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Last Updated: 2012.08.06
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This script changes the status screen completely to something the player can interact with more and be able to view actor data with more clarity. The player is able to view the general information for an actor (parameters and experience), a parameters bar graph, the various hidden extra parameters (named properties in the script), and a customizable biography for the actor. Also with this script, biographies can be changed at any time using a script call to add more of a personal touch to characters.


The status menu now provides more detailed information to the player by separating data into various categories for more visual and detailed display. Commands in the command window can be rearranged, removed, and added.

The “General” category under the status menu will display information pertaining to major parameters and experience data.

The “Parameters” category under the status menu will display a bar graph of the actor’s parameters relative to each other for a better comparison of where they stand.

The “Properties” category under the status menu will display all of the hidden parameters that the game also uses. Players will be able to see new stats that weren’t available before. This script is also updated to include various Yanfly Engine Ace bonuses such as cooldown reduction rates, HP cost rates, and more.

Although the actor’s database biography is displayed at the top in the Help Window, the “Biography” window will show the current most updated biography on the actor. For those wondering how to change that, look below:

You can change an actor’s biography description at any time during a game through a Script Call. Follow the example in the window to change biographies.

$game_actors[x].description = string

Changes the biography description for actor x to that of the string. Use \n to designate linebreaks in the string. If you wish to use text codes, write them in the strings as \\n[2] or \\c[3] to make them work properly.

Advanced users may insert custom categories into the Status Command Window and even adjust what is shown in the display window.

And that’s all, folks!

59 comments on “Ace Status Menu

  1. Cool. I’m glad you implemented a way to “shut off” certain stats in the properties tab, seeing all those stats listed may scare some people.

  2. Now that I think about it: Wouldn’t free stats make a nice add-on to this? You could simply add another command there where you can adjust your free stats earned upon leveling-up. This would give this menu some more “active” use, if you know what I mean. You can actually DO something instead of only looking things up.

    • @Patrick That would definitely make a useful add-on.

      My main use for your VX status menu script was to add Biographies so when I saw it came native with Ace I was excited. Which lasted only a small while when I realized how limited Ace’s biographies are.

      Thank you for once again making such beautiful scripts and add ons for RM. :3

  3. First of all thank you so much for all the wonderful scripts.
    Second of all I have a question about this particular one. How do I add a stat panel that shows elemental resistances? Like the panel you have in your show enemy status info script.

  4. Im just all over the place today lol…

    Im trying to move equip and skill menu commands into the status menu, but i cant seem to get it to work right. Is this right? What is the :draw_ for? i dont see it in any other menu scripts you have

    [ :general, “General”],
    [ :properties, “Properties”],
    [ :custom1, “Abilities”],
    [ :custom2, “Equipment”],
    :custom1 => [ 0, 0, :command_skill, :draw_skill],
    :custom2 => [ 0, 0, :command_equip, :draw_equip],

  5. Will your Message System commands work in the script call to update the Biography? So I can use \\i[x] to throw in some icons?

  6. Would it be possible to have an add-on where you could list variables? Like the Parameters tab but instead of ATK/DEF/etc. it could be a Variable Name and Value. Similar to what’s done in the Options Menu (with the min/max values and how the bar fills as the variable’s value reaches the max.) I tried to frankensprite the two together but my skills are lacking. X_X

  7. Hello^^ First off, love the script. However, when I go to my Equipment screen, the name of the Equipment + it’s icon covers the last half of the name of the equipment slot. Is there a way to fix this by making the text smaller or moving the equipment name over a bit?

  8. I like the

    ‘Yanfly Engine RD – Scene Status ReDux
    Last Date Updated: 2009.05.26
    Level: Easy’

    one much, much, much better than this one.

    Can you get it to work Ace?

    Please, please, please get it to work for Ace.

  9. Hrm, I cannot get the Biography Script Call event to work to change the character’s biography (the long one). I even typed it out exactly as it is done in this screen here, and it crashes.

  10. How come when I go to the status menu an Error Occurs:
    “Script ‘Ace Status Menu’ line 601:ArguementError occurred
    wrong number of arguments (6 for 8)
    any help?

