Bug Reports VIII


Thank you Eren.


All script pages (all 106 mind you) have Github Mirror Links now because for some reason, some people don’t read the front page OR can’t find script files even when they’re there.

Please follow this format when giving out Bug Reports.

  • Description of the bug. Make sure to note HOW it happens and try to emulate it as much as possible.
  • List of scripts used. This is important! If you use Victor’s scripts, then it’s a given Yanfly scripts won’t work due to low compatibility.
  • Did you test it in a fresh new project? If no, then try at a new project first.
  • Did you load a save and encountered the bug there? If yes, then start a new game and see if the problem persists.
  • Did you check Yanfly’s Core first for bug fixes list? Is the bug mentioned there? If yes, then grab that script.
  • Did you read the features of the script first before assuming it’s not working like what you thought it would? If no, then read.
  • Did you try putting the script above/below other/certain scripts first? Give it a try, it might just fix it.
  • Give us a demo if possible. No need for the entire game, but just the area where it bugs out.

Hopefully this will make the bug fixing easier for everyone.

Script Updates

  • How to fix this bug?
    Go to line 312 and 313 and look for these:
    :add_buff   => “%s{“,      # Appears when a positive buff is applied.
    :add_debuff => “%s|”,      # Appears when a negative buff is applied.
    Just retype %s but don’t add { or |. There’s an invisible letter between %s{ that you can’t see unless you can see Japanese text.

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  1. I’ve read everything, but that does make things awfully convenient! Thanks for the work, I know it can take awhile in WordPress sometimes and 104 links would be a pain to add.

  2. Heya, first of all thank you for all of the constant hard work that you put into your code and channel here. I’d love to help by providing a bug report, but for the life of me don’t know how best to do it. Do you prefer comments in the individual script pages or is there an email I can send you a message on?

  3. I have discovered an issue with the Learn Skill Engine script.

    Description of the bug.
    In the Learn Skills window, if you switch party members with Q or W and the cursor, after switching party members, is highlighting the same skill category as it was before switching party members, then it will show the learnable skills of that category for the PREVIOUS party member, rather than the current one. Additionally, attempting to teach the currently-selected character a skill owned by the previous character by this method results in a crash: “Script ‘Learn Skills’ line 1090: TypeError occurred. can’t clone NilClass”. That is, unless the skill is owned by BOTH characters involved. In that case, the skill is successfully learned and the skill list shown afterward is now the proper skill list for the current character.

    List of scripts used.
    This was originally discovered on a rather complex script list, including many custom scripts. That fact alone renders a script list relatively meaningless, unless I actually sent the scripts. Not to mention, well, the new project test. Nonetheless, for the sake of completeness, in order:
    – Some modifications to existing scripts, direction within the files: I know now that this is frowned upon and for good reason, and I do intend to separate out those modifications into their own scripts.
    – Remove Stances Command: A custom script to remove the “Stance” category of skills from the skills list when outside of the learn skills window and outside of combat, since those skills are only used to change stances (TP modes), rendering them redundant in a menu that already has an option for that.
    – Core Engine
    – Battle Engine
    – ATB System, by Fomar0153
    – Party System
    – Command Party
    – Combat Log Display
    – Region Battlebacks
    – Skill Cost Manager
    – JP Manager
    – Victory Aftermath: This has been edited to remove the character quotes window and stretch the main window to compensate. Also, edited to show ALL party members (using character icon instead of portrait and generally shrinking down the area if there are too many members to show the portraits), instead of just active ones.
    – Equip Engine
    – Status Menu
    – Menu Engine
    – Status Override: A custom script to replace the HP/MP status block on the character screen with an EXP/SP one, since the party is restored to full after every battle.
    – Learn Skills Engine
    – Neo Guage Ultimate, by Pacman/Woratana: An aesthetic script to make the bars look different.
    – Aftermath Bar Override: To apply said bar style to the aftermath window.
    – System Options
    – Random Skill Invoke
    – Weapon Attack Replace
    – Save System: If memory serves, edited to show ALL party members, not just active party members, since switching members mid-battle will likely be a fairly common tactic.
    – Override Defeat: A custom script to do a game over only if ALL party members are unconscious, otherwise going to the party member selection window when the active party is defeated.
    – Window_CharName: A custom window to display the current character’s name in battle. Each dimension the party travels to has some variations in display during battle. This is one of them.
    – Dimension Manager: A custom script that controls the battle interface differences per dimension, as well as which window graphic is used.
    – Dimension Sounds: A custom script that varies the sounds depending on the dimension.
    – Debug Extension
    – Startup Scripts: A custom script to allow the user to select a character to start with, when selecting a new game.
    – Window_TitleCharacter: A custom window which allows selection of aforementioned character.
    – Scene_GameEnd: A custom scene. Thus far, this is just about a duplicate of the Game Over screen, though the intention is to later turn it into a credits sequence (likely much later).
    – JP Display Override: A custom script to omit JP gained on the victory aftermath screen unless JP was gained by that character.
    – Follow-Up Skill
    – TP Manager
    – New Knockout System: A custom script to allow characters to fall below 0HP and makes the characters targetable as if they were living characters.
    – Action Icon Override: A custom script to show the Stance (TP Mode) icon instead of the icon for the current move in the top-left of the character status display in combat.
    – Cast Animations

