Swap Monsters

Last Updated: 2011.12.20
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Ported from various VX Yanfly Engines, this script allows you to have one enemy be a basic randomizing swap dummy for other enemies. Insert enemy ID’s of other enemies inside of the swap notetag and those enemies will take place of the swap monster at the start of a battle.

Insert inside of an enemy’s notebox:

<swap: x>
<swap: x, x>

Makes the current enemy into a swap dummy. Insert the ID’s of other enemies you want the current enemy to randomize into. Insert multiples of this tag if you want more randomized enemies.

And that’s all, folks!

12 comments on “Swap Monsters

    • Yes, it shows 8 swapped out enemies
      2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 this shows that multiple swap tags work (Just in case you have so many to swap out that you need more lines)

  1. would it be possible for a swap item aswell could allow for some shops to have a bit of randomisation or enemy drops bit more random (i know extra drops helps but this would be a great extra bit)

  2. So is the first swap the number which monster in the line is being swapped or is it the number of the monster that is to BE swapped

    Using slime as example first in default list
    or does this change the first enemy in the line up of the battle screen

  3. @Adam Smith, You put the notetag in the troop you want to swap out
    in troop 001 [ SLIME ]
    if you put
    then SLIME will become enemy 1, 2, or 3

    Also, Yanfly, if you use multiple dummies.. ie. dummy swaps to another dummy that has several types.
    For example
    I put a dummy of a ork in the database which swaps out to 3 different enemies. these being ork fighter, ork shaman and ork bandit. Not the 3 latter ones swap out to different appearances of their respective ork types. HOWEVER, this fails as the swap tag is only read for the initial troops, completely leaving out the other forms. I was wondering if you could fix this. If not that’s fine, I’ll just copy the swap tags.

    • Well, this fix would be nice to organize your swaps even further, but theoretically you could put all the possibilities into the initial dummy. And if you want to have a Troop with only one type of ork, just make new dummies where there are only fighters or shamans or such. Which you should have created for the all-in-one dummy already.
      Just my two cents, but making such a fix would only complicate stuff.

  4. This works great. Only issue I can see, which is kind of a minor setback, is if there are 2 of the same enemy showing up in the troop. It won’t say for example, Slime A, Slime B. It will just say Slime, Slime. It kind of makes it hard to differentiate between the same enemies when targeting.

  5. Can this be used to set a semi random troop. Like I put slime a, b, c, and d as possible swaps, then could you set a way to leave holes. so on some occasions you can battle 3 slimes and others its 4 or maybe even 5.

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