Bug Reports VI

Kill all dem bugs

Hello everyone,

I noticed in some comments a lot are still talking to Yanfly and not following the previous Bug Fixes post requirements. So I will reiterate once again, Yanfly is still on Hiatus. For now here’s some fix.

Please report any bugs here, if you post in the individual script pages, they’re going to get ignored. Unless you want me to disable the page comments, I guess. 

We cannot guarantee that we can make other scripts compatible with THAT IS NOT Yami, Kread-Ex, or Yanfly scripts, please try asking the author of the other script instead. There’s a large chance they’re still active!

Aka, don’t ask for compatibility fixes unless it’s Yami/Kread/Yanfly scripts.

Please list the scripts you are using when asking us for a bug fix, unless you’re 100% sure that it’s this scripts fault! (The best way to know is test it in an empty project).  I don’t get any notifications for comments and don’t have the time to check each page 1 by 1. Please report bugs in here for the meantime.

105 comments on “Bug Reports VI

  1. I think I found a bug with the Ace Battle Engine when using the Force Action events. The game crashes and an error message appears with the next text:

    Script ‘YEA – Ace Battle Engine’ line 688: NoMethodError occurred.
    undefined method `forced_action_remove’ for Switch:Module.

    I’ve tried deleting other scripts, looking for an incompatibility issue, but the error persisted even with the script working alone.

  2. Found a bug involving the Common Event Shop:
    Though it can load a ‘blank’ list of events to sell initially (no items are valid to appear), if the list ever BECOMES blank while in the shop (ie all conditions for all possible events to be on the list are suddenly unmet), the script causes a crash.

    This can currently be worked around by having at least one non-conditional item or even just one that becomes unenabled (but still displayed), but yeah.

    Just thought I’d let you know.

  3. I think there’s a small bug in the Equip Engine. When I try to force equip my character’s second weapon (dual wielding), it doesn’t go through. Note that it doesn’t actually use your Equip Engine. I think your system is interfering with it.

  4. I fixed all my other bugs :D however, there seems to be a bug with one script I’m using (possibly Yanfly battle engine, or possibly Yami’s ATB) that causes battles that aren’t random to function incorrectly after several turns: ie. for some reason all characters including the enemy, other than the main character stops attacking (I’m only using non-random battles for boss fights…however, since they’re ideally supposed to be longer fights, this causes an issue). Thanks if you are able to suggest anything :)

  5. I’m not sure if you guys handle Yami bugfixes here but:

    If not ignore that.
    I’m seeking a compatibility fix between Yami’s CATB and Yanfly’s Field State effects. Yami’s CATB handles State Turns in a special way. Yanfly’s Field State Effects seems to not like this way and doesn’t respond to it by counting down the Field State so it reaches 0 as intended.
    I just need a patch to make them work together as intended.

    Also, I’m looking for a fix for Yami’s CATB and Hiding Actors in Battle. Yami’s CATB throws errors when you try hiding actors, and a lot of Summon Systems use this, so I’m seeking help. If there’s no Yami support ignore this.

    Thanks for any help on this. I read this and a lot of these should be in line, but I’m not sure about the gray area of Yami specific problems.

  6. There is a problem with your Party System script and your Visual Battlers script when the formation is modified before a battle. (sorry for my bad english)

  7. I have a couple of problems that I was wondering if you guys could help me with. First is with the Steal Item script: Whenever I try to use steal, it’ll steal the first item on the enemies notetag instead of a random item. Skill just has ” in notetag. Class of Thief has and Enemy has like 5 items, 9 weapons, and 5 armor and are marked as respectfully. Steal will always choose the 1st item on the list, is there a way to make this random instead?

    Second: With the Class System Script, is there a way to reduce the success rate of the skill if the job you learned it from is your support job?

    I know the post here says Yanfly is on Hiatus, but if anyone could help out, would be greatly appreciated.

  8. Ok, Yanfly (Or whomever is managing the site at the moment), I’m having a difficulty on my items. I’m asking for one request, and it’s because I can’t find my solution anywhere on this site, so if you could direct me to some knowledge, or make a new script (I know it must be a hassle, that’s why I’m asking for knowledge). Ok (sorry long introduction), so I want to make my items give me more than the default max hp/mp ect. when it heals me, I’ve looked for notetags for almost two hours and I can’t find it programmed into any of the scripts you have posted. I don’t like using percentages on the items I’m currently making for my game (Which could be an easy fix but I want specific parameters because percentages feel sloppy and the users never get a gist of how much they recover when using this…) My game is massive at this point and I’m trying to add a lot of items at this point that would be beneficial for the people that want to play the game. When max hp is at 99,999 you need bigger recovery items… I’ve thought about having the potions having a effect that goes for several turns, but when you need to be healed immediately and are in trouble of dying, it’s nice to have an item that recovers a good amount so you feel safer… I think if you added a script for future users (like myself, and a few friends of mine) it would help with a lot of pain and moving on with the story. Thanks a ton.

