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Last Updated: 2011.12.03
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RPG Maker VX Ace lacks the ability to flip pictures and show a mirrored version of them. Now, through the aid of a switch, you can mirror pictures once that switch is on, and unmirror pictures once that switch is off.

Bind the FLIP_PICTURE_SWITCH constant in the module to a switch strictly used for flipping pictures. Remember this switch ID (best if you rename it in the switch list, too).

Turn on the switch and any picture events following will be mirrored. Turn it off and following picture events will be normal (un-mirrored). Following the example in the event window:

Display Picture 1
Switch Operation: [0021: Flip Picture] = ON
Display Picture 2
Switch Operation: [0021: Flip Picture] = OFF
Display Picture 3

Picture 1 will be normal. Picture 2 will be flipped. Picture 3 will be back to normal.

And that’s all, folks!

7 comments on “Flip Picture

    • Oh i love that suggestion! Just reading what you said triggered a lot of memories of details from good old games. Most specificly the “Shining” series. If it was possible to flip monster pictures back and forth quickly to get a sort of monster attack animation like in this vid at 0:50-ish i would be very happy.

    • It can be easily solved by adding start_tone_change_fp(tone, duration) between line 128 and 129. Hope it helped~

  1. I have a request!

    In RPGMaker 2000 we could make pictures on a map tile relative position.

    Currently on RPGMVXA ywe can’t do it anymore, the pictures follows the player…

    I think make a switch to make map-relative position pictures should be great to make ambiental effects… like wind, flying birds, lights, shadows, rain, fog, etc

  2. Or, instead of using switches, how about script call flip_picture(pictureid)? IMO it is less quirky to use and you can actually mirror then any image without issuing Move Picture/Show Picture command.

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