About Yanfly

Hello, this is Yanfly here. Some of you may know me from before as “Wong” but for the time being, I use the alias Yanfly. For those wondering how I got the name “Yanfly”, it was during one of my trips to China. Chinese is a language containing hundreds of dialects. When I traveled throughout the country, I asked in each region how to pronounce my name in their dialect. One of the ones that came up was “Yanfly” and I thought it was really amusing and catchy and therefore coined my online alias using that name.

About Yanfly Engine

Yanfly Engine is a series of scripts made for RPG Maker. Although not all of them saw the light of day, the majority of them were made to enhance and expand upon RPG Maker itself. While they may not be the greatest, I certainly enjoy making them for myself, my friends, and even users I may have never met before. That said, I tend to get bombarded with questions a whole lot so I may not be able to answer them all (and I won’t answer the questions if they were explained in the manuals I’ve written).

Here’s a bit of history of the various iterations of Yanfly Engine.

  1. Yanfly Engine XP – This was the first Yanfly Engine I’ve ever made and it was for XP. It was kept private since at the time, I was a very incompetent scripter. It contain basic functions to change the various aspects of XP that I didn’t like (such as doing absolutely zero damage when no weapon was equipped). However, since RMXP’s default engine was not to my liking, I eventually moved onto RMVX before too long.
  2. Yanfly Engine VX Prototype – This was the second Yanfly Engine but also kept private. For the most part, it contained all of the scripts I’ve made in the RMXP counterpart translated into RMVX. It is arguably (in my opinion) one of the stronger Yanfly Engines to be made, but mostly due to the fact that it was less customizable for more power. Eventually, this was scrapped for a remake that was more flexible.
  3. Yanfly Engine ReDux – This is the third generation Yanfly Engine and the first to be publicly shared. It gained unexpected popularity and remains to be used even today. Unlike the VX Prototype, this engine was more flexible at the sacrifice of power. It contained a lot of scripts that modified menus, battles, gave out new stats, and more. However, what made YERD stand out was the notetag incorporation that a lot of scripts at the time lacked. The simplicity from notetags gave way to YERD and opened up several new avenues for RPG Maker VX users.
  4. Yanfly Engine Zealous – The fourth generation Yanfly Engine was made a half year later after YERD was finished. YEZ was made with the expanded knowledge upon completing YERD and offered the basis of a powerful battle engine utilizing flexibility, high compatibility, and streamline information delivery to the player. The other scripts that YEZ provided offered new menus, stats, further customizations, and more. Like its predecessor YERD, YEZ also utilized the notetag system to allow for better user integration of what they wanted to see in their game. Zealous was halted when I decided to seek an even more powerful battle engine which lead to the creation of Melody.
  5. Yanfly Engine Melody – The fifth and arguably the most complex Yanfly Engine up to date. YEM offered at its very start Battle Engine Melody, a battle engine which also utilized notetags for various aspects, but also a unique notetag instruction system. Players can completely animate a battler’s actions for a skill, weapon attack, etc. from notetags alone using the “melodies” available from Battle Engine Melody. YEM continued to produce various scripts outside of battling to further enhance the capabilities of RMVX even more. The complexity, however, limited the amount of script modifications that users were willing to due as a result of how bulky each script was. This eventually lead to the creation of other libraries by other users that eventually modified YEM itself. However, YEM met a rather quick end due to a very unfortunate accident that I’ve encountered within the past year.
  6. Yanfly Engine 6 – The sixth and last Yanfly Engine for VX. Though I have no intentions of publicly advertising anything, I don’t intend to keep YE6 private either. Any users who happen to stumble upon this engine are free to use it. The goal I have in mind with this engine is to provide the same strength as YEM, but with less complexity and less bulk. This will allow for users to modify scripts as they like without the intimidation factor from touching even a single line from a YEM script.
  7. Yanfly Engine Ace – When RPG Maker VX Ace came out, a good chunk of scripts that were made for VX weren’t compatible with Ace. Yanfly Engine was then rebuilt from the ground up again for VX Ace to make Yanfly Engine Ace. Although most of the scripts transfered over were direct translations into Ace, many of them also included new features as well.

And that’s all, folks!

