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Yanfly Engine 6 – Performance Screen

Last Updated: 2011.09.09
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The performance screen appears in the Yanfly Engine 6 Status Menu as an extension that shows a battler’s progress and totals throughout all of its battles. The data shown will detail how many kills it’s performed, how many times the battler has died, how many kill assists the battler aided in, the amount of damage dealt, taken, and more.

Adjust the module as you see fit. Everything else is plug and play.

Performance Vocabulary


Here is the vocabulary used for each of the data shown about a battler’s battle performance. Adjust it as you see fit.


This is the font size used for the data provided.

Performance Help Window


This section adjusts the help window descriptions for each item. The help window only appears when the Performance screen shows up.

Assist Mechanics


This is how many turns of leeway will be given for an assist to count for a particular action.

And that’s all folks!

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