YEA Bug Fixes V


Script(s) Updated:

Convert Damage V 1.02 – Bug Fixed.

I wasn’t sure if people are going to notice the script list update, so I made a new blog post just to be safe.

Please report any bugs here, if you post in the individual script pages, they’re going to get ignored. Unless you want me to disable the page comments, I guess. 

We cannot guarantee that we can make other scripts compatible with THAT IS NOT Yami, Kread-Ex, or Yanfly scripts, please try asking the author of the other script instead. There’s a large chance they’re still active!

Aka, don’t ask for compatibility fixes unless it’s Yami/Kread/Yanfly scripts.

Please list the scripts you are using when asking us for a bug fix, unless you’re 100% sure that it’s this scripts fault! (The best way to know is test it in an empty project).  I don’t get any notifications for comments and don’t have the time to check each page 1 by 1. Please report bugs in here for the meantime.

Taking a Rest

And so, I’ve decided to announce that I’m going to be taking a break from making scripts for RPG Maker VX Ace. While it may have been apparent for those who have been following my blog (as they may have noticed that no new scripts have been added for a while), I may as well make it an official announcement. It’s not so much that I’m bored with RPG Maker VX Ace or tired of it, it’s probably more so that I’ve burned myself out after the initial 100+ script rush made within months of the RPG Maker VX Ace Trial. I’ll probably return back to the scripting scene later after I think I’ve rested enough. But with all the great scripters within the English community such as Yami, Kread-EX, Modern Algebra, Fomar, Atoa, Khas and more, I think you guys wouldn’t have a problem with me gone at all, haha.

I’ll be still updating this blog whenever I make updates to scripts and to post random fun stuff~ Until then, happy RPG Making!

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YEA.20 – Command Window Icons

Here’s a script that allows you to designate icons to each of the command window text. The icon shown is dependent on the text displayed (case sensitive). Note that not all command windows will necessarily be compatible with this script.

Much to my surprise, Nessiah also happens to do Tarot readings. That’s pretty darn amazing. Check out her horoscope readings here! In addition to that, check out her new Terence battle cut-in!

Atoa (aka Victor Sant) on other forums, has posted up his script compilation for VX Ace! Go check it out~ Lots of great stuff. :D

Also, trying out a new theme for the blog. Tell me what you guys think.

YEA.19 – Skill Cost Manager

More skill costs! I was honestly surprised when they didn’t make an HP cost type for skills for RPG Maker VX Ace since I figured that was one of the more popular scripts around. Either way, this script includes HP Costs, higher MP costs, higher TP costs, gold costs, and percentile versions of those (meaning costing a percentage of one’s MaxHP, MaxMP, MaxTP, etc.). If that isn’t enough, the ability to create custom costs is present, too.

Kread-Ex creates a script that runs a Common Event when you game over~
Yami creates a script for Battle Start display~

Nessiah starts up a new Division Heaven blog filled with RTP materials~ Absolutely stunning art!

Simply amazing how she manages to capture the RTP style.

Zealous and Melody Reuploaded

I’ve reuploaded Yanfly Engine Zealous and Yanfly Engine Melody and placed them on the blog. While I no longer support these two engines, I figure that someone out there will still be able to make use out of whatever they have to offer. I’ll be reuploading ReDux, too, but that’ll come at a different date. It’s occurred to me that there was never a Yanfly Engine ReDux demo, and I’ll probably keep it that way. However, I’ll still be uploading the scripts.

Starting up a new blog.

Well, after closed down (for many reasons I’d rather keep private), I’ve decided to start up a WordPress blog again. I’m not using my older blogs since I want a fresh start and a clean slate. This blog won’t be dedicated to RPG Maker VX, but rather, anything I find interesting that may be worth posting.

In any case, here’s the Core Engine script for the new Yanfly 6. Yeah, I’m gonna call it Yanfly 6 instead of the former name schemes of ReDux, Zealous, etc. It’s just easier to know what’s more recent. In the script, there’s bug fixes, some new features such as screen resolution changing, font changing, etc. Overall generic stuff needed to be done to fix the default RMVX faults.