Element Reflect

Last Updated: 2012.01.23
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The ability to reflect magic attacks already exists in RPG Maker VX Ace by default. However, the ability to reflect skills based on their element type does not exist. This script adds the ability to reflect skills back to the caster if the skill is a particular element type and provides a percent bonus to reflect it back at, too.

These notetags can be added to Actors, Classes, Weapons, Armours, Enemies, and States.

<element reflect x: +y%>
<element reflect x: -y%>

This tag causes the element x to reflect at a bonus y% rate. The reflect rate only applies if element x is involved with the skill used. To reflect more than one type of element, use multiple of this tag.

And that’s all, folks!

12 comments on “Element Reflect

  1. I’d love the ability to have non-magic attacks reflectable, like if someone attacked you with a powerful attack, or was about too, you could cast such a skill that would send the attack back.

    I suppose I could back door it by using this to reflect physical element skills. I suppose that could work.

  2. K i have used both Convert Damage and elemental reflect to no avail but the elemental absorb seems to work though. Why would one work and not the other?

    • You’ll have to provide more info if you want someone to give you a useful response. They have no way of knowing how you have it set up, or what other scripts from other people you may be using, etc.

      If you think it’s a bug however, you should most definitely post any bugs on the Bug Fixes III page. BEFORE posting any bugs, be sure that you don’t have any scripts from anyone that isn’t Yanfly, in case of compatibility issues.

  3. Would it be at all possible to make this work better with your other script “Enemy Target Info” ?

    When you have an enemy that can reflect damage, it doesn’t show that it has this ability.

    I was also wondering if it is at all possible to add note tags that will replace the weakness/resistances to certain elements with words than numbers? (ie. “Strong, Weak, Null, Reflect, Absorb instead of 100%, 200%, 50%)… I suppose I should suggest this in the Enemy Target Info comments rather than here.

  4. Would it be a too OP idea to use skill cost manager to make skill cost 99% of MaxHP, Then add element Absorb AND Reflect. Like, 500 damage fire attack woulb be absorbed and then thrown back?

  5. I must be doing something wrong. I have the notetags marked as shown for my enemies, but the enemies do not reflect, however my actors reflect. I only have the notetags in the enemy boxes. It can’t be a script compatibility, I tested with only yanfly scripts. ???
    Otherwise love this and really wish to get it working.

  6. Hm. I’m probably years late in saying this, but:
    1) A very nice script.
    2) However, it does seem like it’s ignoring the element association of a normal attack set to use the “normal attack” element defined via actor/weapon/etc. traits.
    Just, uh, thought I’d point that out.

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