    Did you test it in a fresh new project?
    I quickly created a dummy game adding ONLY the Ace Core Engine and Learn Skill Engine scripts (in that order), grabbing fresh copies of those scripts to do so. The results were the same.

    Did you load a save and encountered the bug there?

    Did you check Yanfly’s Core first for bug fixes list?
    Technically no, but redownloading the scripts for the new project test removed any possibility of that being an issue.

    Did you read the features of the script first before assuming it’s not working like what you thought it would?

    Did you try putting the script above/below other/certain scripts first?
    Swapping the order of the scripts in the test project did nothing.

    Give us a demo if possible.
    I wouldn’t really be saving you much work in finding the bug by sending the test project, since the bug is so quick and easy to reproduce.

  4. Bug report:

    Script: YEA – State & Buff Manager
    Trouble: “Script ‘Game:Battler’ line 245: NoMethodError occurred.
    undefined method ‘>’ for nil:NilClass

    Details: happens when you put on a state

    List of scripts (in the following exact order):

    -YEA Battle Engine
    -YEA Target Manager
    -YEA Active Chain Skills
    -YEA Skill Cost Manager
    -YEA Skill Restriction
    -YEA Lunatic Damage
    -LSP-LD Critical
    -LSP-LD Power
    -YEA Lunatic States
    -LSP-LS Protection
    -YEA Battle Command List
    -YEA Buff & State Manager
    -YEA Combat Log
    -VE Basic Module
    -VE Actor Battlers
    -ATS Face Options
    -ATS Message Options
    -ATS Formatting
    -ATS Special Message Codes
    -SP7 (Soulpour’s 777) Chaos and Order

    No, is not a compatibility issue with Victor Sant’s module or Actor Battlers, already tested that. The only battle scripts i have, as you can see, are from Yanfly, so it CAN’T be a compatibility issue with another script. Perhaps it could be an internal compatibility issue between two YEA scripts, i don’t know.

    End of the report.

  5. Bug Report
    Script: Enemy Levels

    It’s a simple mistake. Exp reads as gold and Gold reads as Exp when setting parameters.

    The errors are on these Lines.

    493 per = enemy.level_growth[8][1]
    494 set = enemy.level_growth[8][2]
    505 per = enemy.level_growth[9][1]
    506 set = enemy.level_growth[9][2]

    They Should be written like this…

    493 per = enemy.level_growth[9][1]
    494 set = enemy.level_growth[9][2]
    505 per = enemy.level_growth[8][1]
    506 set = enemy.level_growth[8][2]

    So that they properly correspond to these parameters.