111 comments on “About

  1. Why did you leave YEM while it is still good? :(

    Well, actually I am your fan. I have been using YEM from the start and make some small add-on for it. I can tell YEM is pretty awesome. I hope that when you finish Engine 6, You will look back to YEM and release an update for it :).

    I think you should add a post in this channel to repost all your script from the start ^_^.

    Anw, I’m looking forward to your new engine :).

    P/s: sorry for my bad english ^_^

  2. Hello, Yami. I’m discontinuing YEM mostly because I felt it was a bit too bulky. Other than that, I do feel that it’s somewhat complete, too. YE6 was mostly to take a different direction. I’ll also have to pass up on the collaboration request since I’ve been more busy lately. :/

    I do appreciate your offer though.

    • Hey Yanfly, may I ask a question about the BEM? I am not extremely sure what I’m doing ATM using notetags for skills, (I can use it like a rookie) and would like to ask, how would I make the skill deal 30 hits quickly (using it for a rifleshot type)

  3. I haven’t seen those earlier scripts on this site. I think you should still post them for those who wish to use them maybe because of compatibility reasons for other persons’ scripts etc. I do have the YEM/BEM, which I got from your previous site, and RMRK too, but you should at least post them for nostalgia’s sake. If you clearly state that those scripts are outdated, then it would help keep the newcomers away from those scripts….if that is what you want.

    I think it would be a great idea to upload them.

  4. I’ve been following since the Transition from YERD to YEZ. Called my self JaceRaifel back then, but that doesn’t matter, all I know is that i’ve just wanted to say thank you for all the work you have done and will do.

  5. Erm… Yanfly, I have two question wanna ask you:
    First is, Do you intend to convert your old engine (YEM, YEZ, YERD ?) to VXA? :3

    And the second, maybe it’s too rude, You can answer or not :(
    Are You a boy or a girl :-ss

  6. Hi Yanfly,
    I have done the first update for Melody with these change:

    ====== Feature ======
    – Bugfix for skill costs, now you can have more than one cost for skill.
    – Bugfix for icon’s rotation.
    – Add Afterimage action. Check afterimage in YEM Battle Engine Melody II.
    – Add one popup option to show HP/MP Damage/Heal with image. Check POPUP_SETTINGS in YEM Battle Engine Melody I.
    – Now You can easily config Game’s Resolution. Check – Screen Resolution Size – in YEM Core Fixes and Upgrades.

    ====== Updated Script ======
    – YEM Core Fixes and Upgrades
    – YEM Main Menu Melody
    – YEM Battle Engine Melody I
    – YEM Battle Engine Melody II
    – YEM Battle Engine Melody III
    – YEM Battle Engine Melody IV
    – YEM Battle Engine Melody V

    Can You update this into your Battle Engine Melody page? Here is the link: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/38072264/YEM%20v1.01.exe
    Thank you ^_^.

  7. Hey Yan, haven’t posted here before but I love your Melody engine, big fan. Been using it for a while. I’m curious if you are going to be keeping the main battle view default, or if you’re going to be moving to animated like Melody. Honestly, the way the ace works I’d like the view it’s got now, with portraits only. Already tested what you’ve done so far, nice job.

  8. Hello Yanfly!

    I’m glad to see that you added in my humble blog links to your site. I follow his work from the Yanfly Mellody engine and I wish to congratulate you for the wonderful work.

    I still hope that one day my engine (Core Iris) reaches the level of some of his. XD

    Sorry for my bad english n.n

  9. Words of kudos…

    Your scripts are essential. If I didn’t know better I would stake my life that you wrote the architecture for ruby, you’re just that good. Thx for your continued support for the RM series and thx for the concise tutorials explaining your scripts.

    Would you ever consider scripting a battle system similar to that of Shining Force 2?
    Your basic TRPG with a separate screen for combat. The default VX combat screen would be appropriate.

    • As good as Yanfly is, I don’t think he’s capable of scripting bodily functions.

      ……At least I would think not.

  10. ow i think he is, and the script would be so welcome!!

    Like when you walk or stay still your character blink his eyes.
    Also the events could blink the eyes….

    Ow i need this realist script on my game… >:B

  11. I have an common event that works to make my character [principal] blink his eyes…

    But for sure an scripts where u can choose between Hero/Events who you want to blink, withdout the sad parallel process events in every map, would be great!

    So that way I ask Yanfly to make such script!

