Base Troop Events

Last Updated: 2012.12.06
Download Link
Github Link

For all the eventers out there who love to customize their battles through custom event pages, you can now save yourself some time by drawing all the event pages from a base troop event to occur in every fight. All of the events will be present in every single battle.

Change the ID here to the troop ID you want to gather all page events from for every battle.

And that’s all, folks!

10 comments on “Base Troop Events

  1. Are you going to add the common event functionality into Battle Engine Ace if/when you work on it, or does this replace that?

    • This replaces that actually because this provides more control power over turn handling. The only thing for Ace Battle Engine that’ll be remotely similar is providing a common event to run after at the end of every battle.

  2. Hay I’m really sorry bout last message, it’s just I really need this script in a bad way, and was agrivated. I’m Billy Lit, big fan of your work, I’m a pro wrestler check me out on youtube (when I was young lol). If you could can you send me the troop base Id gimmick.

    • 1 word.
      There’s two links available
      A download link for a demo of the project, where you open it in RPGVXA
      and a github link where you can just copy the code.
      Use a few more than just one brain cell, will ya?

  3. this doesn’t even work, I changed the ID, and nothing happens… i tried both new game and battle test… this doesn’t work

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