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Last Updated: 2012.01.05
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The RPG Maker VX Ace shop scene is relatively basic. It provides adequate information, but not really enough to let the player know what they’re actually buying or even selling. This script enables shops to show more than just the basic information displayed in RPG Maker VX Ace and even allow for custom commands to be inserted.

The item shop now displays more information to the player during the buying process. This is extremely helpful for players as it lets the player understand just exactly what kind of item they’re buying. The display is similar to that of the Ace Item Menu.

When buying an item, gold will be calculated visually to show the player how much gold will remain after the purchase. While yes, players can do this by themselves, but save them the extra step. Games are for playing, not practicing arithmetic.

Selling items will work the same way visually and allow the player to understand what they are selling.

Give items images instead of having zoomed in icons while being shown in the data window above. To do so, insert this notetag into their notebox:

<image: string>

Uses a picture from Graphics\Pictures\ of your RPG Maker VX Ace Project’s directory with the filename of “string” (without the extension) as the image picture shown in the Ace Shop Options.

Custom commands can be inserted, such as equip, which allows the player to equip items while in shop.

To add in custom commands, change the command list in the module and apply the custom command. They’ll show up in the command window if done properly. Here’s a list of currently compatible scripts with Ace Shop Options:

And that’s all, folks!

49 comments on “Ace Shop Options

  1. I love you. I knew you would eventually do something with shops but this more than exceeded what I thought you would do.

  2. You’re a God on Earth. Sweet holy geez every script just gets better. No one is as prolific with scripting and concise with their tutorials. I would pay you to teach me to script. Seriously, it would be worth every penny.

    • Seconded…I prefer WhiteDevil’s over Kread_EX’s script because of its simplicity and the ability to synthesize items from multiples of one or more materials – plus it does away with the whole alchemy level bit which I don’t plan on using…but as Przemo1013 just mentioned, the script seems to conflict with Ace Shop Options, which I would really like to use. The error’s in the line 605-608 neighborhood and is a “NoMethodError”.

      undefined method ‘command_window’ for

    • My fix was to comment out lines 789, 795, 796, 797, and 798. so Lines 789 through 798 should now look like this:
      # if @item.image.nil?
      icon_index = @item.icon_index
      bitmap = Cache.system(“Iconset”)
      rect = % 16 * 24, icon_index / 16 * 24, 24, 24)
      target =, 0, 96, 96)
      contents.stretch_blt(target, bitmap, rect)
      # else
      # bitmap = Cache.picture(@item.image)
      # contents.blt(0, 0, bitmap, bitmap.rect, 255)
      # end

      The shop will now use the image you have for the item’s icon in the database, but will ignore the in the comment box.
      Also, I had a bug where weapon/armor didn’t have any stats that would show up when trying to sell them. To fix this I commented out line 805.

  3. Hi, I have been using some of your scripts in a project that i’m making, and I find them amazing! I love your scripts, I’m studying programation at school, and I couldn’t make scripts like this even if I studied RGSS night and day for a month. They really are amazing you have my congratulations on that. But the reason I’m commenting is about an error at line 789, (if @item.image.nil?) the error was: “Script ‘Awsome_Shop’ line 789:NoMethodError Occured. undefined method ‘image’ for #”. This error happened when I tried to sell something, I didn’t know what the problem was, but since it was a condition instead of “if @item.image.nil?” I wrote “1+1==2” because that would make the condition true to my surprise it actually worked. so I went reading some portions of the script and reached the conclusion that I can’t set images to the items, but that’s no problem for me since I like the pixelated icons. From what I understood from the script I can’t use images if that condition is allways true, it has to be false some times so that items with images can work, and I won’t get errors, so I’m wondering what should I write to make the script work properly with all of it’s features fully operational, not because I will use them but because I’m a curious geek, so, any ideas on what I should write on that line? Thank you very much in advance! And sorry for any bad english you might find, you see, I’m portuguese so english is not my native language. Thank you.

  4. First i would like to say that i LOVE your scripts, Yanfly. They are the best! Anyway, im getting this error when i try to open my inventory, after i started using the Ace Shop Options script:
    Im using the last version of your Item Menu script and the last version of your shop script, but i dont know why, i think its not working when i put them together. I tried to remove the shop script and try again, and it worked normally. Anyone figure out why im having this error? I tried to change the order (Shop script over Item script then item script over shop script) and i get the same error. I don’t think it has anything to do with it, but just for the record, i also use the equipment system script.

