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Last Updated: 2012.01.08
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This is the core engine for Yanfly Engine Ace, made for RPG Maker VX Ace. This script provides various changes made to the main engine including bug fixes and GUI upgrades.

First, we’ll go over what bugs were found.

Bug Fix: Animation Overlay

It’s the same bug from VX. When an all-screen animation is played against a group of enemies, the animation bitmap is actually made multiple times, thus causing a pretty extreme overlay when there are a lot of enemies on screen. This fix will cause the animation to play only once.

Bug Fix: Animation Interruption

A new bug. When a character dual wields and attacks a single target, if an animation lasts too long, it will interrupt and/or halt the next animation from occurring. This script will cause the first animation to finish playing and then continue forth.

Bug Fix: Battle Turn Order Fix

Same bug from VX. For those who use the default battle system, once a turn’s started, the action order for the turn becomes set and unchanged for the remainder of that turn. Any changes to a battler’s AGI will not be altered at all even if the battler were to receive an AGI buff or debuff. This fix will cause the speed to be updated properly upon each action.

Bug Fix: Gauge Overlap Fix

Same bug from VX. When some values exceed certain amounts, gauges can overextend past the width they were originally designed to fit in. This fix will prevent any overextending from gauges.

Bug Fix: Held L and R Menu Scrolling

Before in VX, you can scroll through menus by holding down L and R buttons (Q and W on the keyboard) to scroll through menus quickly. This fix will re-enable the ability to scroll through menus in such a fashion. Disable it in the module if you wish to.

Substitute Healing

If an actor has the substitute (cover) flag on them, they will attempt to take the place of low HP allies when they’re the target of attack. However, this is also the case for friendly skills such as heal. This script will fix it where if a battler targets an ally, no substitutes will take place.

And that’s it for bugs. VX Ace fixed a lot of bugs considerably compared to what was there in VX. Sadly, a few remain, and a new one was generated. When newer bugs are found, this script will be updated to fix them.

Now, there’s a few new features added, too.

New Feature: Screen Resolution Size

The screen can now be resized from 544×416 with ease and still support maps that are smaller than 544×416. Maps smaller than 544×416 will be centered on the screen without having sprites jumping all over the place.

RPG Maker VX Ace has the option of having larger width and height for your games. Resizing the width and height will have these changes:

Default   Resized   Min Tiles Default   Min Tiles New
Width       544       640           17                 20
Height      416       480           13                 15

* Note: Maximum width is 640 while maximum height is 480. Minimum width is 110 while maximum height is 10. These are limitations set by RPG Maker VX Ace’s engine.

By selecting resize, all of the default menus will have their windows adjusted, but scripts provided by non-Yanfly Engine sources may or may not adjust themselves properly.

New Feature: Adjust Animation Speed

RPG Maker VX Ace plays animations at a rate of 15 FPS by default. Speed up the animations by changing a simple constant in the module.

New Feature: GUI Modifications

There are quite a lot of different modifications you can do to the GUI. This includes placing outlines around your gauges, changing the colours of  each individual font aspect, and more. Also, you can change the default font setting for your games here.

New Feature: Numeric Digit Grouping

This will change various scenes to display numbers in groups where they are separated by a comma every three digits. Thus, a number like 1234567 will show up as 1,234,567. This allows for players to read numbers quicker.

And that’s all, folks!

295 comments on “Ace Core Engine

  1. You didn’t waste any time I see. But wait, it wouldn’t let me add scripts in the trial version. How were you able to do it? o.O

  2. Sorry, if this is a stupid question: Is it possible to reduce the tile limits for maps? Actually, I don’t really like it to have vast spaces around the character I’m controlling. So, is it possible to have things displayed with, for instance, 14*10 instead of 17*13?

    • You can’t go under 17×13 tiles in a map if that’s what you mean (or rather, you can, but the editor won’t be too happy with it). If you want to reduce the screen size to smaller than 544×416, all you have to do is change the numbers.

      • Now that I think about it: Yeah, the map size doesn’t matter at all, as long as I can reduce the section that is actually shown. Thanks for your reply! :)

  3. im having an issue were the events at the town on the demo wont work anymore (wont teleport you to the town) any reason why

    • ok the error happens with the event tiling script seams that if a event is meant to activate on player touch and the priority is below player then its not working

      sorry for the double post

  4. I just had a look at older engines and could not find any possibility to turn off MP bars completely. I always thought there was some option like that. So my question is: Do you have any intentions to introduce such a feature for YEA? Since I expect this engine to feature a cooldown system again, I would love to get rid of the MP bars. I think cooldowns are limitation enough.