    8 => [ :gold, 0.15, 10],
    9 => [ :exp, 0.05, 10],

  6. I have a simple report to make. In the Yanfly Battle System: FTB script, the actor is able to Defend continuously as long as they have ‘Actions’ left, as opposed to ‘Defending’ being the final action that particular actor can take.

    Being able to Defend and then selection another action is confusing and raises too many weird questions and scenarios; what takes precedence?

    Seeing as there is functionality within the script to disable an actor from taking multiple turns regardless of actions left, it seems as if there should be a functionality to disable an actor from taking additional turns if that actor has chosen to Defend (regardless of whether the former is ON or OFF).

      • No, I’m referring to the ability to ‘Defend’ with the same actor repeatedly within the same turn. If that’s not a bug, it certainly seems kinda pointless to do anyway, and there has to be some way to disable that.

        To me it seems optimal to be able to set it so that ‘Defending’ disables that actor from acting anymore within that turn.

    • You can simply jump all actions. selection ->
      I think there are more bugs that needs to be fixed instead of an ‘defend’ thing.
      You can just set defend to use X number of actions too.

      • Setting Defend to use up X actions isn’t ideal because I don’t want the Defend command to suck up everyone elses actions. How do I code in the ‘Jump all actions’ solution?

        And yeah, I suppose there are more urgent bugs, but this is the ‘bug’ I found. Why not speak up about it.

      • Because it’s not a bug, it’s just something you want to customize.
        You can jump an action and then put it to defende, it will be the same result.
        You can defend twice, it will be the same result.

  7. sorry noob here, I’m using the yanfly engine ace, very basic question: when i set the troop event page: enemy [1.witch] HP 50% or below: flick a switch, it opens a skill that heals, the prob is it is activating when the player hits below 50% hp… and the witch heals her self be it that she was never hit in battle, thanks for any help, i dont know what else to put it down to, although i have other scripts they have no association to battle what so ever.. famous last words..

  8. …i’ll put down the scripts:
    Help window for choices
    Yanfly engine ace
    Yanfly EA Move restrict
    Tsukihime’s Equip slots and customEquip types
    Tsukihime’s Large choices, choice options and custom event triggers
    Khas awesome lighting effects
    Xail System- core
    XS-pretitle (Xail System)
    Quest Journal


  9. Whenever I try to use the Force Action event, i get the error:
    Script “Yea_battle” line 688: NoMethodError occured.
    undefind method ‘forced_action_remove’ for Switch:Module

    Scripts used: Yanfly core engine 1.08, Yanfly battle engine 1.22, Yanfly visual battlers 1.01 and Fomar0153’s ATB add-on
    Tested in a fresh project? Yes.

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks

    • I can force any action without crashing, try removing some scripts and re-do what was crashing.
      Btw, upgrade your core engine to 1.09.

      • Upgraded core engine to 1.09, no change. Opened a new project and applied scripts in that order, still no change. Repeat for second.

        Third project it worked like a charm. No idea why that is (Scripts are in the same order, I added them in the same order) but I’m not complaining.

        Thanks for the help!

  10. Okay. This is less of a bug fix and more of a request to add a feature to a script. I’m using Victor’s Animated Battlers and your FTB system together (yes, shoot me, the compatibility was a bitch to get to work at all.) There comes an error when you spam picking commands (pick 4 all at once rather than waiting for the animations and everything to finish.) This causes animated battlers to crash. I was wondering, if it is a simple fix/add-on, if you could implement the ability of the FTB system to wait to finish animations of one command before implementing another? If this is impossible to do because of Victor’s script, then I’ll just take it. Else, I’d really like the help. Thanks. (I’m not sure if any other info is needed? I’ve narrowed down the problem entirely with those two scripts.)

