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Last Updated: 2011.12.12
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This script produces a window similar to that of the Select Item Window, but instead, it returns the skill’s ID to a designated variable. It functions off of a script call so read the instructions carefully.

Request fulfilled for Archeia.

event_select_skill(variable_id, actor_id)
event_select_skill(variable_id, actor_id, stype_id)

This calls forth the skill select window. The variable_id is the variable that will receive the skill’s ID. The actor_id is where the skill list will pull the skills from. If you use the call with the stype_id, it will only pull skills from that skill type. Skills are only selectable based on whether or not the actor is able to use them.

event_select_skill_enable_all(variable_id, actor_id)
event_select_skill_enable_all(variable_id, actor_id, stype_id)

This will call forth the same skill select window with the same settings. However, this time, all of the skills are selectable regardless of whether or not the actor can use them.

And that’s all, folks!

19 comments on “Event Select Skill

  1. Sorry to be a bother, but I don’t quite get this one…is it so when you get a variable to a certain level you can access a corresponding skill?

  2. I had some issue tring tu use it inside a common event on my evented battle system:
    “Script ‘Game_Interpreter’ line1409:FiberError occured.

    double resume”
    When i tried it outside my battle system in a common event it worked so i don’t know why it didn’t work in my battle system.

    • Well then you probably should fix the script yourself. You can’t expect Yanfly to fix the script for someone’s evented battle system.

  3. Hi, anyone pro can you please teach me to set each window has it’s own style window frame ????
    (menu window, chatting window, and battle window…)
    Because as we know, all window design is depended on default design style….
    I wanna change it as each window has different style….
    Thanks in advance :)

  4. the fiber error issue is far more fundamental than simply a case of someone’s custom battle system not working with the script.

    as it stands, the script cannot be called from any parallel processes due to that error regardless of what other scripts are involved.

    I’ve yet to figure out how to get around this problem, but right now it looks like it would require some major changes to pull off.

  5. Hi. Thank you for your script !
    I have a small problem using it. The window appears and display the correct skill. However when I clicked the skills, nothing happens. The MP did not decrease and I don’t obtain the benefits of the skill. (+ 1 item via a common event)
    Did I misunderstood the goal of this script ?

  6. I tried the script, and it does not behave in the way I read the description.
    My test project contains several YEA scripts, one YEA Battle addon from Fomar and a minor script from myself (about Attack_IDs).
    There are only a few skills entered, all enabled for the actors at lvl 1 and all actors are lvl 2.To test this script I also made an entry that gives one of the skills at lvl5 to the actor3 only.
    when using event_select_skill(21,1) the select windows shows up with all skills available to actor1, but all disabled and unable to select one of them.
    when using event_select_skill_enable_all(23,3) the select windows shows up with the regularly available skills activ and selectable, BUT NOT listing the lvl-5-skill that is not yet available to the actor.

    I suppose the availability of the skill is only based on situation (battle skills only available in battle) and skills that are too high a level will never be considered until those requirements are met (I assumed the describtion was about usability of later level skills).

    The script now does what I need from it, I want to post this only to help others who might have made the same wrong assumptions from the description

  7. This is very good, but would you be able to make a script for items as well, it would cover most potential puzzle situation, plus items seem like what one would ask for more often.

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