  5. 2011.12.07 – New Bugfix: Dual weapon normal attacks will now play both animations without one animation interrupting the other.

  6. 2011.12.10 – Bug Fixed: Right and bottom sides of the map would show the left and top sides of the map.
    Bug Fixed: Viewport sizes didn’t refresh from smaller maps.

  7. Through Yami’s permission:

    v1.05 – New Bugfix: Force Action no longer cancels out an actor’s queue.
    Credits to Yami for finding and making the fix for!

  8. Possibly a bug?
    In the traits of states, you will find “substitute” in “Special Flag”.
    I suppose that this should be a trait designed for a paladin or something so that the actor could protect other low HP members from damages.
    But it turns out that when a low HP member is to be healed by other members, the ‘paladin’ with “substitute” state takes the healing instead, which makes no sense at all.

  9. Quick question, are you planning to bring back the skill equip system from YEM? It was my favorite part of the old battle system and I hope it makes a return.

  10. This is a great script,you can resize the screen to 640 x 480 (like RMXP)
    And use It’s graphics,BattleStars,titles,etc.
    Thanks you Yanfly.

  11. I was wondering, how to make menu windows opacity = 0? And how to put a custom image background instead of the windows? I had learned how to do this in rpg VX back then, but i can’t figure this out in RGSS3.
    Also, would it be possible to modify the menu so that windows could be easely replaced by images?

      • Script “Core Fixes” Line 530: NoMethodError Occurred
        Undefined Method ‘<=' for nil: NilClass

        I remove the script and everything's fine again. Besides, I only use this script along with some of your other scripts (Skill Restrictions, Anti Fail, Convert Damage, Slipper y Tiles, Conveyor Belt, Skill on Event) so I figured compatibility wouldn't be a problem OvO

      • I updated it slightly to add in the anti-crash. Just re-download the script. I have all of those scripts installed, too, and don’t get that error. Wonder what’s going on?

  12. Small bug, the resize height value is in 416 by default, 640*416 this is like widescreen haha you should change it to 640*480 like it says on the notes

  13. I’ve got problems.
    Every time i put that script it appears at my screen:

    stack level too deep

    I’ve got only this and core engine script in my game.
    could someone help me?


    • Oh, nvm, i’ve fixed it.

      It was the Core engine that i “paste” 2 times, instead of core and battle engine script.
      my mistake^^

  14. This might be a superfluous comment, but i just started inputting your scripts into my game and kept reading all the instructions and comments, and i just felt i had to say i love the fact that tampering around with the code in the Core Engine can give halitosis :P

    Sure scared me away from changing stuff i didnt really understood ^^

  15. The function of enable bold letters is kinda useless, because in all your other scripts the font is resetted and the bold letters are deactivated. May you remove the “font reset”, or at least give the choice of use bold letters in all your other scripts?

    Thanks in advance.

      • End event processing stops and halts the event’s processing… Like the name says. It, by no means, is an ‘erase event’ command.


        Show choices: Y/N?
        –Show choices: Y/N?
        –Show choices: Y/N?

        If the player proceeds with case Y, then the event will end abruptly before showing the 2nd case of Y/N.

        If the player proceeds with case N, then the event will continue to show the 2nd case of Y/N.

      • My bad,excuse me for bother you Yanfly.
        Thanks Lucilli,i miss undestood the “erase event” with the end event procesing.

  16. Hello,

    Is there any way to deactivate the F1 popup menu and use a Config screen or ini file instead? I find that popup dialog really ugly and I’d like to do it FF7 style in-game through the menu.

    • Yanfly does not have the full version of VX Ace yet.
      Yanfly will make the demo if Yanfly has the full version.

      I didn’t use pronouns because I don’t know the gender. ;)

    • No demos are made yet. I have the full Japanese version but others do not. I have no intentions of releasing a demo in the Japanese version when the full English version of Ace is coming out shortly.

  17. 黄,你好..
    i gt a question abt your Battle Engine…. why the actor mp & tp cannot display at the same time when battling….

  18. Just to make sure I understand this correct:

    When I choose a different resolution for the game, like the default 640×416 from your script, pictures and the like can not be shown in that resolution?

    They are still only possible in the old 544X416. Same goes for animations and the like?