  11. I’m having an issue with the Yanfly Ace Engine V1.22, after trying the fix posted up earlier I’ve found that some of the skills that add debuffs were causing an error to come up and crash the game. I have provided screen captures of the error here http://sta.sh/223ltnjtvnbt?edit=1 I was wondering what could cause this and how to fix this?

  12. – Description of the bug.

    Turn based battle is not compatible with Guardian Summoning by Yami. I’ve checked two times and things proceeded like that: when I do Guardian summoning and then atempt to attack with the summoned Guardian, the game crashes if Turn Based Battle is present. I’ve tested the game WITHOUT Turn Based Battle and then everything went fine, the game don’t crashed when I selected a action in battle with the summoned Guardian. Then I’ve put TBB again, tried to attack with Guardian and the game crashed. Here I past the error message when the game crashes:

    Script ‘YEA – Battle Engine’ line 1627: TypeError occurred

    no implicit conversion from nil to integer


    – List of scripts used.

    Mostly Yanfly and Yami. Before putting TBB on my project, Guardian summoning in battle was running without errors.


    – Did you try putting the script above/below other/certain scripts first? Give it a try, it might just fix it.

    Yes, I’ve tried putting Guardian series above and under Turn Based Battle and still the game crashes.

  13. In your Extra Parameter Formulas script, the math for your HIT value is as follows:

    :hit_n_value => “(atk + agi) / 2”,
    :hit_formula => “(n / (100.0 + n)) * 0.250 + 0.050 + base_hit * 2/3”,

    I’m sure you meant 2/3 as two-thirds, but the engine is seeing it as 2 divided by 3.
    Simple fix is replacing it with 0.66

    • Found out the error
      at line 521 mp_healed = (@result.mp_damage * mp_rate).to_i should be
      mp_healed = (@result.hp_damage * mp_rate).to_i
      same for line 541

  14. Vanilla project with only core engine V6 when starting the game:
    Script – ‘YEA’ line 522: NameError ocuured.
    undefined methode ‘load_bt_database’ for class SceneTitle

  15. First of all sorry for my poor English.
    And sorry, I’m a noob.

    Description of the Bug:

    I’m using Mog Battle Cursor (see script list below), when the troop is composed of 2 enemies Mog’s Cursor is pointing the wrong one.
    It only happens when there are 2 enemies, it all works if they’re 3 or more.

    Did you test it in a fresh new project? Yes
    Did you load a save and encountered the bug there? No, it occurred from the beginning
    Did you check Yanfly’s Core first for bug fixes list? Yes, found nothing .
    Did you read the features of the script first before assuming it’s not working like what you thought it would? Yes I did.
    Did you try putting the script above/below other/certain scripts first? Yes I tried a lot of combination but it didn’t solve

    List of scripts used:
    Yanfly Core (v1.09) + Battle Engine Ace (v1.22)
    Yanfly Engine Ace – Input Combo Skills (v1.01)
    MOG – Battler Motion (v2.1)
    MOG – Battle Cursor (2.2)
    MOG – Battle Hud EX (v3.8)
    Galv’s Animated Battlers
    Neo Gauge Ultimate Ace (1.1a)
    VTS Enemy HP Bars By Ventwig (v1.8)
    MOG – Active Chain Commands (v2.5)
    MOG – Blitz Commands (v1.2)

    a ScreenShot here:

  16. Description of the bug: I use an “add party member” function in order to summon an actor to battle, during a battle. First time I use it everything is ok, actor is summoned without problems.
    However, I use a common event to “kick party member” as soon as this summoned actor dies. This is working as intended as well.
    The bug comes when I try to summon this same actor a second time. He does indeed join the party, and he is capable of doing abilities. But his sprite won’t show: he is invisible.

