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Last Updated: 2012.01.01
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The enemy target info window can be activated in battle to show enemy data at the bottom of the screen. Information can be revealed straight from the start or requires the player to actively reveal the information on their own through either defeating the enemies, using skills on them, or scanning them in various ways produced by the script.

This is an add-on for Ace Battle Engine.

When selecting an enemy target, a message will appear to let the player know how to open up the enemy target information window. This window can be disabled or even have the y location of it changed.

Two windows will appear. When parameters are shown, both the attacker and defending enemy’s stats will be shown for comparison. This way, the player gets a good understanding of what kinds of stats the attacking actor will be facing when targeting that specific enemy.

When L or R is pressed, the player will shift through the pages to display more information. One of them is a page that displays the enemy’s elemental resistances. This shows how much damage will be reduced or increased by when hitting the target foe with that specific element. Only a maximum of 8 elements can be displayed.

The other displayed page is the status effect resistances page. This page displays the success rate for inflicting a status effect on the target foe provided that the skill itself doesn’t miss.

You can hide information for enemies through the module settings and/or giving enemies notetags that reveal or show information.

<hide info: all>
<show info: all>

These notetags will set the enemy to either always hide all of their battle information or to always show all of their info. The tags will override each other if both are used simultaneously.

<hide info: parameters>
<show info: parameters>

These notetags will set the enemy to either always hide their parameter information or to always show their parameter info. The tags will override each other if both are used simultaneously.

<hide info: elements>
<show info: elements>

These notetags will set the enemy to either always hide their element information or to always show their element info. The tags will override each other if both are used simultaneously.

<hide info: states>
<show info: states>

These notetags will set the enemy to either always hide their state information or to always show their state info. The tags will override each other if both are used simultaneously.

If data is hidden by default, you can give skills and/or items various scanning properties to reveal them entirely or partially.

<scan info: all>

This will scan the target enemy of all properties that are shown in the comparison windows. Unless the enemy has a permanent hide tag, all of the data becomes available.

<scan info: parameters>

This will scan the target enemy’s parameters and reveal them to the player unless the enemy has a permanent hide tag.

<scan info: elements>

This will scan the target enemy’s elemental resistances and reveal them to the player unless the enemy has a permanent hide tag.

<scan info: states>

This will scan the target enemy’s state resistances and reveal them to the player unless the enemy has a permanent hide tag.

<scan element: x>
<scan element: x, x>

This will scan the target enemy’s elemental resistance for element x. Insert multiple of these tags to scan more elements. If you have the automatic scan element setting on in the module, all skills and items will automatically scan whatever element the skill or item deals damage with innately.

<scan state: x>
<scan state: x, x>

This will scan the target enemy’s state resistance for element x. Insert multiple of these tags to scan more states. If you have the automatic scan state setting on in the module, all skills and items will automatically scan whatever state the skill or item inflicts innately.

And that’s all, folks!

84 comments on “Enemy Target Info

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  2. There’s a minor problem with the script, as when using F8 in debug mode to kill all enemies, it reports the following:

    Script “YEA Enemy target info” line 748: NoMethodError occured
    undefined method ‘enemy_window’ for #

    Probably has something to do with the enemy infoboxes somehow activating on the map.

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  4. Is there a bug with ? When I use it, all info still shows up as ???, but when I use , the parameters show up properly.

  5. …let me just try rewriting that

    Is there a bug with (scan info: all)? When I use it, all info still shows up as ???, but when I use (scan info: parameters), the parameters show up properly.

  6. Is there any possibility to have equipment allowing you to see enemy info? I mean, like for example “magic glasses” or “stone of wisdom” you have to wear as an accessory in order to see some/all pages.

  7. Yanfly! Please help me (beginner) ~ ( = _ = )
    Can you modify some of this Scripts (Enemy Target Info)? Which:
    a) Show up the enemy’s face when viewing info
    b) P/S : the enemy’s face isnt same with their graphic

    Please ~ i really need it for my very first game~ Thanks you in advance!
    Any one do know method to achieve my request~ pls help me ( ^ . ^ )
    Thanks you in advance!

  8. Hi buddy, nice script !
    But i have this error when i trigger the L button or R button 2 times… why?

    undefined method ‘icon_index’ for nil:NilClass

  9. So I put the Scan all notetag in the skillbox.
    There is no tag on the enemy and it always says
    “Failed” when used in battle. I only want a scan skill
    I don’t want scanning through shift.

    • Let me help you…
      First, Make a state called “Revealed” and make a skill with a notes like what you said and added state “Revealed” with a chance 100%…And remember!
      Maybe in battle says “Failed” but when you look at the enemy database you will see that info is scanned…
      But if you want to have a “Perfect” skill use the one that I tell you…
      Well, anyway good luck

  10. I had an error with the script, it always was working well, but today this happen when changing with L or R to the scan status window:

    Script ‘Enemy Target Info’ line 931: NoMethodError occurred
    undefined method ‘icon index’ for nil:NilClass

    Someone help me please.~

  11. Trying to open the scan menu while choosing targets for stealing causes the menu to freak out and eventually crash for me.

