Force Move Tiles

Last Updated: 2011.12.06
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This script allows certain tiles to force the player to move in one direction and continuing moving in that direction until the player is off of those specific tiles. Similar to conveyor belts or gravity tiles (from games like Chip’s Challenge), these tiles only move the player in one direction.

Bind terrain tags to correspond to force moving players in specific directions. Insert these following notetags inside of a Tileset notebox and apply the proper terrain tag you want for each force move tile.

<force up: x>
<force up: x, x>
<force down: x>
<force down: x, x>
<force left: x>
<force left: x, x>
<force right: x>
<force right: x, x>

By marking specific terrain tags with x and using these notetags, you can have a tile specifically move the player in that direction until the player is off of a force move tile or until the player hits an object.

And that’s all, folks!

19 comments on “Force Move Tiles

  1. nevermind i figured it out… but that would be alot of work.. any easier way like using the above notetags but for events? thanks for your inputs

  2. Is there a way to freeze a character’s movement animation while on a force move tile (like with the Slippery Tiles script)? That way while a player is being whisked around on quicksand, conveyor belts, etc. it looks a little less quirky.

    • I’m extremely late, but you can try creating a separate sprite set for a character that has no animation frames, and change to that when a character is on a moving tile.

      • I’m even later, but if you’re using both scripts you can add in:

        def pattern
        return YEA::SLIPPERY_TILES::SLIDE_FRAME if on_force_move_tile?
        return @pattern

        at around line 238 and it’ll work if this script is placed below SlipperyTiles. Without slipperytiles it wouldn’t be very hard to add this in either, but since I’m using both I don’t feel like trying to work that out entirely.

      • Oops, make that second line return YEA::SLIPPERY_TILES::SLIDE_FRAME if on_force_move_tile? || slippery_pose?

  3. I love the script. I have modified it to have a force continue tile (where it performs a move_forward instead of move_straight(direction) when the player touches it). This allows for easier mapping, and more complex puzzles.

    I however am stumped and was wondering if you could help. I want to modify it so it will only force movement if the player first touches an up/down/left/right tile (not a force_continue) so in the case the player can normally walk over those tiles like normal, until an up/down/left/right tile is hit, then it will trigger the forced movement like normal. Any tips?

    • Nevermind, I figured it out. I added a flag that gets set on the up/down/left/right variable and gets removed on a non-force move tile.

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