    XD Thanks!!

  12. Hey Yanfly, very awesome work!
    Your are very welcome for all the things you have done to help us, thank you very much!!!!
    Your base scripts will help a lot of people in the maker world.

    It would be awesome if you coud make a equip skill script!

    Thanks again!

  13. Hey YF, I know you’re (hopefully) enjoying your break. But I was wondering if there was a way I could get a hold of you privately about your scripts.

  14. Hey there.

    I know you’re on break for the moment, but when you get back to RM’ing,
    do you think you could port some of your scripts from VX to Ace?
    I’d be willing to pay for this. And if not, is it cool if someone else does it?

    Thanks in advance.

  15. Guh, does anyone at all know if it’s possible to make the battle status window align vertically along the left, as opposed to horizontally along the bottom, like it is now? I’ve been digging for weeks with no desired results D:

  16. Sir, I’ve edited the elem amplication to also allow reduction of elemental damage via the properties of the damage target [because right now, reduction is only possible via the properties of the damage dealer]…

    I will only probably use it for my games, but if I ever wanted to share the edited script with the public, is that fine? Of course I will say that I only added the resistance part and most of the script is done by you…

  17. Hey, yamfly. I’ve been using your engine and loving it. Was wondering if you could help me with a small request on a script.

    I’m creating a game which I need to be able to see the enemies atb gauge or have a system like ffX where you see the turn order. I know there is one for vxa but not compatible with your engine :(

  18. Hello Yanfly,
    My name is Liam. I would just like to start by saying thank you. Everyone has already gushed here a lot what you have done here is really helpful and I appreciate it a lot. I recently purchased RPG Maker VX Ace and I am starting work on my game again but working alone can be taxing. I also just wanted to say that I understand why you are not releasing a demo. I first got into RPG Maker in VX and I knew exactly what I wanted to do and then I downloaded one of your complete demos and it was just too much for me as a beginner and it was very overwhelming.

    Finally, right now I am attempting to build a comprehensive game in a classic FF style using your job system. My goal is to put together the kind of game I want to play because I’ve found it increasingly difficult to find “good” games. I want something versatile but lite with lots of customization potential so players can truly make their team of characters their own. I have 90% of what I want for my “perfect vision” to become a possibility and I have already knocked out a lot of Classes and Subclasses and about 800 different skills (though I am still working on the animations for a lot of them).

    However, what I am lacking (and cannot do myself) is a battle system that is over the shoulder view or side ways battle. I can log the hours and put in the work but the scripting is just beyond my ability. Is this something you could do or would be willing to do to help me bring my vision to life? If not I understand completely.

    The other thing (which I don’t actually think is possible) is I would like to be able to link my friends through the game so they could have sort of Pokemon like battles with their custom adventuring teams. Though, yeah I am pretty sure that cannot be done with VX.

    Anyway, I have rambled on enough. I am very thankful for all the hard work and many hours you have put in. Please feel free to e-mail me any time (akashicsoldier@gmail.com) and keep up the fantastic work!

    ~Liam Gray

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  20. Hello Yanfly,

    First of all I have to thank you for many scripts you made and I found useful. I don’t know if you can or have a script i was looking for, but some people told me you had it. The script does that if you put the enemys (not groups) A, B and C (for example), in the map you fight against a group ABC, or ABB or CCA…
    So my question is: Do you have that script or could you make it?

    Thanks you for your time.

  21. hey ;D i really like all of this here ;D but ive got a question ;D there are a script like final fantasy 10 and there limits? so all characters can choose a limit ? like a special attack? xD

  22. Hi Yan, first of all, your scripts are epic. Second, you’ll be getting a copy of my game when finished. Third, I’d like to have a script/s commissioned if you have the time. It’s for a card battle minigame I’d like to feature in my game, reminiscent of those seen in Final Fantasy 8+9.

    Please email me if you have the time and inclination to earn some cash :)

  23. Yanfly,
    Your scripts are fantastic! Is it possible to make party members that follow the leader passable? I’d like to do touch encounters, but they seem to block events from touching the player.

  24. Hey Yan :), I tried to find your e-mail, but I didn’t so I ask here if it doesn’t bother you. Would you mind making a partnership with a brazilian community?
    I already put some of your scripts there, but of course not direct link, but a link from your blog in the community, and those who accept the partner, we’ll put on a more visible place ^^, well hope I didn’t put this question in the wrong place >.>.