  12. i don’t know why, but when i put on enemy and on scan skill it won’t work. i use the skill and the ? marks are still there…. can anyone help me out plz?

  13. i think my post messed up…. i don’t know why, but when i put on enemy and on scan skill it won’t work. i use the skill and the ? marks are still there…. can anyone help me out plz?

  14. god it keeps messing up :( i don’t know why, but when i put the hide info all on enemy and scan info all on scan skill it won’t work. i use the skill and the ? marks are still there…. can anyone help me out plz?

    • I don’t know, if it is still relevant for you, but I had the same “problem”. This scenario only occurs, when you playtest your game. If you start it properly, the stats remain hidden until you kill the monster or you use your scan skill.

      To have that result, you shouldn’t include tags in the database: enemy – i.e. will always hide the stats regardless of killing or scanning them.

      If you only want a skill to able to scan your enemies, you should read the comment from Zarvlad a little further below..

  15. I’ve got everything working and it’s fantastic so far, but I do have one question. I noticed that even if I don’t activate my skill to scan the target, once I kill the target, it unlocks the stat information for the target parameters (str, def, etc). how do I make it NOT do this? I’d like to make the scan ability the only valid method.

    • I’m not particularly well versed in script jargon. I can understand some to a limited degree, but most of it is reading another language to me. Going through the in-script tutorial, however, I see that if I set a number of default values to false, this makes the stats hidden. I’ve done this…however it also states in the same message the defeating the target in question will reveal the stats anyway. this is what I’m trying to stop from happening. Defeating an enemy without having first scanned them results in their stats being revealed in the following encounter with them. I haven’t seen anything that stops this from happening.

      So in short, yes I’ve read the script. What I understand of it states that TRUE means stats are shown by default, and FALSE means that stats are hidden until scanned or defeated. Therefore my dilemma is still valid. Your arrogant reply wasn’t necessary,

      • put lines 598, 599 and 600 in comment. It should show like this:

        # alias method: die
        alias game_battler_die_eti die
        def die
        #return if actor?

  16. Compatibility issue with Yami’s Invert target, the window overlap each other, and when the inverted target selected while enemy target info shown, the window get stuck… any suggestion?

  17. sorry to bother you but
    i can’t seem to make this work
    either it shows the enemy stats before i scan (i made a special the has the Scan:all)
    or it hides the stats even after i scaned (when the enemy has the hide:all)
    help me please.

  18. I have a problem testing the script. I start the game and run a battle, but when the screen goes black before the battle this message shows up.

    “Script ‘Enemy Target info’ line 979: NoMethodError occurred.
    Undefined method `select_all? for #

    I am totally new using scripts and only a few months using RPG Maker. What can I do?

    • Sorry, the post erased part of the message, I don’t know why. O.o

      “Script ‘Enemy Target info’ line 979: NoMethodError occurred.
      Undefined method `select_all? for #

      In the last line I added “” between the , as that is the missing part in the previous post, I hope it stays now.

  19. Hey!
    I feel stupid for asking, but how do you make it so that it doesn’t display the parameters and elements of the enemy until AFTER you’ve scanned it? I’ve set it up in the database like this:
    [Skill Notes]

    And I’ve tried many other different notes for the skill and enemy, but nothing seems to work. I also read the entirety of the comments available within the script (and on this page), but was unable to figure it out.
    Thanks for this!

  20. hello…. I’ve added a HP and MP page for this script…for those who want the page just ask..(I do not take any credit for the orignal work of Yanfly’s code).. Yanfly will you consider adding a HP/MP page in the future? right now the MP and HP is displayed exactly how the parameters are displayed and can be confusing

      • updated to v1.01
        new feature: enemy descriptions now available,
        bug fixed: values over 1 million didn’t display correctly

      • I’m probably being stupid but I can’t get the descriptions to work. I’ve tried tonnes of combinations but it just keeps saying there is no description. Apart from that the script is great so hope you can help. Thanks.

      • Fixed it now. I was spelling description wrong. Guess that what happens at 3am in the morning. Script is working great now!

      • I use this Enemy HP script, and noticed that all target information including hp and mp data did not update when changing targets in target info mode. To fix it, I went to line 751 in Enemy Target Info and replaced the lines:
        return unless @type == :enemy
        with these:
        if @type == :enemy

  21. HELP ME PLS. Yanfly, this is amazing! However, the skill I made with the “scan all” note tag always misses (and yes, it has 100% success and certain hit). Sorry if this is a noobish question. Pls help me soon.

