Cast Animations

Last Updated: 2011.12.18
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Casting animations are actually great visual tools to help players recognize and acknowledge which battler on the screen is currently taking an action. The other thing is that casting animations also provide eye candy. This script provides easy access to generate cast animations and to allow even separate animations for each individual skill.

These tags can go into either items or skill noteboxes.

<cast ani: x>

Sets the casting animation for this skill to be x. This animation will always be played before this skill is used. If this tag isn’t used, the default cast animation will be the one set by the script’s module.

<no cast ani>

Sets the casting animation for this skill to be 0, making it so that no cast animation will be played before this skill is used.

And that’s all, folks!

29 comments on “Cast Animations

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  2. Is it possible for the script to play an SE while casting? This way you can, for instance, play the casting sound of Genis for Indignation: I call upon thee from the land of the dead, to unleash thy fury of thunder! Indignation. This makes it feel a bit more alive too :).

  3. Question: Is there a way to have the casting animations… and spells directed at the player in general… be displayed over the hub?

  4. Do you think it’d be possible to determine a different cast animation depending on whether the skill is used by an Actor or an opponent?

  5. Hello first i like to say that this scrpt is awsome it has been very helpfull, but i have to wonder is there a way to make a certant class to has its own cast animation?

  6. For some reason, the only thing I see when a character uses a skill/spell is a brief flicker of something in the top lefthand corner of the screen.

  7. Is there a way to change the actors face depending on his/her action or status, I’ve found a couple but none of them seem to be compatible…

  8. Instead of assigning the cast animation for specific skill, can the script assign the cast animation for each actor?
    For example: the cast animation for actor 1 is animation 54, the cast animation for actor 2 is animation 32, etc

  9. This is a great script, but I was wondering if it was possible to have the Cast Animation play during a sequence. I’m using RBS and it is animated. However, the Cast Animation would play first with actors in their idle pose, then the sequence would start. Is possible for both to be played at the same time?

  10. Got a question…
    In your scrip i did set it up to 0:

    NORMAL_ATTACK_ANI = 0 # Default animation for skill #1.
    DEFEND_ANIMATION = 0 # Default animation for skill #2.
    PHYSICAL_ANIMATION = 0 # Default animation for physical skills.
    MAGICAL_ANIMATION = 0 # Default animation for magical skills.
    ITEM_USE_ANIMATION = 0 # Default animation for using items.

    But for some reason it does the animation twice o.o…
    It does the animation i want then it does it again and then it does the animation of the Skill/magic/special ability got any idea how to fix it ? im doing something wrong?

  11. I want to make a game where there’s a time circle, I mean there’s a day and night and there’s a month, I want to make the char. can get money each month,
    can you teach me how to do that?

  12. Im getting a Error message like this:

    Script Yanfly Cast Animations’ Line 11 syntaxError occurred

    unexpected tGVAR expecting $end
    10 $imported = 0 if $imported.nil?

    what do I do to fix this I just wanted to try it out the first time…..Did I do something wrong???? PLZ HELP

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