  25. Hey Yanfly!
    I’m really fond of your scripting, and I was wondering if -someone as marvelous as you are- could make a script in which you can put conditional branches in notes of skills, items etc…
    For example: A skill that only works if the target was poisoned.
    Thanks for reading this comment, and I guess I’ll hear from you if you plan to make this script?

      • Nevermind, I found a way to do it through common events already…
        I’m really sorry to bother, I’m okay with it if you would delete these comments of mine now.
        Again, really sorry for the inconvenience.

  26. Hey Yanfly,
    would be nice to have a date system where you can set events to occur. Just giving you the idea, I’ve made a work around but as I don’t use notetags is really crappy.

    Great Work!

  27. Hallo Yanfly,
    I`m an “Oldy” and try to make a game for my grandson.
    I really like your scripts. I especially use “restrict region” V. 1.03

    No I wanted to add Victors Scipt with “moving platforms” and therefore I needed the “pixel movement”. Now all region restrictions got screwed up.I think its a conflict of variables used for region vatlues?
    Is there any workaround?

    Greetings Helmut

    Keep up the good work!

  28. hello mr. Yanfly
    im here to say thank you for your work and scripts that i have used before.

    and i would like to ask for a little help with something in a really simple game that im about to finish and still i cannot figure out by myself yet,

    could you help me to make possible, that the damage made by the poison state, be deployed in the form of just plain text, just like any other text that comes out of a simple battle?

    im not using any type of battle sistem or script, and im currently using rpg maker vx ace.

    all i need is for a number to be deployed sayin for example :
    “(monster name) recieved (number) damage from (state)”

    and it would be really nice if it was on a translateable way

    thanks for all your awesome work, and please if you could not helpme with my little problem i would really apreciate if you could answer me anyways even with a simple “no”

  29. Yanfly, I am using a lot of your scripts and came across an odd problem whilst using the your scripts in that once I revived a dead ally that auto-battled, they would no longer auto-battle. I attempted to resolve the issue myself by re-arranging the scripts, however, in doing so I stopped all of my character’s skills from working entirely. I am really hoping that you might be able to get back to me so that I can e-mail you the game and we can hopefully resolve this issue, thanks :)

  30. Yanfly, do you have any recommendations for up and coming RPG Maker coders on where to get started learning? Places to go, drills to practice, learning techniques that helped you? Riding part of the wave of new blood in the RPGM community after the 2013 Summer Steam sales and hoping to get started making code.

  31. Hii!! I’ve been giving a test on your scripts and I’ve learn a lot with them, even if didn’t use them in my games I still had to credit you for everything I’ve learned :)
    you’re an inspiration to the rpg maker comunity all over the internet, thank you very much for your contributions.
    One thing I noticed is that there is no contact to reach you other than posting here… the thing is that I’ve been grying to archieve an effect and was always unsuccessful.
    I wanted to avoid the window (selection) cursor from flashing (fadding in and out).
    I tryed to alias the window update method (with an empty method) but this way the pause graphic animation doesn’t update.
    Is it possible? Does it need a complete window class rewrite or can it be archieved with a partial rewrite. Can you help me?! that you, very much!!

  32. Hey Yanfly, i’m making an indie game with some friends. The problem is im our only programer, so i intend to use some of your scripts to save you some time. Ive read the terms of use, and i have two questions- A. How would you like to be credited? Do you want your website linked on ours or…? B. How do i contact you outside of leaving a comment here? Because when we are done id love to supply you with a free copy of the game :)

  33. Hey there Yanfly. I’m using several of your scripts however i have an issue. I’m not sure if I’m posting in the right area or not but if you can get back to me I would be grateful. It’s about your battle system.

  34. Hi folks!
    I Love your scripts, I see my credits page write in the support part: Yanfy Scripts (only this, realy)…
    Congratulations for all team and I wish good luck to keep doing this good job!

  35. Yanfly,
    I send you a permission at youtube message,
    Can you please check it out ???
    Thanks in advance :)

  36. Hi Yanfly! I’m new to VX ace and may I ask, do you have a script for paralllax mapping? thanks and keep up the good work! :D

  37. Hello, I was looking around for scripts and saw your Y6 – Battle Stats for RPG Maker VX and noticed it was something I really wanted for a game I’m working on. However, when I clicked on download, I got an error message on Dropbox. Could you provide an alternative link if possible and if not, can you tell me the reason why?

