Enemy Death Transform

Last Updated: 2012.02.09
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This script allows enemies to transform into another monster when they die. Although this is easily evented, this script is made to save the tediousness of applying that to every enemy and to allow the transforming sequence to be a lot smoother.

Add these notetags into an enemy’s notebox:

<death transform: x>

Sets the current enemy type to transform into enemy x upon death.

<death transform rate: x%>

Sets the transform rate for the current enemy to be x%. If the previous tag is not used, then this notetag has no effect. If this notetag isn’t present, the transform rate will be 100% by default.

And that’s all, folks!

13 comments on “Enemy Death Transform

  1. Hey Yanfly,

    I have been alerted that there is a tiny error in this script:

    At line 149, you have:

    return rand > enemy.death_transform_rate

    It should be:

    return rand < enemy.death_transform_rate

  2. Yanfly when i have a monster have multiple death transforms it skips from transformation 1 to 4, ex Red Slime transforms into Blue then Green. But instead the monster dies 2 times instantly and transforms into Green Slime. Is there something I have to do so it doesn’t do that?

  3. Sorry, everything ok now, I have put


    Will be nice if have a animation in the moment of tranformation.

    and another thing, when you attack with dual hit, when the first hit Ko’d a enemy, an second hit the enemy causing a bad effect…

  4. Is it possible to make enemy transform if it’s attacked by a specific type of attack? e.g monster in ice into normal monster if attacked by fire.

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