    • Hmm… Does the skill do anything but scan? If not, that’s probably the issue. If I remember correctly, Yanfly’s anti-fail message script sorted that out.

      • Yeh thanks bro. But I have another problem- when I use the “hide all” tag on the
        enemies, you cannot scan them. Like, I have a state called “Revealed” which scans the enemy, and a move that causes the state. But even when the enemy is “Revealed” they still show ??? for their stats. Another thing is that I can’t scroll through enemy info with L & R (yes I know it is right arrow key and left). It just shows parameters. Someone help me please.

    • That’s what the hide all tag does, I’m pretty sure. Set all the default show things to false in the setup, or all the ones you want to need scanned, and that should work. And if you only want some enemies to need scanned, give all of the rest the show tags as needed.

  22. Testing out the script, it works fine however, even with the notetags show: all, show: parameters, show: states, show: elements, it is only displaying me the basic info of the enemy such as hp, mp agi, luck

    • Are you in testing mode? It always shows everything in testing/debug/whatever it’s called where you’re running it from inside the maker.

    • Q and W are actually the default keys for the L and R buttons, or something like that. Anyway, that’s the way it works for me, too.

  23. Is there a way to add more than 8 states or 8 elements, or simply is there a way to add more windows like “:elements2, states2:”?
    Great script by the way!

  24. Hey there’s a small bug. When you input the states, they stay at 100%, even though the enemy has resistance to it.

  25. hey does any1 come here still i need help with this script it kinda works kinda dont.. why is it that i put the note tag on the skill as in i use the skill to scan but it doesnt work like that skill or not it still scans then how can you make it so it only shows elemental and hp/mp/lvl only? help plz

  26. Hey, I seem to have a problem with this, and I’m pretty sure with my lack of knowledge in note tagging, but when i use the and all it shows is the base stats. It won’t show the elemental resistances or the state resistances. What am I doing wrong? I’ve even tried using all three instead of the all in one, but it still only does the stats. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong? Thanks :)

  27. Hey Yanfly,
    I had a question. I think this would work great with a bestiary, but I was wondering if there was a bestiary you would recommend that works well with your scripts. I was also wondering if there was a way to have a bestiary that would enable one to display custom artwork of the enemies instead of the image used for the battlers. The battler images are not so pretty upon close up. I think this would be great, and I am attempting to learn ruby scripting to do so for my game project. However, if you released a bestiary script, I would use it since I enjoy using your scripts. If you have time to do this, great, if not and I become proficient enough with ruby to develop a script, I’ll be sure to share it. I am a firm believer in free use of resources to make games myself. And also thanks for all the great scripts!

  28. Hello! I saw this has been asked before, but never answered: How can we modify the script so it shows more elemental pages? I have more than 8 elements, so I need at least 2 pages to show them all :)

  29. Error (509)
    This account’s public links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled…
    anybody have mirror?

  30. Is it alright to change the window that says that you can switch the scan info using L or R to using Q? I’m having the same problem as Soz, but Q seems to work.

  31. Love your work and this is working great. I am trying to make my game focus on use of an xbox controller (there are all sorts of things to work out I know). My question is pretty simple. Is there a way for me to use icons to show the buttons required to call up the info window and scroll between them? It’s totally a minor thing but if there is a way of using icons id love to be able to do it. Thank you very much for your work!

    • You could put button-icons in the icon-file (/graphics/system/) and call them on the text with “\eI[index_number_of_the_icon]” (<- I don,t remember if that is 100% correct, if it does not work, look how the color is changed with the info window of the script and replace the \C wit \I).

  32. Yanfly, i have something to ask, when i use this script,
    if i change default_show_parameters = false, or default_show_elements = false or
    default_show_states = false, it’s should make all enemy stats hidden right. but actually, it’s not for me. it has no effect even if i change it to true or false.
    can you help me? thanks

  33. I don’t quite understand what I’m doing wrong, I’ve put the script in, and I put the “Show info: all” thing on the enemies, but nothing happens, So I made a skill, and I followed all the steps for a skill to do the scan thing, but still nothing, there’s no errors or anything, it’s just, nothing happens.

    (Also, thank you for your Visual battlers and Battle Engine Ae scripts, I use them both and they’re amazing)

  34. Now I have everything working, but the buttons that flip through the “pages” are Q and W not L and R why is this? How can I fix this?

  35. Question: Can i have a skill that shows enemy information instead of pressing SHIFT?

    I want the information to be shown only when the scan skill is used, not when the SHIFT key is pressed

  36. It would be perfect if you could make it so that I can add State ID icons as well & not just Element ID icons.

    I only need certain States to show because others are positive states and can only be applied to self or the party & not enemies.

  37. Could I somehow use this script to show information about the enemy? Not anything relevant, but stuff like saying that the slime you’re fighting is “slimy” or something along those lines.

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