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Last Updated: 2011.12.26
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New Game+ is a great way to provide replay value for your game. It lets the player re-experience the game in a different way with either carried over items, to carried over party members, to carried over skills, switches, and variables even. There exists many options to change how New Game+ will work for your game.

Remember, this script requires Ace Save Engine.

Insert these notetags into Items, Weapons, or Armours to determine whether or not you want specific items to carry over:

<no carry over>

This will cause this specific item to not carry over in New Game+ if the item can be carried over. This does not affect any items that actors may have equipped.

And that’s all, folks!

46 comments on “New Game+

    • You can carry the swith that turns the New Game+ feature on to this new game

      So make a condition that when this switch is on, the game will be harder, in the way you want it to be harder, stronger enemies or harder puzzles…

      • What New Game+ really would do using the conditional switch is when you start a game with New Game+ set the enemy difficulty higher, and also make it so a specific dungeon which wasn’t available in the first play through open, and this special dungeon has its on items that aren’t available outside said dungeon meaning, you can only get them by doing another play through. :D

  1. Is it possible to reset the game via an in-game event/script call without the use of the save system? Being able to reset all switches and variables without doing so manually would be a lifesaver!

  2. The script has a function to carry certain switches over, everything else is reset back to zero.

    My own issue is this: When I start the new game+ it loads up, fades to black and returns me to the title screen. Any help?

    • Rather than sending me to the map with the starting player, it just loads the save file then fades out the screen, then returns to the title screen.

  3. I may have found a fix for the problem. If an autorun or parallel process event going on when the player starts a newgame+ then it will continue to occur, never leaving that event page.

    • I am having trouble understanding if this is a good thing or not.

      I have an introduction that leads to setting up a (very simple) difficulty system and setting save mode (save anywhere or use of save points)

      Intro runs automatically, then transfers the player to the actual introduction of my game.

      So my question is: Will a new game+ actually work with my current settings → intro set up?

      • Crap, worded that poorly.

        The game starts, black screen, message pops up asking if the player wants to change settings, after changing settings (or choosing not to) the event transfers the player to the introduction.

        Both the settings and introduction are autorun.

        Hope that clears it up.

  4. Another question:

    When starting a new game plus I intend to use the post prologue characters.
    During the prologue both of the main characters are kittens, but at the end of the prologue they are transformed into nekomata and moved to the next area.

    When starting a NG+ will an event be required to remove the kittens and add the others, and will they retain stats?

  5. I can’t seem to get it to work in mine. I have the Ace Save Engine. And the Ace Save engine works fine. How I’m doing it (To simply test it out) is that I am making an event with an action button trigger; the only thing in this event is turning the New Game+ switch to ‘on’ I then save the game and go back to the main menu. Still no New Game+ option.

  6. I have a question regarding this script (I’m a noob when it comes to scripts). Is it possible to have a switch at the very end of my game so that when a NG+ is started, there’s a different ending? I’ve seen something similar happen in The Crooked Man but if memory is correct that was made with Wolf RPG, not RPG Maker VX Ace. If anyone can answer that’d be great~

  7. Just a note to those who are still having problems with the title screen thing … if an event at the end of your game has a command that takes you to the title screen after you save, it causes this problem. So, I transferred the player to an empty map after the final save and put an autorun there that takes you back to the title screen. Works fine now.

  8. Dropbox won’t let me download it. It says something like “this account was generating too much traffic and was temporarely disabled”. But I need this script now. I’m the impatient guy.

  9. Is there any way to specify which characters get to keep carry-overs? For example, would I be able to make one specific character keep his skills, while everything else is reset?

  10. Hello!! I’m using this script in my project, and i have to say that it has a lot of potential, as a lot of users have already said. By the way i found something that, i don’t know if it has happend to others yet, but if you have one starting map which begins with an automatic event or something like that, the map starts without the BGM, there no sound. I fix it by adding after line 489 $game_system.on_after_load
    i added $game_map.autoplay this will play everything on the map.

  11. Just wondering if there was any plan to get the link working again? I noticed some people mentioned that the link was taking them to the page that says the account has been temporarily disabled back in 2014, it’s still disabled :/

    • I literally just realized we can get it from the GitHub link, it’s still kind of annoying and misleading that the link named download doesn’t work but at least we can still get the script :P

  12. Hey, just a quick one. I’ve been using your scripts since I first started making (and abandoning -_-) projects over a year ago. Your New Game + script, I’ve trawled over many times and I can’t seem to get a fix for the title screen problem that a couple other people have had, I’ve even their solutions and still no joy. I was wondering if you maybe had any advise for how I might be able to fix this problem, as I’m pretty stuck lol

    Many thanks for all of your awesome scripts by the way ^_^

  13. I can’t load save files since I installed the script. Anybody else having this issue? I’ve looked through the code and can’t find anything stopping it. Any suggestions?

    • I have the same problem. How can we load the game with NewGame+ ?? It’s replace the Load function and now we have no clue on how to Load the file.

  14. So, I tried to test out the New Game+, but when I hit the New Game+ button, the screen goes black for a minute then goes back to the title screen. Other than having the switch on, how do I activate New Game+?

  15. I’m not too sure about how to use this script… So after paste it in the script, triggered the said switch… Then what? To access the new game+, load the game or start a new one? And where exactly I should put the switch trigger? At the VERY end of the game, then a save window pop-up? Or just simply trigger the switch and let the game end (to title screen)? I’m quite a noob at these kind of script, sorry for asking too much. Please provide more detailed tutorial. Thank you.

  16. Hello. I have been using your scripts and have been deeply grateful for all the work you’ve put into making these scripts. Just recently I have installed this one to give my short game some replay value, but somehow the NG+ script wouldn’t turn off with control switches nor will it allow me to load any of the previously saved game files. I have followed the instructions and the requirements carefully such as including Ace Save Engine and placing the NG+ script under it.

    Is there a step that I may have missed? I’m not expert on scripting, but I’ll go over it again to see if I can sort this out. Any sort of help in this is more than welcome.

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