    List of scripts used: Many Yanfly’s scripts + some battle symphony scripts: battle symphony, 8d kaduki battlers, enemy character set, visual battlers and skill effects. I use the same order this website recommends.
    Detailed list of scripts below:

    – yanfly – ace core engine
    – Class system
    – Yanfly battle engine
    – Battle symphony (yami)
    – 8d kaduki battlers (yami)
    – enemy character set (yami)
    – visual effects (yami)
    – skill effects (yami)
    – enemy hp bar
    – battle command list
    – cast animations
    – death common events
    – absorb elements
    – enemy death transform
    – ATB (Formar)
    – lunatic damage (+addons)
    – lunatic objects (+addons)
    – lunatic states (+addons)
    – lunatic targets (+addons)
    – skill chain active
    – victory aftermath
    – convert damage
    – enemy levels
    – JP
    – learn skills
    – skill steal
    – skill cost manager
    – skill restriction
    – steal item
    – steal states (yami)
    – event chase player
    – slippery tiles
    – ace shop options
    – hide skills

    Did you test it in a fresh new project? Yes, completely new project.

    Did you load a save and encountered the bug there? No, new project, no saved games yet.

    Did you check Yanfly’s Core first for bug fixes list? Is the bug mentioned there? It is not mentioned.

    Did you read the features of the script first before assuming it’s not working like what you thought it would? I read all scripts features and instructions.

    Did you try putting the script above/below other/certain scripts first? I tried, but since it didn’t work, I just put it back to recommended locations.

    Give us a demo if possible: Any e-mail I could send it to?

    • Have you removed any scripts that were in place whenever you started a new game and then saved? If so, adding them back in will allow you to load your saves once more.

  17. Battle Engine Ace has serious compatibility issues with Hime’s Enemy Reinforcements script. Namely…

    Description of the bug:
    When Enemy Reinforcements is used to add enemies from another troop, the whole engine bugs out and enemies will not collapse. I made a thread about it in RPGMakerWeb: http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/33959-yanflys-death-common-events-himes-enemy-reinforcements-bug/

    List of scripts used:
    Yanfly Core Script, Battle Engine, Enemy HP Bars, and Death Common Events,
    Hime’s Battle Rules, Enemy Reinforcements, and Common Event Queue

    Did you test it in a fresh new project?

    Did you load a save and encountered the bug there?

    Did you check Yanfly’s Core first for bug fixes list?
    Yes. Grabbed the latest version.

    Did you read the features of the script first before assuming it’s not working like what you thought it would?

    Did you try putting the script above/below other/certain scripts first?
    All scripts are put in the correct order.

    Give us a demo if possible. No need for the entire game, but just the area where it bugs out.

  18. Bug Report

    Scripts used:
    Yanfly Core Engine
    Yanfly Battle Engine
    Yanfly Lunatic States
    Yanfly Passive States

    Description of bug:
    When an actor (not monster) has a passive state that contains a lunatic: react notetag the react function is called an additional time for each other state they are affected by.

    Here’s a link to a demo project (in a .rar file): https://www.mediafire.com/?wd4lgvub9v0ib13

    Instructions for replication in test file:
    1. Open Database, go to Troops tab
    2. Open a Battle Test with actor 1 (Eric) and the default Slime x2 troop.
    3. Command actor 1 to attack a slime to run a turn of combat.
    The “attack” action has been changed to deal exactly 10 damage and afflict the target with a dummy state with no features. Actor 1 (Eric) has a passive state with a react notetag that calls the /REACTTEST/ effect. /REACTTEST/ doubles the HP damage dealt to whoever has the state.
    Expected Outcome: Actor 1 attacks one slime for 10 damage and is then hit back for 20 damage each from the two slimes. The dummy state has no effect.
    Actual Outcome: Actor 1 attacks one slime for 10 damage. The first slime attacks back, dealing 20 damage as expected and affecting Actor 1 with the dummy state. The second slime’s attack deals 40 damage, indicating that the double damage from /REACTTEST/ has been called a second time.

    It does not seem to matter from where the other states come from, the react effect is being called a number of times equal to the number of states on the actor.