    Or is it possible to show pictures in events in the full 640×416?

    If there is a way and I overlooked it I apologize for my inability to find it out myself. :)

    • Yanfly made the script in the way where if you change the resolution everything changes and adjusts to the resolution size. The exception is maps. If the maps smaller than the resolution, then the map is centered on the screen instead. Pictures and other events are fine.

      • Thanks a lot for the quick answer.

        My own stupidity showed itself again. :(

        My map was smaller then the minimal size for the new resolution which snipped some parts of my higher resolution picture off too. Same mistake I made with Khas awesome light engine and small maps. One should think I wouldn’t do the same mistake twice but nooo….

    • I’m having the same issue – the only text it changes is the title on the title screen. Fortunately, I want the text to be white.

    • I think I solved your problem. You change the font colour a few lines down, in lines 242-257. Changes I make there are showing up, while changes to the line 202 are only showing up in the Title text when you first start the game.

    • Test the tones again with just this script alone and tell me if it still occurs since I can’t reproduce it. If you don’t get the problem with just the script alone, then it’s a problem with another script, not mine.

    • I had the same problem with the script “Khas Awesome Light Effects” (Which is really awesome…) but i don’t find how to solve it

  19. Hi,

    I like your script but I don’t like the feature : New Feature: Screen Resolution Size.
    I have to always refresh the game (F12) because the map won’t fit/be automaticly rezized to the new resolution.

    I would like to know if there is a way to unable that option.

    Sorry for my bad english.

  20. Hi,

    It’s me again.
    I would like to know how to call your script when I copy pasted in the editor script, please ?

    At the moment, I am using this way to call it :
    path = “C:/AceScripts/*.rb”
    Dir[path].each do |file|
    load file

    And I want to chage it. Sorry for being a noob.

    • p.s : I saw there are these lines at the begining of your script >
      $imported = {} if $imported.nil?
      $imported[“YEA-CoreEngine”] = true

      Wich one do I have to out ? Both of them ?

      p.p.s : Thank you for your script, I forgot to say it before in my first post.

      • *Tried to put the 2 lines in the call script event*
        Oh! It works!
        Sorry for the spam, it just I wasn’t sure >_<
        I will try harder to understand more your scripts in the futur before asking a question.
        Again, sorry for being a noob.

      • This might be way late for you, but those two lines are not handled in a call script event. The intention is that the entire document, from very beginning to end, goes into the script editor in the described location. I stumbled across a similar problem when I didn’t load the entire script into the SE.

  21. How many types of questions like this appeared in YF’s blog?
    Just open them with NOTEPAD and copy paste them in the script editor.

  22. If you reduce the resolution, the size of the selection markers in the menu won’t adjust properly. I mean the lighter square thing underlying the actors when you select them.

  23. Hey I gotta problem, if I change the font to anything besides the default one (it being VL Gothic) and enter a battle there is a small box in the place where the enemy label should be (such as hornetA, there is a box instead of the A). Why is it doing this? And how do I get rid of it? Cheers for any help:)

  24. I don’t really know anything when it comes to scripts/coding.. so uh.. what exactly do I do with this? I have ruby installed, but I’m not sure what to do.. haha..

  25. Hello, I’m new to RPG Making, so sorry for the derpy question…
    Theres a resize script here, right?
    Are there any way to automatically stretch the background pics (the samples) to
    that resolution?

    Thank you very much :)

  26. You’ve got great things on here, I’m mostly using your scripts in my first game but, I got a question. Is it possible for you to make a lighting/shadow script, to give the environment more life?
    Something similar to “VIctor Engine – Light Effects”.
    I don’t know if VIctor Engine – Light Effects goes along with your scripts but, I would like something a bit different from his. Maybe some glowing lights, sunlight, lamp lights, etc. If its possible it would be great and helpful.

    In any case, good job with all the scripts, they are awesome.

  27. In the same vein as the above, (and because RMN doesn’t seem to have an Ace requests bulletin up yet), I too would like to request something.

    Something I’ve always liked doing in games, and something I always thought was a useful tool was a Quest Log that would track and organize quests you could receive from NPCs.

    The quest info (ID, Location, Quest Giver, Quest Description, Reward, Reward Type, Complete/Incomplete/Failed, Objective (ID, Description, Complete/Incomplete/Failed)) all hardcoded in the script for easy calls in game.

    Hell, if you want, I might even be able to help design it. I retrofitted another user-made script for XP back in the day, but building it up from scratch for Ace seems beyond my ability.

