YEA.103 – Follow-Up Skills

Follow-Up Skills can be done through common events, but I felt like this was a bit more natural (and there’s some things that are better off done via script than through common event). And so, this script’s made to ease that tediousness. Follow-Up Skills will only proc when the hit itself successfully lands, something that common events cannot detect without the aid of scripts. I made the decision to do this as it felt more natural for a follow-up skill chain to be interrupted or halted due to missing an attack.

YEA.102 – Active Battle Advantage

For those who would like to give their players control over whether or not they have the advantage in battle (or not), this script allows the player to do so. Whenever a random encounter battle occurs, the gauge appears briefly and the player must press Z quickly before the cursor reaches all the way right. If the cursor is in a green area, the player gains the advantage. If the cursor is over the red area, the enemy has the advantage. Yellow is neutral. Of course, those who fear players may find this feature annoying can make use of System Options and bind a switch that toggles this on and off.

YEA.101 – LPP Empower

Here’s the first package made for Lunatic Parameters: Empower. This provides parameter boosts relative to various aspects of battle (such as how high or low HP, MP, TP is or whether or not x is in battle). This adds for more spice and offers for more interesting traits. Have fun experimenting!

YEA.100 – Lunatic Parameters

Lunatic Parameters actually never once appeared in a VX Yanfly Engine before so this is actually a first time Lunatic Script made for Yanfly Engine Ace. Due to the way VX Ace handles parameters, this is actually far easier to implement than if it were the VX counterpart. Of course, given the nature of anything with Lunatic in title, this script is made for advanced users. Do enjoy making custom parameter bonuses~

YEA.99 – Parameter Bonus Growth

I figured a script like this would be a bit more helpful for those who don’t want to have the same stat growths each time the game is played. Something like this can provide different amounts of variety into games and even make the player consider what to equip (or change class into) to maximize a certain stat.

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YEA.97 – Encounter Rate Manager

It’s finally imported from Yanfly Engine ReDux. I actually removed a few unneeded features (mostly, the reduction rate variable for lures) since it was repetitive and didn’t warrant much change. Of the things I’ve always noted in games, encounter rates are almost never balanced through either lack of caring or through fault of RPG Maker itself. RPG Maker VX Ace actually did not do much in the grand scheme of things to balance encounter rates, but it certainly gave the options to halve the encounter rates or to get rid of them completely. This time, the variables that were used in YERD come back to fulfill the remaining control over encounters. Do enjoy~

YEA.96 – Doppelganger

Doppelgangers have been in the Yanfly Engine Zealous and Yanfly Engine Melody iterations. However, they’ve yet to appear for Ace. This script requires Enemy Levels and actually goes as far as giving enemies classes now. The doppelgangers made in the Ace version are a bit more than their VX counterparts. This time around, the counterparts will go as far as copying skills and even traits on top of the already copied levels and stats.

YEA.95 – Gab Window

The Gab Window is something seen in more recent RPG’s such as Persona 3 and Persona 4. When traversing through a dungeon, sometimes it’s a bit much to have a message box pop up for all the chitter chatter that may go on. A Gab Window works in the place of that by appearing elsewhere and not halting the player.

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