Melody Engine

Maintenance of Yanfly Engine Melody is now done by Yami. Download the updated version here:

Download Yami’s Updating YEM

Download Original YEM v1.00m

Here is the old Yanfly Engine Melody. The fifth and arguably the most complex Yanfly Engine up to date. YEM offered at its very start Battle Engine Melody, a battle engine which also utilized notetags for various aspects, but also a unique notetag instruction system. Players can completely animate a battler’s actions for a skill, weapon attack, etc. from notetags alone using the “melodies” available from Battle Engine Melody. YEM continued to produce various scripts outside of battling to further enhance the capabilities of RMVX even more. The complexity, however, limited the amount of script modifications that users were willing to due as a result of how bulky each script was. This eventually lead to the creation of other libraries by other users that eventually modified YEM itself. However, YEM met a rather quick end due to a very unfortunate accident that I’ve encountered within the past year.

The Melody engine is something I no longer support as my main focus is on the current most up to date Yanfly Engine. My apologies if you have questions about it.

Here are the scripts found within Melody:

  • Core Engine
    • Core Fixes and Upgrades
    • Restored Functions
    • Custom Message Melody
    • Equipment Overhaul
    • Extended Movement
    • Item Overhaul
    • Main Menu Melody
    • Skill Overhaul
    • Status Menu Melody
  • Battle Scripts
    • Battle Engine Melody I — V
    • Enemy Levels
    • New Battle Stats
  • Menu Scripts
    • System Game Options
    • Victory Aftermath
    • Victory Compatibility
  • System Scripts
    • Skill Equip System
    • Skill Fusion System
    • Skill Level System
  • Utility Scripts
    • Controlled Encounter Rate
    • Debug Menu Extension
    • Keyboard Input
    • Iconview Melody
    • Party Influenced Music
    • Snapshot Battle Back
    • Swap Random Monster
    • Icon Module Library

And that’s all, folks!