    • I actually opted to remove the widescreen in script editor rather than deal with the overlap problem. The author might have a better solution, though.

  28. How do you plug these engines into a game? I just get .rb file and don’t know what to do with it. Sorry, I’m new!

    • You can open it with notepad or a similar program.
      Right click>Open with..>Notepad.
      Now copy the whole script and paste it into the scripts in your game using the script editor. Just make sure these are placed in between ‘Materials’ and ‘Main’.

  29. I have a question regarding Numeric Digit Grouping.

    I’m from Germany and we use dots instead of commas for the grouping (it’s the other way around with decimal fractions), so when I want to make a game where I have no intention to make it international, I naturally want to use dots for grouping and commas for fractions.
    I found the part in the script that handles the grouping, but, being no good with scripts, I’m a little bit confused with the code. Now the question: What do I have to change to get dots instead of commas?

  30. Not yet started using scripts, just started using RPG Maker but will definitely look at using this engine once I get the hang of the program… looks great what you have done and the fact it works with KreadEx synthesis script interests me too :-)

  31. Is there a way to make this compatible with Fomar’s equipment level up script? I only use your scripts and my weapons won’t level up :l it only works on a separate project w/o your scripts

  32. I need help with Yanfly’s Adjust Limits script. I pasted it between materials and main but it is not working when I set the parameters in the note tags. Also, am I supposed to apply Yanfly’s ACE Core script along with this one? I applied it and it still didn’t work. Is there something that I am not doing right?

  33. Can I have a little help?

    I get an error when I try to start the game.

    Script ‘Yanfly Engine – Core’ line 522: NameError occured.
    undefined method ‘load_bt_database’ for class “Scene_Title”

    I’m pretty sure it’s that script, as the game runs fine without it.
    What should I do to fix it?

  34. Just wanted to let the maintainers of the system know:
    Show picture is still calculating origins as if the screen were at default size [544×416] rather than taking into account the screen’s size [in my case, 640×416].

    This can cause very confusing issues until the person eventing has the lightbulb moment I had, which was recognizing that it *must* be using 544 as the maximum size. Also worrisome: I believe pictures are getting cut off when they exceed the original borders, so the renderer for pictures (if its accessible) should also be adjusted.

    Thanks for the wonderful improvements; hopefully this workaround won’t be necessary once the base problem is fixed.

    • Open it with the notepad and copy + paste the content in the vx ace script database…
      Excuse me for my bad English.

  35. How do I make the maxhp show up in the hp gauge? It won’t show up once the character’s hp is over a certain number.

  36. Hi,
    I’m getting an error message when I put the YEA between the Materials and Main:
    Script ‘Yanfly Engine – Core’ line 522: NameError occured.
    undefined method ‘load_bt_database’ for class “Scene_Title”
    How do I fix this?

  37. There is a bug with this script. It is causing the resolution to become bigger and stretch the game screen. It messes up my title screen because of this.. Anyone know how to fix it? :\

  38. A novice question ( even its not really related to Yanfly’s blog so sorry…)
    These scripts allways in text format, if i copy them into a wordpad, will that affect the script itself?

    • one more thing, its very important to me.
      I making a custom hand-drawn parallax game so my maps are jpg pictures.
      I inserted your core script and when i run a test game, the picture goes away and the background becomes black.I already met with this problem,once i used a full english translation patch and with that it was the same problem and i had to re-install ace to solve that.The trange thing, that the character is visible and i have an overlay picture on the map which is also visible but the main parallax is pitch black….

      • ok,i know now what caused the black picture, it was beacuse esrever’s….you know what.
        Im know this is against the……law, but how can i fix that……?
        i need that high res!

  39. Is there a way to only apply the resolution adjustments inside the game itself, instead on the title screen too? I’m using a custom title screen, so it messes it up a little. If I could just the resolution apply whenever you go into a “New Game” or “Continue” that would be fantastic.

    • I have often wondered the same thing! I would really love to use the Core Engine for many of the fixes, but I can’t seem to find a workaround to eliminate it from making the edges of my custom title screen wrap around the edges.

  40. Is there any way of not having the “,” separating the numbers?
    I tried searching in the script, altho there is the class numeric (which i think is the one affecting the coma) i rly don’t know how to work with it…. so instead i’m asking for help…. cause i kinda preferred how it used to be… Thank you and sorry for the trouble…

  41. Hello im trying to install the Save+ script and i keep getting and error for this line ” unless $imported[“YEA-CoreEngine”] any idea why?

