Encounter Rate Manager

Last Updated: 2012.01.24
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This script gives you more control over the encounter rate management process for your game. You can adjust the rate at which the encounter countdown drops by when walking over bushes or normal ground, a number of rules made for the encounter countdown value, and three different variables that allow you to control different aspects of the encounter rates.

Use encounter variables to make your encounters become more manageable.


This is the variable used for changing the encounter rate. Whatever value this variable is, it gets added on to the encounter rate. If the value is positive, the player will have more steps remaining before entering a battle by that amount. If the value is negative, the player will have less steps remaining before entering a battle.


This is the variable used to repel battles from the player. If this value is positive, then the player will not encounter battles for each step until this value reaches 0. This variable decreases by 1 each step. Until this value is 0, the normal encounter countdown will not decrease.


This is the variable used to lure battles for the player. If this value is positive, the encounter countdown will drop drastically faster for the player each step. This variable decreases by 1 each step. While this value above 0, the normal encounter countdown will decrease drastically.

And that’s all, folks!

5 comments on “Encounter Rate Manager

  1. Thanks for this. Hunting plays a major role in my game and this will come in useful as gameplay assists and part of the storyline.

    Btw, will you be making a Bestiary Diary script for the Enemy Target Info script? I’m porting my VX project to Ace and the central thing was for the enemy info to show in the diary based on what info was scanned, thanks to your VX scripts.
    There is another Bestiary script out there but then Enemy Target Info would sort of lose its meaning if I use that script, and I kinda liked that scan feature for the whole hunting experience.

    Anyways, thanks for this script.

  2. Would it be possible to make an encounter script addon?

    Basically have it check possible encounters for difficulty vs your party and if the monsters are weaker those encounters do not happen but if it was a stronger encounter you end up in a battle regardless? Difficulty would be decided based on enemies strength and parties strength
    IE: Party Strength (lets say the party is at full strength) is rated at 10.
    IE: 3x Large Rat (based on these enemies) is rated at 3.
    In this example the battle would be skipped.
    However if the enemy would have been stronger with a rating of 10 (20% chance to fight them) 11+ you might end up fighting them.

    I am pretty sure this is how the repel was set up in pokemon where weaker enemies would not show up but stronger enemies than your lead pokemon would show up.

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