  11. I’m having a problem with the calculations of the parameters.

    :eva_n_value => “(agi + luk) / 2”,
    :eva_formula => “(n / (256.0 + n)) * 0.250 + 0.000 + base_eva”,

    => AGI = 45
    => LUK=62
    => base_eva=10

    the result should be: 10.04
    But it shows 14.29

  12. Hello, if you could please provide some help. I’m getting all kinds of errors with this script.

    “\\n[1], Lord of Virtue is always, has
    always ” +
    “been a \npowerful warrior. “+

    $game_actors[1].description = text$

    First I typed it exactly as shown, then I use the [$end] both result in a a crash.

    Script ‘Game_Interpreter line 1141 and

    $undefined expecting $end

    Putting an ‘$end’ statement at the end made the game crash as well.

    • Great script as usual Yanfly. :)
      But I was getting lots of errors with this as well when trying to change the Bio text that would appear for an actor. After some experimenting, I finally got it to work. This is the format for what I had to put in some script if I wanted to change the Bio text to be shown (and without the game coughing errors at me):

      $text =
      “This is a Bio text test.”
      $game_actors[1].description = $text

  13. I have a somewhat simple question about this script, for anyone who might know the answer to this… In the Biography section, I want the ONLY the nickname to display. How do I edit the script to do that? It appears as “%s the %s”, and if you leave it as just “%s” then it displays the main name instead. I want it the other way around. Anyone know how to do this or what command to use? Thanks so much for your help!

    • Look inside the script. You should find a line of code where it has it to display “%s the %s” change it to show whatever you want.

  14. First of all, thanks for this awesome script! It really saved my day :D
    I have a little question though. Is it possible to, let’s say, add a picture to the biography (the main field for the text)?
    If so, how?

    Thanks for the help :)

  15. Hello!
    I am using many of your scripts in my project and would like to make a special request. In Script “Ace Status Menu” made by you, there are various options, but I would like to modify one of them. I want to put something like a biography but with two side by side images, like in a card or photo album. The images will be saved in specific folder Graphics/Pictures.
    Is this possible?
    Thanks for reading me!

  16. Hi Yanfly, im using basically a lot of your scripts they are awesome, i have a little request, can u help me to draw the relationship system by Jeneeus Guruman information on the general page of this status menu? i have looking the code but i dont get it yet, thank you.

  17. Is it possible to edit the short description from the database, not just Yanfly’s longer biography, while using this script? Example: A character starts out with a certain description and biography, but he’s not who he seems. When the party finds out who he really is, both of those descriptions are updated. So far I can only make the detailed “Biography” section work with the Script Call. I’m stuck, is there a way to change the shorter one, too? I’d like to put emphasis on this being in-game, not editing in the database itself. Thanks!

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  19. No matter what I tend to do, the script simply decides not to show the actor’s nickname. It just says “(actor name here) the – and this is where the nickname should show up, but doesn’t. Am I missing something? Any and all help will be appreciated.

  20. after trying banging my head against the keybord trying different ways of code i figured to run it as parellel process. maybe its due to lack of sleep but the instructions dint seem clear

  21. I keep getting an error after installing the script and not fiddling around with it. It happens when I scroll over the “properties” tab in the game. It says this: “Script ‘Yanfly Status Menu’ Line 678: typeError occurred. cant convert nil into String

    Any idea how to fix this anyone?

    value = sprintf(fmt, @actor.hit * 100)

    • I figured out how to put it in not to long ago.

      First find
      # —————————-
      # draw_property
      # —————————-
      in Yanfly’s Ace Status Menu

      It is a section of the code that calls the actor’s status in question with a whole bunch of “when” statements.

      Scroll down to the bottom of all the “when” statements, but above the “#—” in the script.

      Paste this code in there.

      when :ele_rate1
      value = sprintf(fmt, @actor.element_rate(1) * 100)

      then re-paste it for the amount of element types you have in your game. Don’t forget to change :ele_rate1 to :ele_rate2 then :ele_rate3 (and so on) as you add more elements. Same goes for @actor.element_rate(1), make sure to change it into @actor.element_rate(2) and so on.

      Once you are done this step, scroll up to:

      # – Properties Window Settings –

      In any of the “PROPERTY_COLUMNS” (based on how you want it setup)
      paste the following:

      [:ele_rate1, “What-ever-element Rate”],

      For your knowledge “@actor.element_rate(1)” calls out the first element (hence the “1”) you imputed to the database’s Elements section in the Terms tab.

      “:ele_rate1” is the variable name given to @actor.element_rate(1)


      If the first element in your game’s list of elements is Fire, then @actor.element_rate(1)
      is calling the actor’s Fire Resistance.