  42. I’m not sure but I’m getting the same “stack error” that Sid was getting. I’m using only Yanfly scripts, I’ve tried placing it below/above all the addition scripts, and neither works. Any idea what might be causing the error?

    • I wouldn’t generally post twice but I waited two weeks with no response! I really want to use this (in particular for the larger screen resolution) and am curious what may be causing the error/what I can do to fix it…

      Thanks for any help that could be provided by anyone!

      • You’ve been waiting two weeks? The OP hasn’t posted in here for at least six months. The only reason I’m watching is because I offered a collab.

  43. Quick question… All your screenshots appear to be in (I presume, being an ignorant westerner) Japanese. Is there an English translation for your stuff? Or does it work with the default language of the program? Thanks in advance. PS: Looks REALLY good, as does all the rest of your stuff.

  44. Hi there,
    I’ve got a problem with this script. The Value for actor_level is too much on the right side. Therefore, you can’t read it, how can I fix this?
    Sry for bad english

  45. im trying to add the core and the custom skill costs scripts but i cant seem to figure out where to place them. would anybody be able to help me with that?

  46. I keep getting the error “uninitialized constant Object::Game_BattlerBase” when adding this script in. I am using RPG Maker VX Ace from Steam. Is the current version not compatible or something? Any help would be appreciate, thanks!

  47. I hate to be the stupid one here. Pretty new to adding scripts, although I played with it a little in RMXP. Question(I downloaded the script for the Ace Core Engine, but it’s downloaded in rb. file. I can’t open it. How can I open the file?

  48. I’m not sure how to send you a message, so forgive me if this is out of place…
    You remember how in RPG Maker XP, and some of the earlier ones, you could go behind the top most tiles of the ‘wall caps’? (I don’t know the proper name, they’re used as the flat part at the tops of walls indoors.) In VX you needed to make them into events because there was no ‘over player’ map layer in VX.
    In VX Ace it’s worse… The ‘wall caps’ aren’t available in the event tile sets anymore.
    Is there a way you can use scripting to make the XP version of ‘wall caps’ using terrain tags, maybe?

  49. Hello there!

    Hmm, there is a problem if I distribute a minor part of this script, containing only the bugfixes without the GUI upgrades? This one, to be exact: (Well I dunno, this might be a little outdated!)

    Well, I plan to distribute it with english and portuguese headers. If you want, I can take the my name out of the credits or anythin, only the bugfixes are important. Please just say me what are the conditions for publishing it.

    Thanks for attention!

  50. I’m using the full 640×480, but the background images in battle are still the regular resolution.
    How do I make them fit?

  51. Just starting using your scripts, enjoying them a lot, but I can’t figure out something. By default, the menu has icons next to the options (I have all your scripts implemented as it’s an experimental project), but the Class and System options do not. How would I go about adding an icon to either of those? Where would I look in the coding?

  52. To newcomers to this webpage, the poster hasn’t made an update since January of last year (2012), and hasn’t posted a comment since Feburary of last year. It is very, very safe to say that this particular page is abandoned. Nearly everybody who came in here in the last year with a question either received no answer, or solved the problem on their own; and I’d know: I, for whatever reason, have been checking the very regular stream of comments from my e-mail for the last year.

  53. Hello.

    1. Thumbs up for this script.

    2. I’d like to know how to start my game automatically with full screen mode with ace core engine.


  54. Excuse me but ive encouted a bit of a problem, it could just be that my copy and paste skills are inadiquat or something but here is my problem. When i test play ,y game it comes up with a Syntax Error on line 244
    unexpected ‘=’ expecting tASSOC
    :normal => 0, #Default: 0
    Can anybody he?

  55. I know this if off topic but I’m looking into starting my own blog and was curious what all is required to get set up? I’m assuming having a blog like yours would cost a
    pretty penny? I’m not very internet savvy so I’m not 100% certain. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  56. Hello! I have been a fan of your scripts for a long time now, but I have finally encountered a problem. When trying to implement the Animated Battlers script by Jet10985 [ ] I have found that something in your core script is causing issues. The battlers aren’t moving the ways that they should be, and for the life of me a can’t figure this out. Normally I would just choose to live with out one or the other, but I love so many of your scripts that I need to be able to use them, and I also really want to use this advanced animated battlers script as well. Any help would be appreciated. Let me know if you need any more information.

