Random Skill Invoke

Last Updated: 2011.12.17
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This script grants the option, that when designated skills with random invokes are used, they have the ability to result in other skills (within the skill’s designated random pool). Only valid skills are capable of being used (meaning that they must meet the conditions to be used).

<random invoke: x>
<random invoke: x, x>

This adds skill x to the random invoke pool (which includes the base skill itself, too). When the base skill is used, it will random select from all of the skills within the random invoke pool and use one. Only skills that meet the requirements of being used can be selected (meaning the battler must have sufficient MP costs, TP costs, no states that seal it, etc.). Multiples of this tag may be used to add more skills, and multiples of the same skill may be added to the random invoke pool.

And that’s all, folks!

24 comments on “Random Skill Invoke

  1. Each skill in the pool has an equal chance of being called, right?
    Will this work?:
    Skill 3: 1/2 chance
    Skill 5: 1/3 chance
    Skill 21: 1/6 chance

  2. Possible not to invoke the skill that is being used, and only use it as a placeholder for a random pool of skills? Made the Ragnarok Online skill Hocus Pocus but i dont want it to actually cast “Hocus Pocus” since it just calls on the other skills :P

    • Would also be useful to have the base skill use its skill cost, but then use the random skill pool skills instead. Feels more fun to like spend ones last mp on a weak spell but with a low chance to cast a superstrong spell without costing more mp ^^

      Still mostly just useful for me and my hocus pocus-ideas tho :P The script in itself is already awesome beyond imagination~

      • Did anyone find some answers to these questions yet? I would also like the skill itself to not cast AND would like the “Hocus Pocus” to be the standard cost of the skill and not what the called skill costs.


      • i know this is way old now.
        what you can do is set all the skills in the pool to have the same cost. or if you want a standard cost for all, make sure they all share that.
        as for the main skill not being called. one trick is to give it an effect that’s its own thing.
        like a skill call elemental bomb.
        make its dmg and such the fire type, then add a type for ice, stone, and wind. or whatever elements you want linked.
        so even if it pulls the main skill, it still castes something else.
        i don’t know if that will help anyone but i hope is does. also this is what i’m referring to in terms of adding costs

      • This is super old, but you should be able to work around the cost by making a copy of all of the skills (that “Hocus Pocus” calls) and changing their cost to 0. As for making the calling skill do nothing… Just make a skill that does nothing but call the other skills.

  3. Just realised that this would work perfectly well with my idea of a summon beast that actually STAYS to fight. So there’s just the need of a script that allows for skill effects to take place every round as long as a certain state (“Having summoned Thunder Beast”, basically) is active on the summoner (to have the thunder beast vanish once the summoner dies or his concentration is broken by a skill).

  4. I have two questions about this script:
    1. What happens if you invoke a skill with target selection? Will it take place? If yes, do you get an information which skill has been invoked, so you know what you are actually selecting a target for?
    2. If this skill invokes a skill that the invoking character has learned, will it activate the cooldown of this skill? I mean, if you have a magician who can use “Fire” and “Random Skill Invoke”, and the latter invokes “Fire”, will “Fire” then go into cooldown?

  5. I would appreciated a more detailed explanation on how to use it. I have all the skills I wish for my skill to randomly invoke and I have the script installed correctly but no skills are randomly invoked at all.
    Also I am curious why are there two of these required in the script:

    Both do the same thing, right?

  6. Does anybody know if this is compatible with Battle Symphony? The attack keeps failing. I have this skill set up in slot 138 and have the note [random invoke: 136, 137].

  7. Is there any way to make a skill execute TWO random other skills? I’ve tried using the Repeats box but that doesn’t work…

  8. I have also been trying to get the random skills to work, but no skills are being invoked. I’ve tried placing in both the skills I want randomized and the main skill to be used, I’ve tried placing in just the skill that randomizes what’s used to no luck. Could I get a better explanation of how to properly use this?

  9. Could someone PLEASE help me? I cannot figure out why the script won’t work. I have put the notetag in the skill that is supposed to then use a random skill, I have made sure all possible skills can be used by the caster of the first skill, and NOTHING HAPPENS. Could someone please clear up whatever I am doing wrong?

    • Alright, I managed to fix my problem. What I did wrong was there was not an empty script between it and the “Main” group symbol. not sure how that was messing me up, but it apparently was. Hope this helps anyone else with problems.

  10. There’s a way to use this but with a variable chance of ocurring? As an analogy we have the different forms of Sora in Kingdom Hearts II. You can choose between various forms (Valor Form, Wise Form, Master Form…), but every time you use this command there’s a growing chance of transform into a Shadow Form. In some point, is almost sure to transform into Shadow Form. But there is a form that lowers the chance of this (Final Form). I want to do this but with skills.

  11. I know this is old, but if anyone is reading this is there any way to have a skill that will randomly chose a skill that only the actor knows under a skill list?

    Example: Skill ‘Random’ under special skill type will randomly cast and ‘Magic’ skill type the actor knows?

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