Zealous Engine


Here is Yanfly Engine Zealous. The fourth generation Yanfly Engine was made a half year later after YERD was finished. YEZ was made with the expanded knowledge upon completing YERD and offered the basis of a powerful battle engine utilizing flexibility, high compatibility, and streamline information delivery to the player. The other scripts that YEZ provided offered new menus, stats, further customizations, and more. Like its predecessor YERD, YEZ also utilized the notetag system to allow for better user integration of what they wanted to see in their game. Zealous was halted when I decided to seek an even more powerful battle engine which lead to the creation of Melody.

The Zealous engine is something I no longer support as my main focus is on the current most up to date Yanfly Engine. My apologies if you have questions about it.

Here are the scripts found within Zealous:

  • Core Scripts
    • Core Fixes and Upgrades
    • Restored Functions
    • Battle Engine Zealous
    • Custom Message System
    • Equipment Overhaul
    • Extended Movement
    • Main Menu Zealous
    • Skill Command Selection
    • Status Command Menu
  • Battle Scripts
    • Aggro and AI
    • BEZ Add-On: Formation Macros
    • Custom Damage Control
    • Custom Skill Effects
    • Custom Status Properties
    • Custom Target Options
    • Elemental Status Affinity
    • Enemy Levels
    • Variable Backdrops
    • Weapon Mastery Skills
  • Character Scripts
    • Battler Stat: DEX
    • Battler Stat: RES
    • Class Stat: DUR
    • Class Stat: LUK
    • Job System: Base
    • Job System: Classes
    • Job System: Passives
    • Job System: Skill Levels
  • Menu Scripts
    • CG Gallery
    • Debug Menu Extension
    • Enemy Scan Query
    • Menu System Options
    • Party Selection System
    • Victory Aftermath
    • Victory Compatibility

And that’s all, folks!

7 comments on “Zealous Engine

  1. Err…. sorry to ask stupid things.
    About Custom damage formula, i create new custom damage phrase depend on Variable x. So my hp_dmg would be :
    hp_dmg = $game_variable [x]*0.2

    But when I add small change on variable (I.e Variable[x] +2 Via Event > Control variable) The damage result has far greater result [Up to 1k]

    Am I wrote the wrong formula ?
    Can I got more example ?

  2. Report bug, i cannot make battle member 3.
    when i change BATTLE_MAX = 3 (battle member), always 4 battle member.
    please fix this. :D

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