaha)

      • Victor script damage pop up is only one working properly with symphony other than Yanfly’s Ace Battle Engine, but this script does not support default battle system look, which I need to make Final Fantasy fangame:(

  31. Out of curiosity, is there a list of what you’ve fixed since putting this post up? Or will you come out with a list and put it in a new post? I’m just checking to see if there’s anything I need to update yet or if it’s still gonna be some time before the changes take place, and honestly with my game taking as long as it is to make I’m in nooo hurry. XD

  32. In your party system, if the max amount of party members is changed to three or lower, the party leader is swapped by a newly added party member. Always.

  33. for State Animations, I’m having a problem where the animations will disappear when the state is applied again to anything else (or the same enemy/party member). To recreate it easy, make an enemy that only poisons (animation 50) and make a character that can use poison and do a test battle. If there are flashes, the enemy will still flash but the animation stops. Thanks!

  34. Hi everyone,

    I am using Battle Engine Symphony from Yami and Ace Enemy HP Bars, but everytime after the battle ends, i am getting this error message:

    Anything to do in the HP bar script?

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