Here are the scripts for Yanfly Engine 6 of what’s made thusfar. It is highly recommended that you place your scripts within the order shown below.

— — —

Core Scripts: 5

— — —

Battle Scripts: 2

— — —

Field Scripts: 2

— — —

Menu Scripts: 2

— — —

Utility Scripts: 3

— — —

Total Scripts: 14

— — —

What’s posted here is for public use. Whether or not you use decide to share it with others, post it on other websites, use it in your own games (free or commercial), I’m okay with that as long as credits are due to their respective parties.

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  1. Great Scripts But I Suggest to you for battle engine 6 (if you are going to release it) to add easy notetags. And you can add union skills like tankentai? and effects for the skills like an afterimage from tankentai.

      • Didn’t Yan say that he won’t update YEM anymore, and Engine 6 will be in another director ^^

        But We users can code itself as an add-on. You can see GB’s New Mod, it has a team attack notetag. So don’t force Yan for something he don’t like, maybe the new Engine will be better ^_^

  2. Too bad, but I dislike Tankentai too, one side it’s hard too personalize, the other side it’s just a translation from Jap script, so some description I can’t understand. Though Tankentai have some advantage itself, so I ported some effect from it into Melody, as an add-on :) (You can grab it in rpgmakervx.net or my wordpress, it’s not advertise my scripts, just wanna help someone who like it)

    Well, Yanfly’s stuff is so friendly, so we can easily make an add-on or personalize it.

    @Yanfly: Just make an engine which you are sure it is the best, I like your script after all.

  3. Very curious what direction you’ll take Yanfly Engine 6’s battle system and menu! I’m wondering if I should hold off on YEM for now and wait to see what Engine 6 brings.

  4. Nice to see you back, Yanfly.

    Is any of this compatible w/ YEM? I’m assuming not, but I must ask.
    Also, just to let you know; I very much appreciate your work in any and all fashions you’ve chosen to express yourself through scripting for the community. Your a great individual and you’ve had a large impact on my life due to your contributions. Thank you very, very much.

    • Some are compatible, some not. I’m using a hard mix between YERD, YEZ, YEM and Y6 :D!, for better results use the Y6 scripts in the same places that YEM use them.

  5. I have to say, I’m pleased to know that the Yanfly is alive and well and continues to exist :) I look forward to seeing what sorts of miscellaneous goodies will come out of Yanfly Engine 6. After sifting through ReDux, Zealous, and Melody, I can only imagine what wonders will be spawned forth next. I thank you in advance for your hardwork, its impressive and has actually taught me a lot about scripting.

  6. Sorry for the inconvenience, can you please update your YERD Custom Battle Actions? An little bug comes when you select an item and then cancel.
    Excuse me for my bad english and thanks in advance :)

  7. I’m disappointed of you, Yanfly. I actually thought you’ll stick with YEM which is still indeed your best script generation. However, it looks like now that you’re just bored again of your own stuff. After the long break I excepted to see at last the unfinished scripts (Enemy Scan, AI) and not a fresh start again. I’ll stick with YEM, don’t want to see how it fades away because it’s own coder didn’t cares for it anymore.

  8. So I was looking through YEZ today (as I only just discovered that you didn’t go from YERD to YEM) and realized that that was quite a piece of work. Surprises everyday from the Yanfly. If you choose to follow the route of pseudo-tactical style battling for Y6, you should definitely re-include the Weapon Mastery system again. It was really well-made, and almost incompatible with the melody battle system :( (at least the replace_attack function is unusable, have to disable it to make any use of it, even though the melody menu has remnants of the mastery system in it)

  9. Hey just wanted to say your scripts are amazing! Iv’e taken a HUGE break from your endless grind on MMOs..console games ect..and i recently got into RPG makers..I do however have a quick question. On your YEM Status Menu Melody you have ” Passive” Traits like for example.
    ” pharmacology” It doesn’t seem to work right. I Inserted all the right tags. But nothing. Any ideas or a new version possibly? I think its a wonder looking menu too! Thanks again.

  10. Yanfly I really love your scripts!!!. But I have a question, why when you updated the main menu script on melody you dropped the support for the Party Selection System that u made on YEZ?. I’m using the YEZ version right now.

  11. Yanfly, you should think about making a large party script compatible with the next engine and a more advanced message system like that you can show the Hp and mp bars in text.

    • Lol’d if you read the features of VX Ace it says that already supports 8 members on party (and may be will be easy to increase with scripts) and integrated caterpillar, may be the message system would be neede.

  12. Can I sell a game using this? Me and a development team of about 10 people in my game design school want to make a game to sell using this engine. We could provide credits and a link to your site!

    • What’s posted here is for public use. Whether or not you use decide to share it with others, post it on other websites, use it in your own games (free or commercial), I’m okay with that as long as credits are due to their respective parties.

      So go ahead.

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