  57. After putting in this script, the transitions whenever I changed rooms, started battles, etc. began to become off centered. Please help.

  58. Hey, Yellow.

    Love your scripts, and I would love to see you back.

    I am in the process of making my first game using VXA and your scripts have turned it from a random Forget-Me-Now into a nice little 3 star game.

    Once I actually have a download link, I will reply to this message and provide it.

    Thanks again for everything ^_^ You have earned 2 places in the credits of ProjectKit!


  59. May I simply just say what a relief to uncover an individual who truly
    understands what they are discussing over the internet.
    You definitely realize how to bring an issue to
    light and make it important. More people ought to check this out and understand
    this side of the story. I was surprised that you aren’t more popular because you most certainly possess the gift.

  60. It’s a pity you don’t have a donate button! I’d certainly donate to this outstanding blog! I guess for now i’ll settle for bookmarking and adding your RSS feed to my Google account.
    I look forward to brand new updates and will talk about this
    website with my Facebook group. Chat soon!

  61. I was wondering if anybody had Yami’s Battle Symphony 1.14 script? I heard that its compatible with the Ace Engine, but all I can find is the 1.15 version, which I know for a fact isn’t compatible.

    • I use Yami’s Battle Symphony v.1.15 all the time with Yanfly’s ace engine. Be sure you have Yanfly’s Battle Engine Ace installed as well. I usually put Yanfly’s Battle Engine, followed by Yanfly’s Core engine then Yami’s Battle Symphony and it works just fine.
      Be sure to follow any additional instructions in the scripts. If you run into more trouble, let me know.

  62. I will immediately seize your rss feed as I
    can’t find your email subscription hyperlink or e-newsletter service. Do you have any? Please allow me know so that I may subscribe. Thanks.

  63. Hey I know this is a very random issue but I have Light Effects VX 1.3 by Kylock, which creates very pleasant lights in the game on events. However after installing the Yanfly engine script the lights began to appear one tile to the left of the object. I have no idea why this is but if anyone can help that would be awesome <3

    • Oh and if this helps at all, this doesn’t happen whenever I enable horizontle loop on the map, but it does with any other kind of loop or no loop at all.

  64. I like how you fix the over lap in the text if the values are too big.
    But when you launch your script in full screen mode there is a
    “flutterstorm” of window issues as the game tries to adjust the window
    sizes. I was wondering if I could have a script that just fixed the overlay
    problem (or perhaps make it so that only one skill was listed at a time….)

  65. Hello,

    I have a problem but don’t know how to solve it,

    when I play my game and load a file, with your ace save script, I scroll down past ‘File 13’ and NOTHING shows up, no font as if its invisible, it does this with skills and selections on the battle menu also, I don’t know how to make ‘File 14’ onwards or special skills in the battle menu active, could I please get some help? much obliged! thank you.

    • I’m having the same problem. I don’t have any other scripts, so I’m not sure what could be causing this error.

  66. Why does this script love to shift my text of center. Like I had to center it in preview for my scrolling text and when I enter your script if shifts it to the left so its off centered. Could u possibly fix that if at all possible. thx

  67. Can you help me? I am a total newb and cant seem to get any o your scripts to work on my copy of VX Ace. It’s a hacked copy; though I dont know if that would have anything to do with it. I copy pasted everything for the engines before the warning section and pasted them under modules as it said.

  68. Hey all,:) love the yanfly battle engine! i tested something out on a new project with no yan fly and it hurt my eyes hehe

    I’m having trouble with the force action ability , it keeps coming up:

    Script ‘YFbattlengine’ line 688: NoMethodError occurred.

    undefined method ‘forced_action_remove’ for switch: module

    i had a look around n could not find a solution, i looked at line 688, but didn’t want to break anything :P

  69. Yeah i just started playing this game like 3 days ago.I just got the real one about 4 hours ago tried using script Ace core engine but had no luck something about line 31 #core.Now I’m sure its just me not knowing any of the in’s and out’s.Any tips for someone coming right out of the wood work about how to do this the right way.

  70. I still got a problem here..
    I’m using this script right now, but still got animation overlay bug(sounds like using a skill many times at once). It’s very annoying since the errors occur only with animations I made (default animations are fine).

    any suggestion?

  71. I have a slightly silly problem — the dropbox link is no longer working; the website says that there is too much traffic on the link. I would really appreciate it if someone could post another link to the script.

