Bug Reports VIII


Thank you Eren.


All script pages (all 106 mind you) have Github Mirror Links now because for some reason, some people don’t read the front page OR can’t find script files even when they’re there.

Please follow this format when giving out Bug Reports.

  • Description of the bug. Make sure to note HOW it happens and try to emulate it as much as possible.
  • List of scripts used. This is important! If you use Victor’s scripts, then it’s a given Yanfly scripts won’t work due to low compatibility.
  • Did you test it in a fresh new project? If no, then try at a new project first.
  • Did you load a save and encountered the bug there? If yes, then start a new game and see if the problem persists.
  • Did you check Yanfly’s Core first for bug fixes list? Is the bug mentioned there? If yes, then grab that script.
  • Did you read the features of the script first before assuming it’s not working like what you thought it would? If no, then read.
  • Did you try putting the script above/below other/certain scripts first? Give it a try, it might just fix it.
  • Give us a demo if possible. No need for the entire game, but just the area where it bugs out.

Hopefully this will make the bug fixing easier for everyone.

Script Updates

  • How to fix this bug?
    Go to line 312 and 313 and look for these:
    :add_buff   => “%s{“,      # Appears when a positive buff is applied.
    :add_debuff => “%s|”,      # Appears when a negative buff is applied.
    Just retype %s but don’t add { or |. There’s an invisible letter between %s{ that you can’t see unless you can see Japanese text.