    ~The Night Angel~

  9. It’s not a serious issue, but it’s still a misguiding one with the Class System script: the class level shown never exceeds 63, even without the Adjust Limits script.

  10. State Animations has been broken for a while now.

    not sure what it is, but under certain conditions (such as using an attack that has a chance to apply the same state, for example) the animation will disappear, although any flashing effects will remain.

    I saw the revival and item animation fix worked like a charm, can anything be done for the State Animations?

    • I second this. It’s minor, yes, but still easily noticeable even for casual playthroughs. (My project has Elemental Statuses that are inflicted on enemies when they are hit by an element they’re weak to, so I see the bug very often as I’m often spamming elemental weaknesses.)

  11. Yanfly Equip Bug:

    Not sure if this was intentional or not, but if I have a set of equip types set up for the start and the actor is using the default (mine being Weapon, Headgear, Armor, Earring x2, Ring x2, Belt) and they get an item that changes it from single handed combat to dual-wield, the next slot (being headger) disappears/is replaced by the secondary weapon slot instead.

    Unless I’m missing something. I know I can change it via class changes or actor changes, but it’s only one actor and I want them to be able to change from single to dual with an item without having a slot replaced. If it’s not possible, I’ll find a work around.

  12. These aren’t bugs, but…

    For Yanfly’s save engine, could a confirmation thing be added?
    e.g. Are you sure you want to overwrite this file? (yes/no)
    Are you sure you want to delete this file? (yes/no)

    and is there a way to display the map’s actual name in the editor rather than its display name?

  13. I’m using most of Yanfly’s scripts and found out that using the tag “reapply ignore” caused the game to crash when it went to update the status effect at end of turn. So that would be the State and Buff Manager script. Something about “undefined method ‘>’ for nil:NilClass”, blaming the Game_Battler, line 244 (or 245, I’m not sure), and a NoMethodError. I can work around it, but I just thought you should know.

  14. I’m using only Yanfly’s Ace Core Engine v1.09 and Ace Battle Engine v1.22 scripts. Everytime I try to playtest my game it aborts and I get the following message:

    Script ‘YanBattleAce’ line 259:NoMethodError occurred.
    undefined method ‘[]’ for nil:NilClass

    This error continues when trialled in a blank project with only Ace Battle Engine v1.22 in use.

    How can I fix this issue?

  15. Hi, and firsts, thank you by yours finest script works!

    I’m new in develop games for RPG M Vx Ace.
    Recently, I released a porn-RPG game, named “The Tremplar”, for free to everybody.
    In this game, i make use of this scripts (updated to last version):
    -OriginalWij Fixed_Image

    Well, all work fine, i’m greatly surprised!
    EXCEPT for the DeathCommonEvents…
    When I try to use, I got an error just when the common event must execute:

    “Script: ‘Game_Interpreter’ line 119: FiberError ocurred.
    double resume”

    This line of the game_interpreter script is this:

    #Frame Update
    118 def update
    119 @fiber.resume if @fiber
    120 end

    I think that this error is linked to my personal system battle:
    When you fight a Boss (not a simple enemy), i have doing that you need to drop his HP to zero (the Boss has the state Inmortal) and the use a concrete Skill that only is useful for Bosses with the HP=0.
    This skill call a common event that evaluate the meet of requeriments (Target=Boss, HP target=0, then remove state Inmortal and inflict state Death)
    Because this call a common event, and next your script call another common event for the Animation final, i think this cause the Double Resume error.

    I’m very appreciated of your help in this matter!
    THANKS! for all!

    And i will be very happy if you test my game too!