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  75. I have a little problem with the aspect ratio, if I change the resolution with this script and put the game in full screen I see the game stretched in large (I have a 16:9 minitor), I try to put a 16:9 resolution, the result was a stratched image with black bars over and under the gaming screen.
    It’s possible to adjust the aspect ratio or at least reput the black lateral bars like when I put in full screen a game without this script?

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  77. I just copied the whole Repository of Yanfly’s aweseome scripts… of course I did not change any of the scripts but I wanted to test them out and all I did was create multiple sample maps and made 2 quick Events

    I placed my character in a room to begin and put a event with a lady in an Inn to interact with.

    I keep getting a Stack Level Too Deep. I looked up countless things to solve the problem for that error, in which mostly everyone said there’s a copy of the same script and that results in the stack level. So I scouted through and I noticed I did have a copy of A SINGLE script, so I deleted it :D

    yay right?

    Still stack level too deep :(…

    So basically my question is, Is there a certain way the scripts are supposed to be placed in a specific order?

  78. HELP! What does this mean:
    Script ” line 131: NameError occurred.

    undefined method ‘dispose_info_viewport’ for class ‘Scene_battle’


  79. Hey, so I’m wondering, is this free? Not free to download, but free to use in a commercial situation. If it is, please respond, if not, you know what to do.

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  92. Hello! Sorry I am new on forums and stuffs…
    First, thanks a lot for the scripts.
    I’d like to know if it’s possible to change digit script :
    1,234,567 to 1’234’567

    I tried to simpely change…
    …but of course it doesnt work ^^:

    Merci for help.

  93. I really want to use this script, but I don’t like those HP bars. Is there a way to manipulate the code so it keeps the bars as the default? I’m not a coder so I’d appreciate it if someone helps.

  94. Hello everyone. I am very very noob at this. I just want to copy/past this core engine, but I always got an error message : Script ‘Yanfly Ace Core’ line 10 Syntaxe error occured. unexpected tGVAR expecting $end 10 $imported = () if $imported.nil? What am I doing wrong? I don’t use other script than the battle engine of yanfly too… Thank you in advance for any advice.

    • Hi Enson
      I am not a scripter at all.
      Be sure to insert it between “Materials” and “Main”
      Copy the Core Engine at the top of all your “Copy/paste” script.
      (Here on the top of the Battle Engine).
      That’s all I can try to help you. good luck.

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    to this brilliant blog! I suppose for now i’ll settle for book-marking and adding your RSS feed to my
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  96. Hello I am getting a script error always any time I use it I watched Youtube and all I did was copy and paste the core and battle engine in the materials above the main process.
    but my game is big really big is that why? Or did I do something wrong I can’t find any help!! Script line 6 santex error ?????? %$#

  97. If I use the new 640×416 resolution provided by the script, a second image of entire screen battle animations (including the enter battle animation) will partially appear on the right side of the screen.

    If I change it back to the default 544×416, the menu screen will only show current HP numbers and not the Max HP numbers.

    This is the only script I am using so it’s not in conflict with other scripts.

  98. Hey YF, small bug that popped up. The error says that in line 5 of this script there is a syntax error: unexpected tINTEGER

  99. Hey Yanfly, I can’t seem to download it, it says that it has too much traffic, do you think you could send it to me some through E-Mail cause the traffic thing won’t go away

  100. There si a way to change the , in the numeric separator for something else.
    The ISO standard say that , is used in decimals and . or a non-breaking space for numeric separators and some languages like french and spanish follow that rule.

    there is a way to chage that separator??

  101. I’ve installed your core engine script, the battle script, all in the hopes that I could use your skill limiter script. I have a skill that I want to only use once at the start of battle, which really isn’t the problem at this point, it limits it to one use, quite wonderfully, however, doing a simple playtest, I enter the first battle, I use a skill, or attack, turn 2 happens, I choose to attack, or use skill if I haven’t already, and the game just freezes. the music keeps playing, the option screen vanishes like it took my command, but then just sits there. nothing else happens. Is there something I’ve missed? some new update that broke your nifty skill limiter script? I don’t know if you’re even still active here, and if not, would anyone be able to link me to a good resource to learn the scripting language for VX Ace?

  102. Hello, hello! I’m having an issue here that other people are also seeming to have, but is going unanswered.

    After installing this script, It makes the screen bigger, which is great in every way, except one.

