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Last Updated: 2011.12.26
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Anyone remember the Autobattle command from RPG Maker 2000? Well, now it’s back and you can choose to tack it onto the Party Command Window or the Actor Command Window. When autobattle is selected, it will let the game determine what action to use for the party and/or actors depending on the game’s A.I.

Furthermore, there is an option to have Autobattle continously remain in effect if selected from the Party Command Window. When Autobattle is selected in the Actor Command Window, it’ll cause the game to automatically choose an action for that actor instead.

In addition to this, there exists the functionality of having all battle members but the first member autobattle. This feature can be turned off.

When selecting the Auto command from the Party Command Window, the party can go into continous autobattle. The following turns after, the party will stay in autobattle until cancelled by the player. This feature can be turned on and off in the module. The command can also be removed from the module.

The Auto command for Actors will have the game choose an action for that actor individually rather than for the whole party. The actor will not go into continuous autobattle. This command can be disabled from the module.

Also for those who have played Persona 3/4 or Final Fantasy XIII, the option to have all of your party members but the first be in autobattle is present, too. This feature, of course, can be enabled and disabled.

And that’s all, folks!

27 comments on “Command Autobattle

  1. There is a bug with the autobattle. It works well at the first battle, but, let’s say, if I leave it on until the end of the battle, I can’t get to battle without it again (I have to save, and restart the game to deactivate the autobattle).
    If I use it, and deactivate it at middle of the battle (don’t let it finish them for me) it works normally. I suppose there’s an autobattle state that doesn’t gets disabled at the end (and the “disabling auto” possibility doesn’t checks if autobattle is on).

    Anyway, I’m using/testing all YAE scripts, nothing else apart from default Enterbrain ones,
    Orochii Zouveleki

  2. Hi,

    Can you tell me how to disable the autobattle for the actors please ? I only want the party autobattle. I’ve already tried to put false instead of true or change the 0 but nothing happened.

    Also if both options are used only the party autobattle will work and not the autobattle with actors.

  3. Are you using the Battle Command List script? If so you can just comment out “AUTOBATTLE” in the default actor list. If not, setting ENABLE_ACTOR_AUTOBATTLE to false should remove it but keep it in the party window.

    • Hello,

      Thanks for replying.
      It finally worked, I don’t know how but today it worked when I written :

      Though, is it possible that when the battle start that the first choices you see is your party command then after you select “Fight” you see the actor command ?

  4. I found a bug : when you’re in actor command if you press left arrow, the actor pass his turn.

    Sorry for my bad english.

  5. I can’t get this to show in the party menu. I tried disabling the actor autobattle. Tried adding Yanfly’s core combat engine. played with switches. the only 2 options in the party menu are fight and escape…

  6. Thanx very much for this addition!

    I notice that you clearly say that the game will choose what action to take. In my experience this leads to two undesirable results.

    1) A precious resource gets consumed for magic/skill attacks; game chooses a special attack.

    2) A spell/skill which is not optimal is used. Like consuming MP/SP on a 12dmg special instead of a 64dmg normal attack.

    I would be satisfied if it was possible to instruct autobattler use one of two methods.

    A) Spam normal attack for all party members.

    B) Player chooses all party members actions for round one and autobattler will repeat them on round two, three, four etc.

    Thanx so much for considering this


  7. Script ‘Game_Actor’ line 547: NoMethodError occurred.
    undefined method ‘evaluate’ for false:FalseClass

    I don’t get it.

  8. I’m on the same question as “tibneuy”. Is there anyway to have it where the actors only use normal/physical attacks and not skills?

  9. I believe there’s some problem when using Yami’s Active Time Battle script along with this one. Even when set to continuous, the actors will remain in Autobattle mode forever, but without acting after they have already done so once. For example: all four actors will attack, automatically, as intended – the Active Time Battle bars will refill, and then they will do nothing. Forever.

    Any ideas as to how to fix this?