  16. I think I may have found a bug in the Class system script. I have seen it occur in 2 different setups:
    1.)Adjust limits setup to 250 as max level, class system setup to maintain class

    2.)Adjust limits setup to 250 as max level, class system setup to separate class levels, Estriole’s YEA class add-on script placed below victory aftermath script.
    (does not occur if the class add-on script is absent, but the levels in the class menu display level 99 despite being higher)

    The bug occurs whenever you either highlight a class that is above level 99 in the subclass menu, or a subclass levels past 99 in battle (occurs after battle ends).
    It returns with the message:
    Script ‘Class System’ line 654: NoMethodError occurred.
    unidentified method `*’ for nil:NilClass

    Though these setups may be a bit unusual, I would like to use these setups in the future so any help in regards to this bug would be apperciated

  17. eto.. eto.. Ace Battle Engine is bugged… In test battle it auto inputs the right button, I removed the Battle Command list script and it started to press the right input continously making the enemy attacks me. Then I play tested on a map and the game was ignoring the left input except in the menu. I searched for an OLD backup and it had the same version number but some symbols where different (header stuff) the line count was the same but the project returned to normality. Ig you guys are interested on checking this tell me and I will pm you my project .__.

    • forget this… this is the DERPIEST DERP OF ALL DERPS… My joystic was connected to the computer and the axis was pressed with my wallet over my desktop and that was causing “the bug” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  18. https://yanflychannel.wordpress.com/rmvxa/field-scripts/event-chase-player/#comment-14346

    Wanted to let you know about an inconsistency that can cause a headache for someone who wants exact control over event follow behavior (I use this along with a line of sight script to make guards who patrol aggro a player when in LoS).

    Short version: the documentation is a bit off, and its timed effects (ie before resetting) run off movement attempts, not frames. So vastly harder to configure.

    In Yanfly Engine Ace – Lunatic Damage Package – Critical v1.01 script

    these tags do not work

    I’ve tested it in a new project while only using these scripts:
    Ace Core Engine v1.0
    Ace Battle Engine v1.22
    Lunatic Damage v1.01
    LDP – Critical v1.01

    Used in the note tags of a skill with very basic damage formula. The skill always said “Null” or “Miss”. As soon as I removed the tag, the skill hit its target and dealt damage like normal.

  20. This is not really a bug, but is there a way to change font size in EnemyTargetInfo (the window with the message to press shift) and SaveEngine (the actors’ info looks kinda small)?

    Thanks in advance.

  21. Hopefully this will be an easy fix, but in Ace Message System, changing the NAME_WINDOW_OPACITY does not seem to have any effect whatsoever.

  22. While reorganising my scripts in a test map, I found out that the Party System isn’t completely working because lock_actor(x) wouldn’t have any effect. Thanks to Olive in the comments of the script, one can easily modify it so that it can work as intended. So it isn’t very important yet I wanted to report the mistake, being quite a perfectionnist :p .

    As a reminder, Olive stated that we simply have to replace “actor.id” by “actor”, line 392 AND 402. Tested it, worked like a charm.

  23. Battle Command List doesn’t seem to work alongside with Free Turn Battle system: the command list of each character stays the same.

    Also, am I the only one who notice the Guard command has become useless because of FTB ?

  24. Free Turn Battle System doesn’t redraw the face portraits of the party members if a message appears during the middle of the party’s turn. It will show up again on the next turn after the enemy finishes their attacks.

  25. Hello everyone, thanks for the awesome work you’re doing here.

    I have a BUG REPORT:
    I am using the following scripts:
    Yanfly Engine Ace – Ace Core Engine v1.09
    Yanfly Engine Ace – Ace Battle Engine v1.22

    Whenever an enemy is killed by a counterattack, the collapse animation is not shown.

    Hope you can help me out.


  26. There is a bug in the menu system. If you have an “empty” party, the “Class” option is still activate-able… and crashes the game:

    “Script Windows Menu Status line 74: NoMethodError occurred. undefined method ‘index’ for nil class”

  27. I don’t think it’s a bug but I’m using the shop menu script and also using a custom font that won’t draw the ‘x’ on the window where you select how many of what you’d like to buy for some reason. I have the all the junk symbol removers and all that and it’s not working. I really like the font and would like to keep it, so I’ve been trying to find the piece of the script that puts the ‘x’ there so I can remove it. Anybody know where this can be done?

  28. A small oversight in Lunatic Object Package – Give & Take makes “Give & Take Effect No.6: Take Debuff” useless. You can correct it easily by going to line 184 and change “buff” to “debuff” (since the rest is correct), but it’s still an error.
    Applying a buff or debuff in-game also adds “?{” behind the buff and “?|” behind the debuff, although I still have to test if this is a case of mea culpa, a general problem with Ace or a problem with one of the scripts.