    It doesn’t center the scrolling text with the new screen size. It appears on the leftmost part of the screen, with the rightmost part as just a Not-quite-black image, where the text can not even reach.

    Is there a fix for this (So far I haven’t found one, and this question has been asked by at least three people here) and if not, is my game doomed to be unable to use scrolling text without looking terrible?
    Help Meh please Yanfly!

  103. I’m getting an issue where the graphics don’t upscale to the new resolution. I need it at 640×480 because otherwise the text tends to clash with the cost or percentage. Anyone know why it won’t update? Am I missing something?

  104. Script ‘Yanfly Core Engine’ line 3 SyntaxError occurred
    Unexpected tInterger expecting ‘:’
    3 # ? Yanfly Engine Ace- Ace Core Engine v1.09

    I’m sure this is an easy fix, but my lack of script knowledge prevents me from knowing what it is, please assist! Thank you.

    • Strange update, I removed the scripts and attempted to reinstall, but I got the error again, with and without the scripts installed. Are the scripts loaded in somewhere else besides the script editor?

    • Update here, I’m sorry about this wasted post. I replaced my script with fresh new one. I lost the battle system, but I’m sure that can be replaced.

  105. Hello YanFly. Been a fan of yours for years. I am a professional software developer and I have written quite a few scripts for the original RPG Maker VX Ace and have already written a couple for RPG Maker MV (which I plan to make publicly available once they are nice and polished).

    I have used your ItemCore plugin as a base for my current projects (equipment with deplete-able MP stores and weapons with limited ammo) and I wanted to ask you a few questions regarding design choices you have made (mainly around notetags and the like), and wanted to tell you about a couple scripts I have been working on that create a standardized libraries for handling and namespacing notetags. I also wanted to possibly bounce a few ideas off of you that I am working on as far as utilities for RPG Maker (like a Maven like repo system for RPG Maker plugins and scripts).

    If you are open to talk, it would be an honor to speak with you over email. Contact me at if you wouldn’t mind talking to me. Otherwise, I won’t take it personally. I really want to get more involved in this community.

  106. My spouse and i ended up being quite fortunate when Ervin could deal with his basic research using the precious recommendations he obtained out of your blog. It’s not at all simplistic just to continually be releasing facts which the others may have been trying to sell. We fully understand we’ve got the writer to be grateful to for this. Those illustrations you have made, the easy blog navigation, the friendships you assist to foster – it is mostly excellent, and it’s really leading our son and us consider that that theme is enjoyable, and that is pretty vital. Thank you for the whole thing!

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  108. I get getting the error Script ‘Ace Core’ line 710: FloatDomainError occurred.

    Can someone please tell me how to fix this?

  109. Whenever I use a face/sprite generated with the random generator as my main character rather than the pre-made “actor 1, actor 2 etc” faces, I get an error on line 840, “return if @battler.pseudo_ani_id <= 0". How do i fix this? Thanks!

  110. I just started using RPG Maker, I’ve been trying to learn as much as I can and I’m really liking this. I started using Yanfly’s plugins and they were working fine. But just today as soon as I use the Engine Core plug in it won’t let me play test the game. It keeps giving me the error message “failed to execute’getImageData’ on ‘CanvasRenderingContext2D’: float parameter 1 is non-finite.” how do I fix it :(

  111. I seem to have a problem with this script. I’ve been trying this script and it’s really great. However, when I try to apply debuff on an enemy, I get this error:

    Script ‘Ace Core Engine’ line1369:ArgumentErrror occurred
    malformed format string

    Does anyone know how to fix this?

  112. Hey, is there somewhere I can get this script still? the link is not working, says its been moved or taken down.
    just got into rpg maker. and I’m really interested in this core engine, also trying to find a decent battle system to replace the default one.

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  115. I’m getting this error Line 575: NameError occurred. undefined method’setup_new_animation’ for class’Sprite_Battler T.T anyone help? Discord Glue#0736

  116. Hello Yanfly:

    May I tap into your expertise with VX? I have completed a game based around chemistry knowledge (I teach high school chemistry). To prove a student has completed the game, I wanted to have the game generate a five-figure random number internally, then multiply it by 11, then by 13, and give that final number product to the player at game’s end. They report that number back to me as their proof of completion. I want to eliminate students copying or making up numbers…this way I can tell if the number was genuinely produced at game’s end.

    How can I do such a thing? Please email your answer. Thank you kindly in advance.

    Jeff B
    Sherman Oaks, CA

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