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Last Updated: 2012.07.16
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From the VX Yanfly Engines, instant cast properties have been a staple skill and item property. Instant cast makes a return in RPG Maker VX Ace. There’s a few changes made with instant casts.

  1. For actors with multiple actions, instants will only occur if the first action is an instant. If the first action is not an instant the follow-up actions contain an instant, the instant will be treated as normal.
  2. Any actions added on by instants will automatically trigger immediately after the instant finishes and will be treated as instants. This includes Active Chain Skills triggering from an instant.
  3. If an enemy uses an instant, the enemy will gain an additional skill to use after using the said instant. This will apply whenever an enemy uses an instant skill, even if it was after the enemy’s first action.

Insert this notetag in skill or item noteboxes:


Causes the action to be an instant action. If an instant action is selected first, then the action will be performed before the battle phase starts. If placed behind a non-instant action, the would-be instant action will be considered a normal action. If an enemy uses an instant action, no matter if it was used first or after, the enemy gains an additional action.

And that’s all, folks!

22 comments on “Instant Cast

  1. For some reason the following error gets spat out whenever an enemy gets killed with a counter:

    Script ‘Instant Cast’ line 266: NoMethodError occured.

    undefined method ‘item’ for nil:NilClass

  2. I found a bug! I have an item that gives an actor 15% chance to move twice. But if you pick like attack/something -> instant skill, the instant skill still takes up a turn. I also tested it in an empty project!

  3. I don’t quite understand this one, under requirements it claims “n/a”, yet this doesn’t work with just the base scripts (Just tested it on a new project). Is Yanfly Battle Engine required for this to work?

  4. I’ve noticed a little weird something with this script. If, in the instant ability, you call up a Show Choices event in the following common event, when the choice box disappears, the box with the actors faces, HP, MP, etc is not redrawn.
    You can still move left and right between the actors, you just can’t see the box.

  5. If an actor uses an Instant action and he/she is the last person to go in that turn, my turn just ends without receiving my normal action. Does this make sense? :\

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