Stop All Movement

Last Updated: 2011.12.10
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This script provides two switches. One switch will stop all NPC events from being able to move when it’s on. The other switch will prevent the player from being able to move when it’s on (outside of an event).

Stopping NPC’s and players from moving as easy as turning on a switch. Turn the respective switch off to let them resume movement again.

That’s all folks!

19 comments on “Stop All Movement

  1. I only started working on Ace yesterday and already I have used this script a dozen times. It just makes life so much simpler! Complex sequences are no longer daunting.

  2. Is it possible to make said ‘stop npc movement’ switch stop animated tiles (ie. pools of water) as well? Such as to create the illusion of time being frozen? And is it possible to continue to allow the player character to move while everyone else is frozen? Any response will be duly appreciated.

    • To follow up on my previous statement, it appears as though the latter of my requests – having the player character remain mobile – was the entirety of the intention behind the second switch… or am I mistaken? For whatever reason, when I attempt to freeze only other npc’s on screen my main character is too frozen. Is this to do with his graphic or for some other reason? Again, prompt responses are appreciated.

  3. bug report : I stop event from move and do something to kill event(transform to grave) after enable movement ,event transform to grave but it move 1 step from it’s position. I want this event transform to grave and don’t move from it’s position. please this

  4. Will we get a library of these scripts for MV? (js) These are all very essential functions, I wonder why the disable character movement was even removed from the engine -_- lots of useful things were taken out. Just hope we get js versions of all these yanfly scripts.

    • It’s easy man

      Just change the numbers to whichever switches in your game you want to use. In my game, if I turn on switch 402 (which I’ve named ‘Stop Player’), then the player can’t move. You can use whichever switches you want in your game, just make sure the number of that switch is listed in the script.

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