    I would really like a script for VX that can give a stat that affects criticals, as I don’t have the money to buy VX Ace currently and would still like to use the normal VX.

  38. Hi, Just wanted to say thanks. I’m planning on using Battle Command List & Visual Battlers scrips in my game and I hope these two will be the only scripts I’ll need to use for my game. Let me know if you are interested on getting a free copy of my game in the future :)

  39. Sir Yanfly, your scripts is my beacon >.<
    Sir, i want to make a request regarding YEA which is a Bestiary Script :D
    Bestiary that will be compatible with :
    YEA -Menu Engine (to put the command)
    YEA – Extra Drops
    YEA – Enemy Info
    (so the displayed status will be in sync with the data we saw on battle)
    Settings will be :
    – To unlock the parameters and elements or state = same as Enemy Info
    – Add Skill Tab to show Enemy Skills (if enemy have used the skill it will show the skill name, if it isn't then it will showed as '???') so it will work with title or achievement system where you have to be hit with X skill to unlock
    – Extra Drops will be shown too, not only 3 main drops (if enemy have dropped the item X it will show the item name X, if it haven't dropped then it will showed as '???')

    both '???' skills could be added with icon so it will give a hint to players.

    Thanks before, and Sorry for my bad English

    Best Regards

  40. Hi my name is Kazuki Takamura I was wondering if you a script similar to what I am about to describe.

    I want to change the mp regeneration in the Game_Batter script. I want the mp to regenerate negative one point. I have went into the script to do just that. But if I change the – (mmp *hrg) to –(-1) and for some reason that causes everyone, including the people who does not have mp regeneration to regenerate alongside the person who has the state. So what I am asking her is there any way I can make MP regeneration to only recover -1 to the person with the regenerate mp state? The reason why it has to be -1 is because of the battle system I want to make. So basically you only get mp by using a special that uses TP. Once the character has MP, it will decrease by one point each turn. I have all the character with different amounts such as one character with 7 mp and another with 4 mp. So every ones mp drains differently. Once the skill that gives them the mp is use I apply a state to them to ensure that they regenerate -1 mp. So to achieve this I need to make it so the state will subtract exactly one point of from the character mp each turn when they are in this state. Also only to the person with the state only.

    I have Yanfly Engine Ace – Ace Battle Engine v1.22 as my core battle script.

  41. Is it possible to have all the scripts in one link so I don’t have to go clickity click click all over the place?

  42. Hello Yanfly I am new to Ace and have been fiddling around with it for a week or two now. I have been planning out a game and looking over scripts that I might use. I had great script idea that could add a lot of possibility to peoples games.

    Is it possible for a script to be made that can read and manipulate the layers in a psd file? i am asking this because I would like there to be more dynamic options to animated battlers like holders and or the character status and equip menu. Lets see if I can explain this a little bit more…

    Lets say I am using holders styled animated battler sheet layout. But the character has no clothes on, it is just the base body going through each frame of animation.

    There would be a separate psd file based off of each class i will have in my game. The 1st layer in the psd would of course be the base body and then a layer with the physical features of individual characters, so I can turn a layer on based on what class each character has had chosen by the player.

    Then there will be a layer for each piece of unique armor and weapons. It is my hope that this script will create temporary png copies of the psd with the corresponding layers activated or deactivated when the player changes the equipment of their party members. As well as have specific markers added to a save game so the script can recreate those temporary pngs upon loading the game.

    ClassName_Gender.psd -> Layer1: Animation_Layer
    -> Layer2*: Character_Features
    -> Layer3*: Gloves
    -> Layer4*: Chest_Armor
    -> Layer5*: Legs
    -> Layer6*: Boots
    -> Layer7*: Head
    -> Layer8*: Cloaks
    -> Layer9*: Weapons
    -> Layer10*: Shields

    Note: the * denotes that this layer is not one layer!!
    For example for layer3 there will be sub layers for each different piece of that armor type.

