Lunatic Targets

Last Updated: 2012.01.02
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Lunatic mode effects have always been a core part of Yanfly Engine scripts. They exist to provide more effects for those who want more power and control for their items, skills, status effects, etc., but the users must be able to add them in themselves.

This script provides the base setup for state lunatic targeting. This script lets you select a custom scope of targets that can be either dynmaic or a set scope. This script will work with YEA – Target Manager as long as it’s placed above YEA – Target Manager.

Lunatic Targets allow allow skills and items to select a custom set of targets for their scope. To make use of a Lunatic Target scope, use the following notetag:

<custom target: string>

If multiple tags of the same type are used in the same skill/item’s notebox, then the targets will be selected in that order. Replace “string” in the tags with the appropriate flag for the method below to search for. Note that unlike the previous versions, these are all upcase.

Should you choose to use multiple lunatic target scopes for a single object, you may use these notetags in place of the ones shown above.

<custom target>
</custom target>

All of the string information in between those two notetags will be stored the same way as the notetags shown before those. There is no difference between using either.


Use your Lunatic Effects wisely!

And that’s all, folks!

10 comments on “Lunatic Targets

  1. I have a question that google doesn’t seem to help me with -_- What if I have a skill that can be used both on an enemy target OR an ally target? (similar like in some Final Fantasy games where you can auto-attack your own characters). As a bonus – the skill effects slightly vary depending on who you cast it on (enemy/ally). Could I get any pointers?

  2. What exactly can you put in the string to target enemies based off of? Says replace with the appropriate tag in upper case, no help. Can only add-ons be used?

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