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Last Updated: 2011.09.26

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For those who use Yanfly Engine 6 scripts, you may have realized that sooner or later, the Status window isn’t sufficient at displaying data and stats provided by those scripts. This updated status menu will allow players access to the data and information regarding the new features.

Adjust the module as you see fit. Everything else is plug and play.

Command Menu Window

This section will adjust what commands appear in the upper left corner of the status scene and the vocabulary used with it. It will also adjust parts of the EXP Gauge shown in the upper right window.


This array determines what items will appear in the status scene and what order they appear in. Remove them if you don’t want them to appear.


This hash determines how the vocabulary appears in your game. Modify them as you see fit if you wish to rename certain aspects.


This determines the colour of the EXP bars used for the actor’s exp gauge in the status menu.


Use the EXP bar on the main menu selection?

General Status Window

This section adjusts the general window and how it appears. The general window displays basic information for the player regarding the actor.


This array shows the stats for the left side of the window. Simply remove a stat from this list if you don’t want it to appear or reaarnage them as you see fit. You may place other stats here, too. Note that stats that require special scripts won’t appear unless that script is installed.


How the text for MaxHP and MaxMP will show up and if they show up at all.


How the text will appear for the equipment listing.

Parameters Status Window

This window here compares the basic parameters to each other in a gauge fashion. In this section, you may adjust the colours of the gauges that appear for each stat and the font size of the stats.


This hash adjusts the colours used for each of the stats in RGB format (using decimals, not hexidecimal).


This adjusts the title that appears above the chart.


This adjusts the font size used for the chart stats.

Statistics Status Window

For those who have the Yanfly Engine 6 Battle Stats script installed and have selected using stats like DEX, FOC, LUK, etc. and/or their secondary bonuses, this statistics status window will show what bonuses are offered for the battler.


This adjusts the title that appears above the list.


If you are using the Yanfly Engine 6 Iconview Module script, you may choose to have the stat icon to show the text of the corresponding stat with “true” or not with “false”

Background Status Window

Here, you may enter in text about an actor’s background. If no info is available for an actor, then the class info will take place. If no actor and no class info are present, then the Background option will not appear for the Status Scene.


Here are the settings used for the background window. Adjust it as you see fit.


When typing out biographies and descriptions, use \\N[x] to write out the actor’s name if the game allows renaming. For line splits, use | at the each position you would want the description to start a new line. Use \\V[x] to display variables. Use \’ and \” to write out quotation marks without disrupting the string quotes.

And that’s all, folks!

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