Anti-Fail Message

Last Updated: 2011.12.23
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For eventers or custom effect makers out there, when using a skill or item on an enemy without any damage or status effect changes, a fail message will occur even if there are common events or other effects happening. With this script, you can insert a notetag into the skill or item noteboxes to prevent that fail message from appearing.

Insert this notetag in the skill or item’s notebox:

<anti fail>

Insert this notetag inside of a skill’s notebox to prevent it from showing a failed message despite having custom effects or running a common event.

And that’s all, folks!

9 comments on “Anti-Fail Message

  1. This actually doesn’t work for me. I tried it with a skill which gives TP to the actor using it, but it displays FAILED even with the anti fail tag added to the skill.

  2. Works great! It’ll help out a lot in my project!
    I just had one question: Would there be a way to update this so it includes skills that deal damage, heal hp, etc for people that like to make custom formulas? The anti-fail tag only works right now when damage type is set to none. If it included the other damage types this script would be perfect!

    • Uhm, dude, did you even read what the script is for?
      Has nothing to do with actors or anything visible.
      All it does is prevent a popup from appearing when you use a skill that would normally cause “FAILED” to appear.
      There’s nothing that would be visible after death, at all.
      Use more than 3 brain cells, please.

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