      Sorry for the long post. Hope it helps.

      Makes sure to save a copy of your game else where encase you mess up.

      • This is great, except there’s no room on the page for anymore info. We need another page. I wish i had some idea of how to add another page…

    • I haven’t explored status rates, but I imagine they work much the same way.

      If you want me to find out, get back to me and I’ll see what I can do.

      • Hello. I tried using the code for the element and it looks awesome. I’d like to know what the code would be for adding the state rates to the menu. Also, I’m using YEA’s Steal system, so I was wondering if it was possible to add the steal rate to that same page.

        Thank you!

  22. I got a problem with your biography system. So I type in an actor description, it all works fine, but for some reason when I change it with the $game_actors[x].description = string, the text I type in as the string has line breaks where it shouldn’t have them. I tried using \n to fix it, but nothing seems to work. It looks somewhat like this:
    Three words
    Seven-eight words
    Five words
    Etcetera. Anyways, you can see what the problem is. The line breaks are automatically put where they shouldn’t be.

  23. Anyone here? Anyone know of a way to remove the mention of experience and levels from the status menus with this script installed?

  24. i have found a very specific bug.
    if you set your resolution in the Core engine module [640X360] everything rescale to this resolution EXCEPT the YanFly Status Menu.
    you end up with a menu that cant show all of it’s content as instead of resizing it just cut what is below a certain point. making the player unable to see some of it’s stat’s and unable to see the required exp to next level and such.

    after a couple of hours of tinkering i have found a way to fix this. I may not have prior experience coding in ruby but this work’s and seams stable. here is the code on paste bin

  25. thanks for the script…

    i have question… how can i add background to the Status menu ?

    i tried this …

    “statusback” => [0, 0, 3, 255]

    but it didn’t work because i think i have to add more codes..

    can you give me a simple way to do it?


  26. Is there anyway you could separate the ‘Properties window’ from the rest of the script? Alternatively could someone explain how to add additional stats (other than the default HP,MP,ATK etc) to the menu?

    • Line 190. It says: BIOGRAPHY_NICKNAME_TEXT = “%s the %s”

      The first %s is the actor’s name and the second %s is the actor’s nickname (if I’m not mistaken).

  27. Hello, I read all of the comment and I didn’t find all the answers I needed (or maybe I’m blind.
    1- I want to change the character’s description (the one on top of the status screen) with events. The “$game_actors[1].description = string” only give me errors.

    2- On the element status, the 10th one is not draw on the screen (Darkness) but I write it the same as the others. And, I manage to find a way to remove the “.00″ after the 100 on 100.00% (cut the 2 on %1.2f%%” in the draw_property).
    What I wish is to add “Darkness” (the 10th element) and if possible, with an picture (icon) instead of a text ( taking less place and still understandable ).

    Hope that you’ll find it ^^

  28. Where should I put this script?
    $text =
    “\\n[1], the Silver Reaper, has always ” +
    “been an extremely \npowerful warrior ” +
    “worthy of respect despite his many \n” +
    “shortcoming. His axe tears through ” +
    “the flesh of his \nenemies as if it ” +
    “were paper.”

    $game_actor[1].description = $text

    should I put it to script manager or where?

  29. $text =
    “\\n[1], the Silver Reaper, has always ” +
    “been an extremely \npowerful warrior ” +
    “worthy of respect despite his many \n” +
    “shortcoming. His axe tears through ” +
    “the flesh of his \nenemies as if it ” +
    “were paper.”

    $game_actor[1].description = $text

    should I put it to script manager or where?

  30. @ bagyabagya
    @ miko sevilla

    Open the commande list page 3 in an event.
    Look at the botom right “Scripts…”
    This is the script call.
    Open it and write your script inside.
    text =
    “\\n[1] The Blablatter. Blahhh blaa blaa blablabla, Blah ? \n” +
    “Blaah blaaaaaaa blaaaaaaaaaa !”

    $game_actors[1].description = text
    ( \n ) will line down the next part of your text.
    ( + ) is nothing, just a coder trick to dont write a looong line of text.

    I’am not a coder, so I hope to dont mistake. GL guys !

  31. I have renamed a number of parameters to reflect virtues instead of physical attributes in my game; as a result, I’d like to rearrange the way the appear on the parameters menu of the ACE status menu, but I can’t seem to make it work. They always show with attack first on down through luck last. Any suggestions?

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