Party Sized Menu

Last Updated: 2012.01.05
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This is just a small script to adjust the size of the party window in the main menu and other menus to the maximum possible battle members (up to a maximum of 5 members) to show up on screen without leaving out vital data.

If the maximum members is less than 4, then they’ll be evened out further.

This script requires Yanfly Engine Ace – Ace Menu Engine v1.00+. Place this script under Yanfly Engine Ace – Ace Menu Engine in the script listing.

And that’s all, folks!

17 comments on “Party Sized Menu

  1. errrr this script has seamed to stop working for me (i only have yanflys scripts installed but nothing changes when this script is added)

  2. I set the max battle members to 5 but it still doesn’t appear like in the picture. I’m doing everything right, I placed this script under the party system script and have 5 members in my party, it still doesn’t work!

  3. This works for me, but it’s buggy just like in the screenshots. It displays the TP meter, but everyone always shows as having 0 TP… even if they really have some.

    • Only characters with “Preserve TP” can keep their TP after battle, all other’s TP runs down to 0 after battle.
      Make sure that Preserve TP is set, in the Features of either the actor or the class.

  4. This is a cool script, I was wondering if there was to re-size the window for when there is only one character? I’m only having one character in my game and I’d prefer not to have such a huge window for one character >.< if there's a way to do it without scripting that be even better! Thanks in advance

  5. look for member_size

    replace the line
    return [$game_party.max_battle_members, 5].min

    return [$game_party.battle_members.size, 5].min

  6. Hey Yanfly!
    I’ve used this script, and it’s the best damn script that I’ve ever seen for playing either solo or in big parties or for keeping mystery about the number of story-persona’s!
    Just one compatibility note: This script or “Ace Menu Engine” seems not to be compatible with Syvkal’s “Menu Bars VXAce”.
    Would you please (pretty please) fix that? Thank you!

    • Never mind, figured it out myself.
      Just had to change:
      return [$game_party.battle_members.size, 5].min
      return [$game_party.battle_members.size, 6].min

      So it is possible to have more than five characters!

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