Diagonal Scroll

Last Updated: 2011.12.30
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Diagonal scrolling was an old feature found in the older RPG Makers, but was taken out of RPG Maker VX and remains absent in RPG Maker VX Ace. As such, this script will reproduce the same scrolling effect that was found in the previous versions of RPG Maker.

scroll_lower_left(x, y)

scroll_lower_right(x, y)

scroll_upper_left(x, y)

scroll_upper_right(x, y)

This will scroll the screen x tiles diagonally in the marked direction. By default, the scrolling speed will be 4. If you wish to change the scrolling speed, use the script call method with y for a different speed value.

And that’s all, folks!

8 comments on “Diagonal Scroll

  1. So i tried editing the script to make it to where i can scroll, say, 20 up, but only like 5 right. I cant seem to get it to work, I tried adding another distance value(edited the current to be X and the new to be Y), too many arguments apparently, then tried to add the basic up down left right scroll commands and call two of them at once each with different values, and it scrolls one at a time(one way until done, then the other)

  2. Sorry for the Double post, but, just so you know, I edited the Game_Map to include an extra distance value(which seems to have worked) and attempted to add an @params[4] to the scroll command in Game_Interpreter, yet it still says “4 for 3 arguments”

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