  10. Every time I select Auto, I keep getting:

    Script ‘Game_Actor’ Line 551: NoMethodError occurred.
    undefined method ‘evaluate’ for false:FalseClass

    These are the scripts I have installed:

    Victor Engine – Victor Sant:
    Basic Module
    Custom Basic Actions
    Custom Collapse

    Yanfly Engine Ace – Yanfly:
    Ace Core Engine
    Adjust Limits
    Party System
    Ace Battle Engine
    Battle Engine Add-On
    Enemy Target Info
    Battle Command List
    Cast Animations
    Element Absorb
    Victory Aftermath
    Ace Equip Engine
    Steal Items
    Menu Cursor
    System Options
    Region Battlebacks
    Lunatic Targets
    Lunatic Targets Math
    Target Manager
    Ace Item Menu
    Ace Shop Options
    State Animations
    Lunatic States
    Lunatic States Punishment Package
    Lunatic States Protection Package
    Death Common Events
    Anti-Fail Message

    YSA – Yami:
    Battle System: Classical ATB
    Battle Add-on: Invert Targets

    Basic Side View Battle Script

    Pause Menu Features

    HP Poison text color

    Complex AI
    Custom Slip Damage
    Enemy Levels

    Game_Timer on expire
    Inventory Sorting
    Mime Effect
    Progressive State
    Tag Manager

    Extend Timer Functionality

    modern algebra:
    ATS: Formatting

    Save on maps
    Past Encounters
    Cam Control

    same_region music

    revival animation fix

    Limit Break 8

    • Same Bug but other scripts:
      Gauge_color (my custom script)
      Progressive State (Tsukihime)
      Enemy Levels (Tsukihime)
      Shield Blocking (Mr. Bubble)
      Blue Magic (Mr. Bubble)

      LNX11a_XPスタイルバトル (XP Style Battle) + LNX11aconf (Japanese)
      ATB (C Winter []) (Japanese):
       ver1.42 ※ATB メイン設定
       ver1.42 Scene_Battle
       ver1.50 ステート ターンフレーム
       ver1.43 Game_Battler
       ver1.42 Game_Battler フレーム更新
       ver1.50 Game_Battler 詠唱
       ver1.41 ※AP増減ステート 設定
       ver1.42 ※ATB ウインドウ設定
       ver1.50 ※ゲージ色設定 新
       ver1.34 ウインドウ 味方コマンド
       ver1.34 ウインドウ 味方ステータス
       ver1.50 ウインドウ 味方APゲージ
       ver1.50 敵APゲージ描画
       ver1.42 敵APゲージ描画2
      Gauges (C Winter) (Japanese):
       ※ATB_XP_DE 設定 例5
       ver1.50 ATB_XP_DE デフォルト対応
      Weather battle (
      Equips as Items (Selchar)
      Skill Name Windows (C Winter) (Japanese):
       ATB1.42 画面上部にスキル名
      Final Addons:

      All YEA menu scripts
      Not incluide:
      Hide Menu Skills
      Menu Cursor
      New Game+
      Rename Actor

      Vehicle Additions (tenseiten)
      Advanced Game Time + Night/Day v1.5 (V.M of D.T)
      KMS_MiniMap (Tomy of Kamesoft)
      Ending (Claimh – Code Crush)

      Misc (all from Atelier RGSS):
      Antilag for animations

  11. please leave a code version instead, for those children that need parental control to download anything and almost never get it abundantly, even when it’s fair.

  12. I have a bug when I tried using this with my game with another script:

    I want this to work alongside the Yami Script “Classical Active Time Battle” so I can have kinda an OFF-styled battle engine, but when I use this script with the Time Battle script the autobattle will only work for one character turn, then when it’s the player’s turn again, the autobattle work start their second turn.

    I think for this to work there has to either be a Yanfly version of Active Time Battle to work alongside this, or a patch so they’ll work together. Either way, I thought you should know of this bug.

  13. Hey, is there a way to make it so autobattle just does attack for everyone, like in Etrian Odyssey, or pressing triangle in Persona 3 and 4?

  14. I’m experiencing an error when I try to use the change HP command to kill an actor. when I do that, it says:
    “Script ‘Autobattle’ line 136: NoMethodError occurred.

    undefined method ‘close_disable_autobattle_window’ for #
    please help!!!

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