  5. Pingback: My Introduction to RPG Maker VX ACE | RPG Maker VX ACE Information

  6. I wish this was a script i needed.. but it’s not.
    I’m trying to find a CSS(customizable shop system) script.
    So i can simply and easily move boxes around.. change height and width, tell the commands to be vertical if i want them to be… those sorts of things… and no one’s made anything like that… i was for sure this would have options like that but it does not.

  7. This works pretty well for me however I’ve run into a small snag with another script I am using. The other script allows the use of multiple icon files, the icon appears in the shop and other menus but as you can see from the image below the enlarged display made by the Shop Options script does not display items from my other sheets.

  8. def draw_item_image
    # colour =, 0, 0, translucent_alpha/2)
    # rect =, 1, 94, 94)
    # contents.fill_rect(rect, colour)
    # if @item.image.nil?
    # icon_index = @item.icon_index
    # bitmap = Cache.system(“Iconset”)
    # rect = % 16 * 24, icon_index / 16 * 24, 24, 24)
    # target =, 0, 96, 96)
    # contents.stretch_blt(target, bitmap, rect)
    # else
    # bitmap = Cache.picture(@item.image)
    # contents.blt(0, 0, bitmap, bitmap.rect, 255)
    # end

    I commented these lines out to make this work with my game. This might be a conflict with using the Individual Equipment Fomar script.

  9. It’d be great if you could edit the order of the params in this. I don’t like that it goes Health, magic,
    attack, defence,
    matk, mdef,
    speed, luk.

    Any ideas?

  10. I’m using a custom script that won’t draw the ‘x’ for some reason. I have the all the junk symbol removers and all that and it’s not working. I really like the font and would like to keep it, so I’ve been trying to find the piece of the script that puts the ‘x’ there so I can remove it. Anybody know where this can be done?

  11. Me too, I’ve been looking for a script that shows all my party members (I have 10) in the POSSESSION screen, and haven’t find any yet, thats really important in my game… is there any way to show them all in this script??

    • This would be useful, also the link seems to be bust for me, too much public traffic? any idea when I can get it, I’ve needed this for so long!

  12. ^^ Confirmed, i cannot access the download link. Drop box error is “Error (509)
    This account’s public links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled! ” Please could you sort out the download link or post it somewhere else? Thanks for the great script btw.

  13. Macblink, I edit draw_equip_info to say this (around line 574 in Yanfly_AceShopOptions):

    def draw_equip_info(dx, dy)
    dy -= line_height
    $game_party.members[@page_index * page_size, 20].each_with_index do |actor, i|
    #status_members.each_with_index do |actor, i|
    draw_actor_equip_info(dx, 18*i, actor) # 20*i was dy – line_height * i

    I’ve got 7 characters in my party, and this seems to work without breaking anything.
    Hope this helps!

  14. I really love this and many of your other scripts. I really appreciate that you’re kind enough to share them with everyone. I’m having a weird problem, however. I’ve recent;y noticed that in the shop menus, the items name listing is invisible. I also use your menu script, and I don’t have any problems there, and unless I just did an awful job of checking, I’m pretty sure this problem didn’t come up until I added some other scripts. I’m using quite a few in this project, but if I had to guess, I think it may be due to my adding the SES Bestiary script or one of the Hime-works scirpts (item stack size, instances, or affixes). Would you have any idea how to fix this problem? Sorry to be a bother.

    Here’s a screenshot of the shop menu currently:

  15. So, after going through, and removing a bunch of scripts in order to test compatibility, it turns out it was the “Vel System – Shop: Sell Only v1.10” script that was causing the problem. The weird thing is that it even says in the script itself that it’s compatible with yours. I just went ahead and switched to a different sell only script by Hime Works, but I thought I’d share this finding on here in case anyone else has trouble with it in the future. :)

  16. I’m having issues with Mog’s Montogari script. Whenever I go to equip, I get Error 6805 on Mog’s script. Does anyone know what could be happening?

  17. I’m having some issues showing parameter changes with Magic only items. For DEF & ATK, it’ll show +2 or +4 (depending) to the party members while shopping, but for items with only MAT, it shows +0, despite the MAT on the item being 3 or 4. I tested and for items with both MAT and ATK, it’ll show only the ATK parameter change.

    I’d like to fix this because I have mage classes that don’t use ATK at all, and showing +0 in the shop window can be a little confusing.

  18. I know this probably wont get a reply, but Is it possible to change the color of the amount the weapon or armor increases or decreases stats by?
    For example in the above screenshots, IF a weapon is better is shows on the right in GREEN, would it be possible to change it to YELLOW? or any other color? if so, how?

  19. I really don’t expect a reply, but is there a wat to remove MAT and MDF stats from display. I removed them from my BattlerBase and assigned their IDs to other stats, but the shop still shows MDF and MAT.

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