    Thank you very much for all the hard work behind these scripts. Hopefully this has a simple fix.

  19. I have a little bug when in the Equip menu window since battle (Command Equip).
    I’ve got the MOG_Menu_Cursor script, it works great but when select Equip (in battle with your command script) the cursor stop working, keeps frozen at the corner of the window. Thanks for your time!

  20. Hey, looking the Ace Battle Engine update list inside the script and last update in from 2012. Strange… Its really the last version of that script?

  21. ———————————————————
    Bug Report–Lunatic States Punishments
    I’m having a completely bizarre issue with Yanfly’s Lunatic States Punishment script, with the Drain HP function and trying to get to the bottom of it. In short, ALL States that are on any battler that has an HP drain state active are counting as HP drain states of the same amount. I spent the last hour and a half testing this in the troop test system and figured out what’s going on to a fully replicable level, but I don’t know why. Background information below:

    I’m building a character that has several functions built around draining HP; they can apply HP drain states to enemies, force friendly targets to apply them to themselves (which allows those targets to then be healed when they take damage) and apply HP drain states on friends so when enemies hit friendly targets they are healed. All of these effects are working fine and that’s not the issue I’m having.

    The calculation of these effects appears to be very off. At first, it seemed to be always doubling the HP drain effect, as I noticed that in order to have the character be healed 10% of damage dealt to an enemy, the state needed to be marked to drain 5%. The effect to drain from other targets was doubled as well. I later then noticed that when I did the eventing for the ability that forces targeted allies to cast an HP drain on the character, the effect was tripled (a 25% drain was returning 75%).

    This ability made use of several extra/hidden states for the sake of the eventing, and on a whim I decided to look at the calculations for the other two states after applying any state to the battler that is to have their HP drained. I found that additional states, even those not tagged to drain HP, applied to the battler, increased the HP drain effect by the same amount as the HP drain tag.

    This explained why I was seeing the 75% effect from a 25% drain tag; each additional state, even those that are not an HP drain state, that are on a battler with an active HP drain, are adding an additional HP drain
    amount. This is NOT occurring with RPG Maker VX Ace’s latent stacking stat buffs, just custom states that don’t need to have HP drain in them even. I’d like to find a way for this not to occur, and am unsure what I must change/edit in the script to do so. I made one minor edit to Yanfly’s script when I realized that battlers that were inflicted with a Death state were able to come back to life when the drained HP (another bug, but this was incredibly easy to fix on my side), removed pop-ups as I didn’t want them, but I’ve otherwise left it intact. The Drain HP effect is below:

    when /DRAIN HP[ ](\d+)([%%])/i
    return unless @result.hp_damage > 0
    dmg = (@result.hp_damage * $1.to_i * 0.01).to_i
    if $imported[“YEA-BattleEngine”] && dmg > 0

    text = sprintf(YEA::BATTLE::POPUP_SETTINGS[:hp_heal], dmg.group)

    state_origin.hp > 0
    state_origin.hp += dmg

    Thank you very much for any insight or help fixing this issue!

    • And as an additional comment, this issue *is* occurring with the un-edited script as well; even more so, I’m getting multiple pop-ups over the damaged character. For example, when doing a test attack of exactly 100 damage to a character that has a 25% drain state on it, I’m getting 3 pop-ups for 25 HP each, and the character who placed the drain state is being healed for 75%.

      • Yeah I get the same thing here. One instance of Drain State heals the Drainee multiple times, with multiple popups. I wasn’t sure what exactly the issue was, but since I use invisible states as proc triggers, and remove state x: tune1 doesn’t actually work in Symphony, that makes a lot more sense now. Every state on a Drained target is invoking a Drain Effect + Popup, even those that are not Drain States. So all those invisible Proc States are counting as Drain States.

        I did also notice the K.O. Drain Revival. I might actually use that as a feature later, but it is another issue.

