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Last Updated: 2011.12.26
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The Event Window is a new feature added through this script that appears in the lower left corner of the screen. Whenever the player gains or loses gold and items, the Event Window is updated to show the changes. In addition to showing item gains and losses, you may even add in your own text to update through a Script Call.


This inserts “string” text into the Event Window. Use \n to designate linebreaks in the string. If you wish to use text codes, write them in the strings as \\n[2] or \\c[3] to make them work properly.


This causes the Event Window to clear all of the stored text. You can choose whether or not to clear the stored Event Window text every time the player enters a new map.

And that’s all, folks!

48 comments on “Event Window

  1. Great script.
    Erm… on lines 113 and 114, shouldn’t it be “YEA::EVENT_WINDOW::HIDE_SWITCH” instead of “YEA::CLASS_SYSTEM::SWITCH_SHOW_CLASS”?

  2. Got a question, as I am no scripter.
    How do you change the location of where the item is shown when the actor finds it? As it is currently on the left hand side of the screen, but there is a HUD script that uses the same side, and want to move the window to the right side of the screen.

    And will you have plans of having this script show the experience gained as well?

  3. Well, while I am no scripter as well, I’ve found it:

    def initialize
    super(0, 0, dw, fitting_height(YEA::EVENT_WINDOW::MAX_LINES))
    self.x -= 12
    self.opacity = 0
    self.contents_opacity = 0
    @visible_counter = 0

    On lines 275 – 284.

    Change the self.x -= 12 value to something around -350. This is line 278.

  4. Thanks.
    One last question that I can remember… does anyone know if there is a way to have the items scroll slowly if there are more then the maximum number of items set to show in the ship? (For example a chest has 7 items, but the maximum number is say 3)

  5. Yanfly, where do I edit the font size of the text displayed?
    It’s because I change my font size to 18 on the Core Engine
    and when I do something (example: get gold) and gets displayed,
    the text is too small for people to read.

      • Hi Yanfly, I have a question, how can I change directly the font size of the window.
        Is because if I use \e} the text is really little and I can’t read it well, but if I delete the code, The text is too big…Is there any way? (I tried with AceMessage, but it doesn’t work…with \fz[12])

    • you just add these lines between header and fount text.
      HEADER_TEXT = ” ” # Text that’s always used at the head.
      FONT_NAME = “VL.gothic”
      FONT_SIZE = 20
      FOUND_TEXT = “\ec[6] Found \ec[0]” # Text used when an item is found.
      LOST_TEXT = “\ec[4] Lost \ec[0]” # Text used when an item is lost.
      AMOUNT_TEXT = “×%s” # Text used to display an amount.
      CLOSER_TEXT = ” ” # Text that’s always used at the end.

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  8. I changed the max items to be displayed to 1.
    Problem though, the marker arrow wont go away. Please support?

  9. I followed the directions to install and when I start a new game to test it I get this error msg:

    “Script: ‘Game_interpreter’ line 1411 : NameError occurred.
    undefined variable or method ‘String’ for # ”

    That is an unaltered script that came with the game, so IDK… Was fine till I added in this script below materials but above Main.

  10. HEADER_TEXT = “\e}⋅ ” at line 89
    Here it shows the correct symbol but at rpgmaker vx ace shows me a square and in game it shows a ]
    Any solution to it to display the correct symbol?

  11. Hey, awesome script! But I always get a very strange Problem.
    Every time I use the ”Switch Operation” in an event, e.g. for opening a door with a lever, the script just stops displaying the notifications.
    When I pick up an item everything is displayed normaly, but after a switch operation there is no indicator for an item pickup, very strange.
    I hope you can help me :)

  12. Now I have got a font problem with the little dots in the beginning and the ending (Because I am using a Chinese font and it displays like a square…) I will fix it…
    By the way, why is your name displayed here as 黄?

    • You can use “event_window_add_text(string)” in a script call. Just put “\\V[n]” in the text you want to write, where n is the numero of the variable you want to show. ;)

  13. I can’t seem to make it to display more than 2 items at a time. In other words, if a chest gives 3 items, only the last item name would show up. Is there a fix for that?

  14. Maybe I’m just blind, but I know I’m pretty beginner to all this scripting stuff, and by beginner I mean this is the first script I’m using.

    Is there a way to change the color of the fonts when creating your own event window?

      • I believe the proper code is \c[x]

        “x” being the number assigned to whichever colour, but I think you get that part. I hope I’m not wrong and this solves your problem.

  15. I downloaded this and integrated it into my game all proper and whatnot, but it will not display ANY items gains or losses or anything. Do keep in mind, I’m a completely inept scripter so if someone would be kind enough to walk me through this as if I were a child, it would be greatly appreciated :D

    • Never mind, I’m an idiot. I overcomplicated it by assuming you needed to use script calls every time to make it appear…. but it’s actually a lot simpler XD thanks for the kickass scripts Yanfly.

    • edit the HEADER_TEXT = “\e}SYMBOL ” and CLOSER_TEXT = “SYMBOL ” with
      a symbo or leave it empty like HEADER_TEXT = “\e} ” and CLOSER_TEXT = ” ”
      thats the way i it for myself.

  16. Hi, I’m very new to rpg maker, and I really like your work. I downloaded and installed severall scripts and no problems, but with this script I’m having this error in line 238: NoMethodError ocurred. undefined method ‘icon_index’ for nil:NilClass. Can anyone please help me?

  17. An edit I made clears the data after the window fades out (not just on map change). I really prefer this, because it’s easier to see only what’s new. You simply change this part of the script (the only thing added is the final line before END):

    # update_contents_opacity
    def update_contents_opacity
    return if @visible_counter > 0
    return if self.contents_opacity <= 0
    self.contents_opacity -= YEA::EVENT_WINDOW::WINDOW_FADE

  18. I can’t seem to get script call “event_window_add_text(string)” to work, it crashes the game and returns the error:

    Script ‘Game_Interpreter’ line 1411:NameError occurred.

    The other script call to clear the text works fine. I am using an event that the player walks over.

  19. How does that work with the ‘event_window_add_text (string)’?
    Despite the description, I don’t understand it.
    How exactly do I add my text?
    If I insert it as in the screenshot above, I get an error message.
    I did not find my problem in the other comments …
    Thank you for your help.

    • You need to add it as a string
      event_window_add_text(“your text here”)

      or you define text before

      text = “your text here”

      both need to be between quotation marks

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