Call Event

Yanfly Engine 6 – Call Event

Last Updated: 2011.11.06
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This is a reproduced method from RPG Maker 2000 and RPG Maker 2003. It allows the game to call a page’s events as if it were a common event. These events can be drawn from any event on any map within the game.

Script Call

call_event(event_id, page_id)
call_event(event_id, page_id, map_id)

Replace event_id, page_id, and map_id with the ID’s of the actual events. To find out the event_id, double click the event to open up the event editor window. The ID should show up in the upper left corner. The page_id is the page the event is on. The first page is 1, not 0. The map_id can be found by opening the map properties window and it’ll show up in the title bar.

If the map ID is not present in the call event, the map the player is currently on will be used instead.
*Note: This script has compatibility with Woratana’s event caller. Any script calls using “callev” will automatically convert to the call_event command using this script.

And that’s all, folks!