    Layer3A is Basic_Gloves
    Layer3B is Copper_Gloves
    Layer3C is Iron_Gloves
    all the way to Layer3Z then starting at Layer3a to Layer3z

    Also note that not every psd will have the same layer layout. A pure mage class will not have a leg, cloak, or shield layer. The Chest_Armor will be Robe and would include a full body armor type except the gloves and boots.

    Other features other than the animated battler aspect is to have another type of psd file, one for each equipment type

    IE: gloves.psd and weapons.psd

    so when a developer is creating the item in the data base and modifying its stats and special affects, instead of having to pick an icon for that item a notetag is used to tell the script which file to look at and which layer to have activated for that file for that item. So when you are looking at a shop’s inventory you see just the piece of armor you are hovering over.

    For my game I am also planning on creating a character sprite sheet to match the battler animation characters.

    IE: width of 32 pixels by height of 64 pixels
    I would also like the character to match the items equipped while running around in the game world and to have a full body shot while in status and equip menus.

    I really hope this is possible!!! I truly believe this would increase efficiency and decrease clutter of the project folders. Instead of having a large cumbersome spreadsheet of all the items in your game and to have to have a png of every possible combination of weapons and armors over your character would decrease the file size of your game tremendously. Because then you would only require a couple of psd files.

  43. I really like your work, but curious if the core will be conflicting with scripts of my own. I want to create eventually a quest log withholding main and side quests, and a key log for important hints for the player. You dont seem to have this, so I may have to construct it myself, which is why I’m wondering if my script will work with the core of your scripts

  44. Hi! Random anonymous person here.

    I just wanted to thank you :) I will be using lots of your custom scripts for VX Ace in my game, because they’re so easy to use, mutually compatible, and VASTLY improve the default Ace engine without interfering with it too much. So congratulations for your great work and thank you!

  45. Hi Yanfly, id like to ask for your permission to use Your scripts for my game. ofcourse i put up your name in credits. and i’ve read about but i still feel i should ask rather than just use the scripts its better to have a written yes directly than just read and accept on a blog/mall post *smile* write to my email. as i got a few questions for you just aswell :)

  46. Yanfly I’m not sure if you see these anymore but I’m having trouble using your Lunatic Damage and States scripts, where they won’t do anything. I’m not sure why and would appreciate the help. (VX Ace)

  47. Hello yanfly!

    You must hear this a lot, but I would like to know if you are open to working on a game as a partnership?

    I have a premise and story, both of which have recieved interest and good critique fron friends and strangers alike. I also have the art ability, but my coding is childish at best. I need a real plugin expert to help me along!

    You would get more than credit out of it, for sure. But it could take a long time. There are no resources out there available to use for the effects I am looking to create in this rpg, and I have searched long and hard!

    Please email kwillsdon@gmail.com if you are interested. If not, is there anyone you can direct me to?

    Thankyou for your amazing content thus far. Have a good day!

  48. Its seems to have been a while since anybody posted here.
    I’m happy with your scripts, thank you for making them.
    The links are now disappearing. Just tried the battle script.
    Would it be possible to have a zip file of all your ace scripts?

  49. Hi, Yanfly! I’m wondering, are your side view battle script useable with Falco Pearl’s ATB? ‘Cause I really wanna use both of ’em but when I attack with the ATB, the game crashes. Can you help?

  50. Hello I need help in regards to starting the Yanfly Plugin in RPG Maker MX please. I can send you pictures on Twitter or email if you prefer.

  51. Hey, could you allow me to have some of your scripts translated into unity? If not, am I allowed to have derivatives of them made without your code?

  52. I’ve been having a issues with one of your plugins. I’ve been trying to find some way to get ahold of you, Yanfly, because I can’t seem to find an answer anywhere. It’s your party system plugin. I have 5 actors but when I use the plugin only shows 4 up in game even when I go to the formation menu. I have the battle engine core as well. Can you please get in contact with me and let me know what’s coming on or where I am messing up? my email is xecla15@gmail.com

  53. Hey, yanfly! I really like your advanced development on RPG Maker MV. I have some ideas about Item Upgrade Slots Plugin. Is there a way to add buffs or change other data (e.g. critical rate)? It will be so helpful if you can publish a video about that on YouTube. Thx :)

  54. Hi Yanfly, thanks for the scripts, i working in a game un rmvxa, and thanks to your amazing job, its look better, if in a future, sell te game, you will be recibe an a copy free

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