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Yanfly Engine 6 – Item Limit

Last Updated: 2011.09.20
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This allows you to adjust the maximum amount of items a player can hold (be it less than 99 or more). In addition to that, you may set individual limits for each item so that a player cannot have more than x of an amount while other items can be held in larger quantities.

Module Settings


This is the maximum amount of items of a single type that can be held at a time. Use notetags to make manual adjustments to the item limit per individual item.


This is how the prefix for an item quantity shows up in the item scene windows. This also adjusts the font size used for the item quantity text.

Script Calls

When eventing, use a script call if you wish to add more gold than what the event editor allows you to hold. Use the following lines:

gain_item(id, n)
lose_item(id, n)

gain_weapon(id, n)
lose_weapon(id, n)

gain_armour(id, n)
lose_armour(id, n)

These individual lines can be placed into a script call event to give the party n amounts of an item, weapon, or armour of id type.


<max limit: x>
To make some items have unique and individual maximum limits on how much the party can hold at a time, insert this tag into the notebox with x as the new limit you wish as the cap.

And that’s all, folks!

One comment on “Item Limit

  1. Hmm, is it possible to have the limit increase through event or by item?
    For example, at the beginning of the game the player can hold up to 20 of each item, however after an event they can then hold 40 of each item instead?
    Anyway, this is a really good idea, thanks for this.

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