  29. I know you get a lot of requests and questions, but I was just wondering how to set up Yanfly Engine Ace – Class System so that the subclass select is only available when a specific primary class is active

  30. I have overlap problem on pop up menu (where to draw the JP or EXP cost from ) the skill icon overlap with the word learn …? I try to solve it but I don’t know where the dx dy in that draw_learn_skill def and try to delete some letter in def but it looks like the icon will draw on corner of menu window. I don’t know why, please help!

  31. Hey yanfly. victor animated battle scripts dont work with your battle engine anymore. I was just wondering if you guys are working on making it compatible now.

  32. i found a bug in the yanfly party system were you try to lock a certain actor other than the party leader,the won’t lock!thanks for your reply

  33. hello yanfly. a common game maker from korea. i want to adjust the parameter formula also to the hcr, tcr_y, cdr, wur; but i can’t find how. could you make some scripts for that?

  34. Well, since the post said to post anything related to Yanfly’s, Yami’s or Kread’s scripts and not the individual script, I have a slight question on YEM’s Item Overhaul. I posted in RRR to no avail and I figured I would attempt to contact someone who maintained the scripts.

    Anyway, on the the matter. Would it be possible to request a slight change to the YEM Item Overhaul? Let me explain: I noticed that any item that has more then 4 statuses(Applies, Weapon Style, etc) pushes all custom string data to a nonexistent location. Would it be possible to be able to have different windows that shows the rest of the info? Many of my items are extremely powerful and I want to give my players the best viewing experience for their items and having 1 or none of the custom data strings makes that a little tough and having more then 1 window would make things that much easier while being able to flip back and forth between windows. Even being able to scroll down to show more info would be nice if that would be easier. I can give my version of YEM Item Overhaul, which was last updated 2010.06.20.

    If this is in the incorrect place, I apologize. I just wasn’t sure where to post this.

  35. just a quick spelling error that could spell errors to the inattentive:

    On the Extra Param Formulas script, is line 166 meant to say “base_mdr” rather than “base_pdr”?

  36. I found a bug in Adjust Limits. Whenever I try to testplay, my game crashes immediately and tells me that there’s a syntax error on line 317. I suck at scripting, so I have no idea what’s wrong.

    • Wow. I just messed up. I was using an outdated version, I think. When I redownloaded it to check, my game loaded this time. But now, I have a different issue: When I try to give my character an initial level of 9999, he still starts at level 1 on a brand-new game. I have no idea what’s going wrong, though.

  37. Yanfly’s ABE is causing an error: “line 1297: NoMethodError occurred. Undefined method ‘[]’ for nil:NilClass” (the line in question is “rules = state.popup_rules[type]”)

    It’s probably worth noting that this error doesn’t pop up when I do a battle test, but it happens on startup when I try to playtest. I have the core engine installed as well.

    I probably broke it trying to remove MP >__> I have a script which causes only HP to display (or only MP or only MP and TP, etc) but it isn’t compatible with yanfly’s script, so I had it disabled. It seemed like what I did worked, since it was fine in battle? Somewhere along the way I must have just missed something :( It’s too bad, because only displaying HP is a feature I’d love to have, but also have the really nice look of ABE (which is even nicer when the health and mana don’t cover a lot of the face~ Having just the one bar and pushing it down a bit looks super nice!)

    • Note that I’m not really asking for compatibility with my other scripts, but just with my error – or at least, achieving the same effect as the other script, by not displaying MP? D:

      • So I just deleted the entire script and recopied it fresh; now with an unmodified script I’m getting an error on the very last line, which is a comment, whenever I try to test a battle x___x It’s a syntax error; “Unexpected $end, expecting keyword_end …=====================”

  38. I’m having an animation bug on my 5th party member. I have 2 scripts added, the Ace Battle Engine, and the Revival and Item Animation Fix. I have also changed line 73 in Game_Party from return 4 to return 5, to allow me to have 5 party members. Everything else is the same. I even created a new project to make sure of this.

    The bug is, no animations play on the 5th party member. They simply take, for instance, 20 damage. No Number 20 appears, and no spell effect plays. The taken damage sound effect plays, and their health bar lowers, but nothing else. Same with items. They get the item bonus from, say, a potion, but no effect plays. Same with magic.

    I’m hoping this is something simple on my part to fix. But, I’m not sure. Everything else is working. The 5th party member has a portrait. They have turns. They can attack. When they attack, they play an animation. Everything works, besides animations on them.

