Parallax Lock

Last Updated: 2012.2.20
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This script gives developers the ability to lock a map’s parallax and cause it to not scroll by either vertically, horizontally, or both. Furthermore, this script also enables tile locking the map parallax, allowing the parallax to only move in conjunction with the player.

<lock parallax x>

This prevents the map’s parallax from scrolling horizontally.

<lock parallax y>

This prevents the map’s parallax from scrolling vertically.

<full lock parallax>

This prevents the map’s parallax from scrolling at all.

<tile lock parallax>

This causes the map’s parallax to be locked to tiles and scrolls with them.

And that’s all, folks!

33 comments on “Parallax Lock

  1. Lmao, i totally forgot about Parallax locking since i always used Ultimate Overlay in VX, so now for the past few hours i been banging my head as to why my start location is in the wrong place (Namely got pushed up 2 tiles) THIS script fixed it and reminded me the importance to lock. Thanks a bunch, Yanfly! <3

  2. Can you make an online rpgmaker vx aces script,
    where you can chat online, battle again each other
    and more?

    • I highly doubt that Yanfly would make something like that. Not only because it needs more than “just” a few scripts, at least half the system must be revamped and you also need a server.

      I know that there are some “Multiplayer Online Games” made with XP, I’m just saying that Yanfly is enhancing the Maker itself, not making it heavily modified for other styles of gameplay.

      The lack of Action RPG- or Tactical RPG-related Scripts (which would totally be possible for Yanfly) should speak for itself.

  3. I noticed in the pic that there is another parallax image behind actual map, how do you do that with this script if that map is being used as the parallax image….? Hope that’s not a confusing question, lol.

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  6. I put script where it need to be but it isnt working! Do i need to do something else?
    I already found another script which does the same thing but when i go to next map, i have both pictures on my screen (one from that and one from previous map).
    Can anyone help me?
    p.s. sorry for my bad english because it isnt my native language

  7. I’d like to request an alteration to this script to allow autoscroll to work with tile locking. I made an edit myself to separate tile locking into X and Y, and that wasn’t enough to get the effect I wanted.

  8. Hi guys I hope someone of you can help me. I’m using this script and works great with the ‘base map’ but the overlay image is moving with the character. I’m using the notetag but can’t find the problem.

  9. I’m having a problem where my character cannot move at all from the start point. There are no tiles on my map at all over the parallax but the character can’t walk. Script is under Materials, as the instructions say. Any help is appreciated!

  10. I would really like the function to offset the parallax map image based on variables (to make -x,-y of parallax random.)
    So if I make a 10×10 grassland map for random encounters I only need to make a fairly big grassland-parallax.png. So when player transfers to 10×10 map it will kind of always look somewhat different. even if it is a smal map:)

    Is it possible to ask for this? Thanks!

  11. I added it to my project, but nothing happened, I added notes to the map i want to fixed the parallax, but it still move, it still scroll. Nothing happened.

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