Skill Steal

Last Updated: 2011.12.10
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This script enables items and skills to have skill stealing properties. When an actor uses that said item or skill on an enemy and the enemy has skills that can be stolen, that actor will learn all of the skills the enemy has to provide. This skill stealing system is madeakin to the Final Fantasy X’s Lancet skill from Kimahri.

Designate which skills or items have skill stealing effect with a notetag. Only actors can steal and learn skills from enemies.

<skill steal>

If this skill or item targets an enemy, the actor who uses it will learn all of the stealable skills the enemy knows in its action list.

Mark in the database which skills can be stolen with this notetag.

<stealable skill>

A skill with this notetag can be stolen from enemies if it is listed within the enemy’s action list.

Place those stealable skills in the actions list of an enemy. Whenever the actor targets this enemy with a skill or item that prompts a skill steal, then all of the skills in the enemy’s action list will be taught to the actor.

When a skill is stolen, the actor learns the skill permanently. Hooray~

And that’s all, folks!

41 comments on “Skill Steal

    • Can’t you just remove all the skills the actor could have learned from the entire party at the end of each battle with an always running parallel process event? (This would only work correctly if the party uses different skills from the enemies)

    • That’s a nice one! I’d also like to see other “upon enemy death” effects. Like receiving a buff upon killing an enemy with a specific skill that could be called “Soul Catcher” or something like that.

      • Where exactly does that go?

        def apply_skill_steal(target, item)
        return unless item.skill_steal
        return if
        return unless
        for skill in target.stealable_skills
        next if @subject.skill_learn?(skill)
        skill_text = sprintf(“\\i[%d]%s”, skill.icon_index,
        text = sprintf(string,, skill_text,
        YEA::SKILL_STEAL::MSG_DURATION.times do @log_window.wait end

  1. This script would be awesome if with each use of the steal skill one could only steal one skill of the stealable ones, instead of all of them

  2. For some reason, it doesn’t work with me… I’ve triple-checked everything and yet, even though I used all the notetags correctly, the skill never seems to make my character learn them. Any ideas why?

    • Make sure you placed the script in the right place. If you have Ace Core and Yanfly Battle Engine, put this script UNDER these two. If you have Input Combo Skills too, place it UNDER it as well. If you have Enemy HP bars put UNDER it as well. Simply put it more to the top of the scripts, but put it under Ace Core and Battle Engine.

  3. After I added the Ace Core Engine and “Yanfly Engine Ace – Ace Battle Engine,”
    this stopped functioning for me…Is there a compatibility issue, or do I need to place the scripts in a specific order?

    • I think you can you just remove all the skills the actor could have learned from the entire party at the end of each battle with an always running parallel process event. (This would only work correctly if the party uses different skills from the enemies)

  4. i am able to learn the skill but it doesnt come up with the message like the screenshot to say what ive learnt and from who!….i have the same problem with the steal item script! can someone help please?

  5. I know this is a longshot, and I’m not even sure if Yanfly still reads/edits these things, but is there a way to make the stealable skills have a differently coloured name in the display? So if Monster used White Wind, it’d have “White Wind” written in like, light blue or something instead of white.

  6. Is there a way to add a success sound upon learning the skill? I.e. Using Magic2 SE to play, similiarly to when you successfully steal an item using your scripts?

  7. For all those wondering; (you never know), the “troops -> Battle test” won’t display skill steal. Cause ti doesn’t. just for the record.

  8. In the case that anyone still reads this, I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong, but I never seem to be able to steal any skills. I did read the instructions and tried using a separate skill and an item to see which one works, but neither seem to have any effect. I went through several tries to see if it’s just that I’m unlucky or something, but no dice. I was using a high leveled thief since I was doing this as a test anyway, and still nothing. Did I mess up somewhere or am I just that bad at this?

  9. This is awesome.

    Hey I was thinking on an ability where the actor learns or steals enemy skills to use only during THAT battle, but forget it after the battle. It’s not like mimic, the skill would be available in the actor skill menu only to be used during that battle and after this, he “forget” it.
    is this possible?

  10. You’re scripts are amazing and have helped me learn so much. I tried other scripts and had no idea what I was doing, but after reading through all the info you provided it all started to make sense. Thanks so much!

  11. Is there a way to use this so that it only activates if the skill used to steal is successful? I’m trying to create a skill with a 25% chance of stealing a skill, and I can’t get it to work.

  12. I seem to be having trouble with this. Every time I try using my steal skill it just keeps saying “failed” even though I set the skill to 100% success rate. Now I don’t know if I did something wrong with making the skill or if it’s something to do with the notetags cause I’m not 100% sure about that. I’ll post a picture of the skill that steals and a stealable skill just to show someone to see if I’m doing it right.

    just again thank you in advanced.

  13. Hi there! I’m trying to make work this script but nothing, is because i’m using yanfly’ script Yanfly Engine Ace – Ace Battle Engine v1.22?

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