Menu Cursor

Last Updated: 2012.01.16
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This script creates visible menu cursors for your game. Whenever a window is selectable and active, the menu cursor will appear for it. Menu cursors catch the player’s attention better and helps the player figure out quickly which window became the active window. Also included with this script is the ability to disable the highlighted selection bar since the window menu cursor can replace it.

Make sure you have a cursor image within your project’s Graphics\System\ folder. By default, the cursor’s filename should be MenuCursor.

For those who would like to use a pre-made Menu Cursor, here is one to use:

Make sure you save it as MenuCursor within the Graphics\System folder of your project.

And that’s all, folks!

23 comments on “Menu Cursor

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  2. This scrip causes a crash when I hit the button when in the Game End window.
    The error gives the following…

    Script ‘Sprite_Base’ line 33: RGSSError occurred. disposed sprite.

      • After playing with it for a while, all I did was comment out line 42 and 43 of “Scene_End” so it looked like this:

        def close_command_window
        #update until @command_window.close?


        Works like a charm now. I was going to explain it, but meh… now it works right. ha!

  3. Sorry, for some reason I can’t open rb files.
    Can you transfer them to something like exe or rar so I can open them?
    I want to use a script and i’m getting a major headache trying to open the scripts.

  4. “This scrip causes a crash when I hit the cancel button when in the Game End window.
    The error gives the following…

    Script ‘Sprite_Base’ line 33: RGSSError occurred. disposed sprite.”

    Me too.

  5. Does this support animated cursors? I have one that I made myself and would like to have it animated to bounce back and forth so that it isn’t so static.

  6. Whenever I present the player with the option of choosing what to say via show choice, there is no cursor. Anyone know how to fix this?

  7. Would there be a way to get it to point at enemy battlers onscreen, instead of at the (now hidden) window underneath?

  8. So I ran into an error while testing my game. I’m using your Menu Cursor script, Button Common Events, and Nicke’s XaiL System -Teleport script.

    Basically, I have the X button run a common event that opens up the Teleport GUI from Nicke’s script. However, whenever I try to open this GUI with the common event I get this:

    Script ‘Menu Cursor’ line 210: NoMethodError occured.

    undefined method ‘each’ for nil:NilClass

    Any ideas?

  9. Very useful, reliable script for anyone starting out and wanting to customize a game made in RM VX ACE. For those that were having issues, I recommend going back and using the script currently shown on here rather than the one you used , as I believe it has been updated since. Anybody know where I can find some different menu cursors to work with this script? TIA

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