  39. Hi
    I’ve been having a little problem with the instant script and element reflect

    I had a chain skill which I was using which worked perfectly fine with the element reflect until I gave the starting chain skill instant. Then the element reflect did not work so I gave took off the skill. However, element reflect did not work until I actually removed the script. Then the element reflect worked perfectly.

    I also tried using an instant on a non-chain skill but the same thing happened…

  40. I think the Element Reflect-script is bugged not to take Attack Element into account, say I equip a sword that changes my attack to water-elemental and strike an enemy that reflects water, but instead it takes a hit plain and simple whereas an another actor uses a skill that’s water-elemental and gets the skill right back to his face as intended. Tested it in a new project to make sure, too.

  41. I’ve got the whole Yanfly suite installed, and nothing else. When a player counterattacks, it brings up an error with the Convert Damage script.
    Script ‘Convert Damage’ line 507:NoMethodError occurred.
    undefined method ‘no_convert’ for nil:NilClass
    I’m not actually using any Convert Damage functionality at the moment, so I’m not sure why this is happening.

  42. I seem to have found a bug (or at least an issue) with the class system script while i was testing some damage formulas. If you have a class level that is drastically higher than the one you are currently than the current health pool goes down. Normalyy this would be a “oh yeah, i just dropped a ton of levels. thats normal.” moment but in this case it not quite the norm.

    For example: i have level 99 soldier and i switch the primary class to level 1 monk. my health goes from 800/7519 to 60/569. I change back to the 99 soldier and it becomes 780ish current. I change back to level 1 monk and current becomes 59. Everytime i changed the health dropped. Eventually i had 0 health and the character died.

    I made a new project and copied only a completely clean version of class change system(version 1.09) into it. The exact same issue came up.

  43. I’m using Yanfly’s Party System script.
    Not too sure why but when I try to use this script call:
    $game_party.swap_order(0, 1) [Ace’s party switch script call]

    It does switch the order of the characters, But it doesn’t actually switch the sprites.
    On the bottom left corner, the characters do switch but the top right hand corner, the sprites doesn’t switch.

    I hope someone can help me on this matter.

  44. Okay, I’m quite sure this bug is originally from YEA – Enemy HP Bar. Even though I use my own battle system (since you said that yanfly will not make it compatible with script that is not yanfly / yami / kread-ex).

    The bug is the HP bar for hidden enemy is revealed when I use skill that target area / all enemies. I have added a patch in my blog to solve this problem. Because I’m very sure that bugfix will not come so soon. Here’s the post

    Sorry for my bad english

  45. I’m not exactly sure if this is a bug or if it is intentional but when using YEA Battle Engine and going to the skill command choosing a skill that has the scope of allies and cancelling without using the actual skill creates the battle status behind the skill window.

  46. I’ve run into an issue with the Ace Battle Engine, every time a skill (attack, spell, etc) is used (be it by the enemy or myself) the animation plays twice even though it’s a single target skill. The skill itself isn’t being used twice, just the animation is playing twice. The skill is not set up with any note tags at the moment. I’ve figured out the problem lies in pairing the Ace Battle Engine with the Tsuki Action script (a small base script for Tsukihime’s scripts) It is in itself required for Tsuki’s script that lets you use single target spells against multiple opponents or use enemy-targeting spells against yourself or vice versa (final fantasy 6 style spellcasting basically) Both scripts are latest as of this posting. I have very limited scripting knowledge, not nearly enough to make heads or tails though. Any help would be awesome, thanks!

  47. So I found a incompatibility issue. Active Chain Skills and Input Combo Skills aren’t compatible with Battle Symphony. I made a test project with active chain skills and then with input combo skills and it worked fine, but once I put battle symphony it ceased to work. Any ideas?

  48. Hi, I’m having an issue with this Script, I’m using v1.10 and for some reason if a character is equipped with a weapon, and then changes class to any class that cannot use that weapon, the weapon gets duplicated. I’d really appreciate your help with this, as it’s a bit game breaking D:

  49. When using Yanfly’s Equip Dynamic Stats, there’s a bug when optimizing equipment on a character if the weapon/armour grants MAXHP or MAXMP. The game will not consider those attributes when optimizing, therefore reducing the actual HP of an actor. (If my weapon grants +10 HP and I’m full health, and assuming I have no other weapons for that actor, my current HP would be reduced by 10 upon optimizing).

