Barehand Trait

Last Updated: 2012.01.15
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Some classes are geared more towards barehanded fighting more than with any weapons equipped. This script provides the ability for actors or classes to achieve this trait. This trait can also be added to equipment to give them a a barehanded trait, too. If a weapon is applied with the barehand trait, it will count as a barehanded “weapon”.


Grants the barehand trait to the actor. If the actor has no weapons equipped or a weapon with the barehand trait, then the actor acquires the barehanded status and the base stat then works with the formula found within the module. Optimizing equipment does not factor in barehand.

If you’re using the Ace Equip Engine, remember to allow weapons to be removable (lest you decide to use barehand-trait weapons).

And that’s all, folks!

11 comments on “Barehand Trait

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  2. Just wondering, Yanfly, is it possible to make skills to require the character being barehanded to use? (Like the already existing option for weapons)

    • Addendum to this: I’d like to be able to do a barehand calculation for a skill without including the attack bonus from weapons. Should I turn to LOP destruction to add barehandedness temporarily?

  3. Hey Yanfly, I love your scripts and I am currently using every one just about. I have a question, but first an explanation to help better understand my question. I want to create a class that can dual wield, as well as use bows (a ranger class/hunter class if you will). However, when I choose the option to dual wield, the character is able to dual wield a bow in one hand, and another bow in the other, or a bow in one,and a sword in the other. Would it be possible to create a script to stop this? Possibly by making the bow a 2 handed weapon? If it is possible to make the bow a 2 handed weapon, do you even need a script for that? Just some thoughts. You may email me if you have any questions or concerns,

    Thanks in advance,

    • I know this is an extremely old question, but in the ‘Features’ section of Weapons, simply choose to ‘Seal Equip: Shield’. That way that weapon requires two hands.

      • I know this is also an old question, but this doesn’t work without modification via scripts, as sealing the shield slot doesn’t do anything since the character’s shield slot is replaced with a weapon slot. I know there are a few scripts out there that can change this, but just sealing the shield slot doesn’t work.

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