  22. Bug Report

    Victory Aftermath – When leveling up, there is a “]” between the old stat and the arrow. I can change the arrow to whatever I want successfully by editing line 917. However, I cannot get rid of the bracket.

    All other scripts used are Yanfly scripts. In my current project, the ] is white, indicating that it is part of the base stats. When I put the script into a new project, the ] took the same color as the arrow.

    Others have commented with this problem on the Victory Aftermath page. “Solutions” that have been offered say things like “It’s a font issue.” But I don’t understand how to fix it if that is the case. I’m a total noob and would appreciate step-by-step instructions if possible.

    • You just have to make sure your keyboard is in US english, I’m from Canada and it showed “]>” when I was in Canadian english, but I just typed the “>” while in US english and it worked. Maybe that is your issue? (as if Canadian and American “english” are that different -_-)

  23. I would like to know how to remove the display for gold in the Victory Aftermath. I already figured out how to remove the “information” from being displayed, but that still leaves an empty item slot at the beginning of the spoils list, which looks kind of…well…empty. If anyone has any idea how to remove that blank slot I would be very grateful! It’s not a really a bug, but I still spent hours on it and am pretty desperate to figure it out.

  24. Hi there! Currently, I am experiencing an issue with your convert damage script. Whenever I start a test battle and an enemy happens to attack first and my battler then counters I get an error message that ‘no_convert’ hasn’t been initialized and the game closes. It all works fine when I already took a turn tho. It might be an issue caused by the tons of scripts I use but I thought I might report the issue anyway.

  25. Bug Report!

    Lunatic Objects Package – Give and Take

    You can check the Github link for this, it’s right there on like 215. TAKE DEBUFF is typo’d as TAKE BUFF. So taking Debuffs doesn’t work until this is changed.

  26. In the LDP Critical script for VX Ace, the tags listed under “Critical Damage Formula No.8” do not work. Skills using either of the listed tags always miss for some reason.

  27. Hey Yanfly, I appreciate all the scripts. I seem to be having a problem though- it seems as though the absorb and reflect elements scripts simply, flat out don’t work! I’m afraid I can’t be specific as I tried making sure I matched up everything correctly in my game and nothing worked out. Thanks.

  28. I just finished installing the victory aftermath script and whenever a battle ends the game crashes everything works fine until that point I even get the screen after the battle showing the xp But after that it says error line 442 type error occurred no marshal_dump is defined for class sprite_base
    The other scripts I have are
    Reedo’s rssbsace
    Vlue’s basic game time,enemy hp bars,sleek i team popup,climate system
    Dakita’s and venka’s resolution selection
    Wavelength level-up healing
    I have tried placing it above different scripts and am starting the game in a new save.

  29. Hey YanFly, I just noticed a strange thing in “Victory Aftermath”… There is no bug, but more like a glitch or something… this.
    During leveling up, your screenshot showed with an arrow… but my screen shows like this; http://i62.tinypic.com/35k0hs9.jpg
    Wonder what caused this glitch? o.o
    Let me know, thanks!

    By the way, love MOST of your scripts! =’D
    P.S.: I am a week (or two) old of RPG-Maker maker, so… yeah, it take a while for me to figure out on myself (with no knowledge of RGSS3 scripts (but i am learning much better from yours though!). I was kinda hoping you could find this glitch/bug sooner than i do. ^^; I did tried my best to check around… there is an arrow in there, if you asked me.

    • Did you read the Victory Aftermath comments? This was answered there.

      April 26, 2014 @ 12:43 PM

      Go to line 917. It must look like this :

      draw_text(dx, dy, 24, line_height, “→”, 1)

      Basically, put an arrow between the quotation marks.

  30. Is there any way to set the fight music for monsters through the notetag system? I haven’t found anything saying you either can or cannot, so any help would be greatly appreciated! :)

  31. Phoenix
    MAY 8, 2015 @ 5:59 PM
    Not entirely sure why this is happening, but for some reason the gauges in the main menu are all messed up.
    The HP bar is lower than it should be, when the character got a magic move, the MP bar appeared above the HP bar.