  50. I dont know what is happening but when you poison a enemy, if its HP reaches 1 by poison damage, it wont die after when I attack him. The HP bar shows ZERO HP and despite any attack or damage dealt the battle doesnt end and the faint animation does show up and the enemy dont die. What could be? I hope I made it clear.

    YEA – Ace Core Engine v1.09
    YEA – Battle Engine 1.22
    YEA – Free Turn Battle v1.02
    YEA – Element Absorb v1.01
    YEA – Element Reflect v1.01
    YEA – Target Manager v1.03
    YEA – Enemy HP Bars v1.10
    YEA – Cast Animations v1.00
    YEA – Steal Items v1.03
    YEA – Enemy Target Info v1.02
    YEA – Extra Param Formulas v1.00

    YES – Battle Symphony 1.15
    YES – Add-on: Skill Effect Tags
    YES – Visual Effect Tags
    Almost all of Yami’s Guardian Script Series
    YES – Enemy Character Set

    thanks :)

  51. i have found a very specific bug.
    if you set your resolution in the Core engine module [640X360] everything rescale to this resolution EXCEPT the YanFly Status Menu.
    you end up with a menu that cant show all of it’s content as instead of resizing it just cut what is below a certain point. making the player unable to see some of it’s stat’s and unable to see the required exp to next level and such.

    after a couple of hours of tinkering i have found a way to fix this. I may not have prior experience coding in ruby but this work’s and seams stable. here is the code on paste bin

  52. Two things:
    1) When I have the Core Engine (1.09) and the Equip Engine (1.06) at the same time, all my item quantities in game get screwed up… example when I have 1 dagger in inventory it writes Dagger !A1 … if I have 4 it puts Dagger !A4 … I’ve stripped the project down to just those two scripts and it still happens, then when I remove the Core Engine but keep the Equip Engine it looks fine (same if I remove the Equip Engine but keep the Core Engine). My guess is there’s a conflict between those two scripts somewhere.

    2) With the Equip Engine, when using note tags to specify the equipment slots for a specific class, I end up with duplicates. It’s as if the engine is applying both the default slots (in my case 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 4, 5) and the note tag slots (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 4) at the same time. Equipment in those slots is not duplicated however. Again I’ve stripped down my project to only the Equip Engine and still get this problem. All other classes that do not have anything in note tags appear fine however, the desired equipment slots are there with no duplication.

  53. Hi Yanfly, hope you’re enjoying your break.

    I think I found a bug with Ace Equip Engine. With any custom equip type, it seems that notetags are ignored. As well, elemental rates are ignored too.

    For example, I made an equip type 6 for the waist, and tried making a “Flame Belt” that reduces fire damage (Element Rate Fire * 75%), but the fire damage remains the same. Another example, I tried putting a passive state on a ring but that was also ignored.

    Thanks for all your hard work on these scripts!

  54. I found what I believe to be a bug in “Enemy Target Info”. When setting “AUTO_SCAN_ELEMENT” and/or “AUTO_SCAN_STATES” to true, the element/states are scanned as expected for skills that have specific elements/states.

    However, if the skill has element/state which are based on “Normal Attack”, then the normal attack’s elements/states don’t scan the target’s info. I tried setting an actor’s normal attack to be of the Fire element and made it inflict Poison – none of these were scanned upon a successful hit.

  55. hi ! :) 
    im using yanfly battle system 

    whan i use just “Ace Battle Engine” script, enemy’s attck animation hide itself behind character face and window

    i want fix wrong-animation overlay order
     please help me  

      i used yanfly’s fix : “Revial and Item Animation Fix” script then, error message come out.”systemStackError occurred stack level too deep”

     i removed all other downloaded script (expt yanfly Ace Battle Engine)
     i changed script order. tested several times. 
    but.. not worth.  i need your help

  56. I used the ‘Learn Skill Engine’
    I used the
    They both worked fine

    Problem :
    I used notetags in the Class Notetags, on the first class worked fine.
    On the rest of the classes, they can learn skills that they are not supposed to learn, despite the correct skill number input in the notetag.
    On one of the class, it learned skills that they supposed to learn with jp first without buying it.
    What did I do wrong?

    Some Notes on what I did:
    – I copy pasted the notetags, but changed it, I am sure
    – I did not put the notetags in the skill notebox

    Thank You. :)

  57. Please someone help if its a simple fix, but using YEA Ace Battle Engine and pressing right too many times will cause the player to do nothing and the enemies to get a free attack.

    Please and thank you :)

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