Script Links Temporarily Down


Hi there! For those who don’t know, we have reached our monthly limit in dropbox. Hopefully, by the next two days, the limit will be restarted. Not sure how it was even possible to reach the quota with just text and .rb files but nonetheless. Some of them still work since they’re hosted in my dropbox and I have a plan installed in it. I am also in the process of providing Pastebin links. I added them one by one per page, but for those who wants to see the whole thing, you can grab them over the following links:

Pastebin Mirror Link (Incomplete)
I was uploading them but I reached the limit. Gotta wait another 6 hours <:D

GitHub Repository
You guys have no idea how hard this was to set up.

56 comments on “Script Links Temporarily Down

  1. Great, a git repo!
    If you start using the wiki pages and the issue tracker it should make your work a bit easier. ;)

  2. Let me be the first to say thank you VERY much. It’s great to see how quickly you responded with a solution.

  3. I prefer store scripts or such using pastebin or github instead .rb files. The main reason is I hate download and open it. It many too many steps just to get the script. Also I have to move the .rb files from my download folder to somewhere.

    Just saying ~

  4. You have the add-ons for the party system but not the party system itself listed. Which i find odd as you need to 1.00 to even use the rest :/

  5. I haven’t been able to find the common event shop in either the github or pastebin. I think I’ve looked everywhere, tried a search too.

  6. Is there any place where I can find Yanfly Engine 6 – Battle Stats for VX? Everything’s still down, and I really liked that one before my hard drive crashed.

  7. Since no one care about bug report VII anymore, so please excuse me if i post to this place:
    I have a bugs with your skill restrictions:
    Description of the bug: Well, when i’m using your skill restrictions with MOG’s active chain, every active chain will be counted as a turn for cooldown and warm up, so if a skill have 2 cooldown, 2 active chain will make that skill refresh like normal.
    List of scripts used: Almost all of them, even battle system, is atelier’s script: And for the active chain script, you can take if personally from there:
    Did you test it in a fresh new project: Yes, i did.
    Did you load a save and encountered the bug there: It’s a problem in-battle, so i don’t think save,load will have bugs.
    Did you check Yanfly’s Core first for bug fixes list? Is the bug mentioned there?: I’ve checked, and no, it’s not.
    Did you read the features of the script first before assuming it’s not working like what you thought it would? : I’ve read, but i don’t think active chain should be counted as a turn.
    Did you try putting the script above/below other/certain scripts first? : Yes, i’ve. But nothing happended, it’s still the same.

  8. Not sure if this will reach anyone, or if anyone would have the time to teach me the basics of scripting, but…

    A friend just showed me this RPG Maker VX Ace, and I was looking at ways to expand it, but I have literally no idea how to use Scripts like this, or of any other sort.
    I’d love it if someone who knows how to use these and/or make my own could send me an email and help me out a little, maybe? ^-^;

    Any advice, or where to get information about scripting, etc. would be welcome. Thanks (maybe x _ x)!

  9. These are great scripts, especially for a RMVX Ace noob like me. And thanks for download alternatives. Just one thing, on Github the Party_Sized_Menu.rb is in the ‘Core’ folder and the Party_System.rb is in the ‘Menu’ folder – shouldn’t that be the other way round?

  10. An excellent collection of scripts, thank you for providing us with alternative download links as well. Really appreciate your work and contribution to the RPGM community, without the scripts that you guys release, developing would be nowhere near as enjoyable or flexible.

  11. Hey does anybody have the party system script? I checked pastebin and github and I don’t see it unless I’m overlooking it lol anyone please help me :-P

  12. I’m having trouble with Yanfly’s Equipment Engine, where when it is installed into a game (even a fresh game), the names of the Weapon and Shield slot are not drawing (I believe that is the right term?). Essentially, they still function and do as they are intended to do, but the names are not displaying. Its quite frustrating.

    It also will not let me rename, any of the initial slots. Any attempt to do so will still have them draw their original name. I’ve done this with a blank project also and I get the same result.

    Basically, as is the script doesn’t work, I’ve tried looking over it, but I lack the skills to identify the problem.

  13. It was a user problem, after giving up and going to bed, I was laying there and realized that two days ago I’d cleared the weapon name in system so it was blank. Sincere apologies.

  14. Is RPG Maker VX links going to be restored? I was interested in making a VX project lately however I can’t find my downloaded old files of YEM and Zealous and ReDux. I would love to see them again. Yami doesn’t seem active as well, however I think I have his version of YEM.

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