    When he got a TP move, the TP bar took the place of the MP bar, and the MP bar went on top of the HP bar but it moved slightly to the right.

    Here’s what I’m talking about:

    Here is a list of the scripts I have used:
    Yanfly Core
    Message System
    Adjust limits
    Battle Engine
    Element Popups
    Enemy HP bars
    Enemy Target Info
    Victory Aftermath
    JP Manager
    Learn Skill
    Item Menu
    Menu Engine
    Party Size Menu
    Save Engine
    New Game +

    Pretty much all of these are yanfly scripts.

    The only change I’ve made to the base rpg maker script is adding this line draw_actor_jp(actor, rect.x + 50, rect.y + 10 + line_height * +2.2)
    to the Window_MenuStatus section so The JP is visible in the main menu (visible in the screenshot from earlier as “SP”.

    I have not edited beyond the “you must not edit beyond this point” in ANY of yanfly’s scripts.

    Can someone please tell me what is wrong? I have no idea which script is causing the problem.

  32. I’m sorry if this has been asked before, but when ever I press esc (or X etc) in game and press Status in menu I get this:
    Script ‘YEA – Core Engine’ line 885: Argument Error occured.

    invalid value for Integer(): “Level”

    And this is the line 885:
    s_next = sprintf(Vocab::ExpNext, Vocab::level)

  33. When I’m trying to use the Swap Fix add-on, it tells me there’s an error in the “Game_Actors” line which it then directs me to this “return nil unless $data_actors[actor_id]” … i put the add-on script at the end of the Core script, although I’ve also tried making a new page for it underneath the Core script, I’ve got no clue why it’s not working..

  34. I found out which script is causing the problem (the problem I spoke about a few comments ago) but I have no idea what in the script is causing the problem.

    It appears as though the menu engine script is the one causing the problem.
    Can someone please explain to me what could cause the bars (HP, MP, TP) in the main menu to mess up?

  35. I found a bug with the Cast Animations script. The cast animation plays twice, and I don’t know why. I tried searching for an error in the Cast Animation script and Ace Battle System, but everything seems normal. I also tried doing everything you said, but it’s not working.

    I’m using these scripts in that order:
    -Traits Namer (for go go totori synthesis)
    -Ace Core Engine
    -Ace Battle Engine
    -Skill Animations
    -Skill Costs
    -Victory Aftermath
    -Class System
    -JP Manager
    -Skill Learn
    -Field Effects
    -Vampiric Weapon
    -Alchemy Go Go Totori
    -VXA Quest Journal 1.0.3

    I think maybe only a few people get this bug, because nobody is complaining about it but another guy that posted it in the script page.

  36. Im using adjust limits with Ace core engine and every time i load my game there are random items in my inventory which i can use or equip but when i delete the script there no random items generated in my inventory
    RPG Fan also said he has the same problem in the adjust limits page back in 2013 back he never got an answer :P

  37. Can you make a compatible patch of Ace Target Manage Addon’s script : Area of Effect for Symphony battle? the addon script by Soulpour77 isn’t working if i use with Symphony ( tested on new project )

  38. I need help using the script Yanfly Engine Ace – Party System v1.08 but I get error with the script victor
    Victor Engine – Animated Battle says “Script Victor Engine – Animated line 5689 NoMethodError ocurred undefined method” hidden “for nillClass” I should do?

  39. I’m using Yanfly’s message system script to show actor name above the message window. But, when I tried to customize my message window, the name window is black (no showing actor’s name). I tried this on new game but the result is same. I used the newest version of this script (v1.05).

    Here’s some picture to show you what exactly I mean:

  40. script ‘MOG_ATB’ line 1092:NoMethodError occurred.
    undefined method `[]’ for nil:NilClass

    I have no idea what to do. please help!!
    It has something to do with the turn duration.

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