Element Popups

Last Updated: 2011.12.26
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This is an add-on made for Ace Battle Engine.

This script colour-coded element popups as they appear in battle for any kind of HP damage dealt. This does not include healing popups, MP damage popups, only HP damage dealt. Colour-coded element popups help the player quickly identify what kind of damage is dealt and streamlines the delivery of battle information to the audience.

If you are using elements other than the default set of elements that came with a default project of RPG Maker VX Ace, adjust the element colours in the module within the script.

And that’s all, folks!

11 comments on “Element Popups

  1. Just a suggestion that comes to my mind when I read this: What about critical hit and super-effective element animations, ideally to be set for each individual skill? :)

  2. Effective element attacking is already marked by “Weakpoint!” and Critical hits already glow with the affected element colour.

  3. Yeah, I know. :) But maybe you want to have some fancy animation and/or sound effect when critting or super-effectively casting an elemental spell.

  4. In Ace we can create our own element. If I create an element (for example) named “Ghost” for ghost damage, what will happen? (If something bad happens, can I fix it?)

  5. Im trying to use this with Victors animated battlers, and I have downloaded a edited script which makes it possible, a script made by Helladen. But I cant seem to run it since I get this error on the Elemental Popups script; line: 114 NameError occured unintialized constant YEA::BATTLE::POPUP_RULES. Everything works fine if I remove the script.

  6. I’m using “Victor Engine – Custom Slip Effect” to create a special Water element based damage over time state. The element does extra damage when used against water vunerable targets each turn the state is active, but it does not show a weak point hit, or colors from “Yanfly Element Popups”, just white damage numbers. Is there some way I could change this?

  7. My suggestion would be instead of having the color of the text change, simply place an icon beside the damage text. You did this with the status effects, I figure this would work better, and look much better overall.

  8. Hmm, I’m tending to find that elements added to normal attacks don’t produce the expected text colours. Is this normal?

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