Active Battle Advantage

Last Updated: 2012.02.01
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Whenever a random encounter initiates, a gauge will appear on screen. And depending on the timing regarding a player’s Z button input, the battle will start off as a pre-emptive attack for the party, a normal battle, or even a surprise attack from the enemy.

Create or download an image with the filename “BattleAdvantage” within the Graphics\Pictures\ folder of your project.

When a player presses Z on these parts of the bar, different effects will occur:

  • Green – Pre-emptive Battle
  • Yellow – Normal Battle
  • Red – Surprise Attack

If the player fails to press Z in time, the battle will start with the enemy giving the player a surprise attack.

Note that the gauges vary depending on the party’s AGI compared to the enemy’s AGI. Advanced users can change the rate of pre-emptive rates versus surprise attack rates within the script.

And that’s all, folks!

14 comments on “Active Battle Advantage

  1. This is really great! Are you planning on adding to it? Say notetags so it’s map/%/region/enemy based? Really nifty script otherwise.

  2. I like this, I just wish there was a way to discourage your audience from simply spamming “Z” while walking in order to always get a preemptive strike :)

  3. Couple of questions:
    1. Is there a way to make it so that certain encounters don’t activate the Advantage bar?
    2. Is it possible to use a custom graphic in place of the default bar?

  4. Is there a way I can make the gauge appear through the “Battle Processing” event rather than a random encounter? I am using a battle system where enemy NPC’s will chase the player and a battle will initiate when they make contact with you.

    If this isn’t possible is there at least a line of code I can use that will automatically call the script?

    • In Game_Interpreter
      Battle Processing (command_301)
      between “BattleManager.setup(troop_id, @params[2], @params[3])”
      and “BattleManager.event_proc = {|n| @branch[@indent] = n }”
      add the line “BattleManager.on_encounter”.
      This will make the battle manager treat event encounters as random encounters as far as battle advantage is concerned.

  5. Is there a way to add a fourth color, like Grey, that when they land on it, they will escape from the battle instead?

  6. It’s really easy to always get a preemptive strike, just spamming z button while you’re walking through the map. it’s like what Raegar says earlier. can you do somehing about it yanfly? the idea of this script is actually awesome, but if it’s too easy to beat, it doesn’t have any point, right?

  7. I know this is no longer supported, but I’m interested if there is a way to reduce the size of bar or increase speed of the slide? It’s really easy to hit positive advantage for player in addition to Zephuir concerns

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